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Belc CO., LTD.

Retail business, Web engineer

IT, front-end engineer, backend engineer

The Japan Research Institute, Limited.

IT, System engineer


IT, Web engineer


IT,Data Analysis Engineer

GA Technologies Corporation

IT, Application engineer

ACT Inc.

IT, Cybersecurity Engineer, Software Engineer

PLAN-B, Inc.

IT, SaaS engineer

VeBuIn Corporation

IT, WEB Engineer

Classmethod, Inc.

IT,Web development

Heartcore, Inc.

IT,Web development,Data Science

Notespace Inc.

IT, Web, Software, Application development

Info Mart Corporation

IT, Software development, WEB development


IT, Software, WEB, Application Development

Ai Robotics Inc.

IT, Software development, WEB development

canbright co., ltd

IT, Web, Application and Software development

Japan Cloud Capital,inc.

IT, Software Development

CoLife Co., Ltd.

Construction, Application Development, Software Development

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