Who we are

HQ : Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Established : 1969
Employees : 2,810

JRI is a comprehensive information service company with three functions: think tank, consulting, and IT solutions.
We conduct research and analysis of the domestic and international economy, provide policy proposals, support the creation of new businesses with an eye toward the new era, and offer consulting services for management strategies and administrative reforms. We also plan and build strategic information systems for group companies, support the creation of digital services, and engage in a wide range of other corporate activities.

Our vision

Co-creating customer value through “knowledge engineering” activities

Through our knowledge engineering activities, we contribute as a partner to the realization of new value for our customers and society.
To achieve this,

  • We take pleasure in “maximizing customer satisfaction”. (External Guideline)
  • We regard “change” and “diversity” as our companions. (Guiding Principles)
  • We aim to be “a group of strong individuals.” (Organizational Guideline)

Our services/products

  • System planning, System development, System maintenance, and System operation for SMBC group※
  • ※SMBC: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation is one of the major megabanks in Japan.
  • ※SMBC group is one of the biggest Financial Group in Japan, with banking operations as a foundation, offers a broad array of banking, credit card, leasing, information, investment securities, and other financial services.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Major Digital Services Developed by HQ:

What technologies are you using?

AWS(Lambda, SES, SQS, RDS, S3, CloudFront, Route53, WAF,)、GCP(FireBase, CloudRun etc.)、 Azure (VM, Active Direcroty etc.)、 OpenShift, Instana, Contrast Security, Jira, Confluence etc.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Software Engineer: Perform coding, Uniform Testing (UT)
Create Autotest Script, Deploy to Development Environment
QA Engineer: Create Test Case & Test Data; Perform Function & Linkage & Performance Testing; Create Test Report; Create Autotest Script
Ops Engineer:
Configuring and Configuring the Cloud Environment and Implementing the CI, CD, and CT Pipeline
Deployment and monitoring to staging and production environments, backup and recovery of database
Other than engineering, there are business analysts, UX/UI designers, scrammasters, and Solution Leads (ITPM & System Architects).

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?


If you do, please tell us the details!

AI. At the same time, we plan to establish a job category for data engineers.

Career step up

1st year : Under the guidance of a mentor, understand the agile development process (flow, quality, security standards, etc.) of this division through on-the-job training, learn how to use various development and test tools, and develop production applications on cloud platforms under the control of this division. You qualify for AWS Practicioner.

2nd year : Use Sprint Planning to estimate the development functions (story points) and view the source code of the development members. Acquire qualifications as AWS Solution Architect Associate, scram master, etc.

3rd year : Programs can be carried out autonomously without instructions or guidance from senior staff. Mentoring junior engineers. Assigned to another job (QA engineer, scram master, etc.) as required.

Our corporate culture

・Manufacturing organization centered on younger employees with an average age of 32
・Flat, open environment where team members can express their opinions easily
・An organization with multinational bilingual employees and diversity
・Start-up spirit of “start small, fail early and learn fast”
・The policy is to make the most of the abilities of the team members (job types, projects, etc.)

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