Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Obu City, Aichi
Established : 1938
Employees : 10,459 (Aisan group consolidated); 3,147 (Aisan Industry alone)

For more than 80 years as an automotive parts manufacturer, Aisan Industry has been diligently refining its technology, overcoming several transformations and achieving growth in order to respond to changing needs such as the social environment and stricter regulations. The spirit of challenge and pride in quality developed over the course of history continues to be Aisan’s identity.

In VISION 2030:
1. Create new value for a prosperous society with reliable technology and quality
2. Make the present more comfortable
3. Smiles and peace of mind for future children

With the vision of the Aisan Group, we continue to take on the challenge of expanding the possibilities of mobility and carving out a brighter future through our accumulated technologies and new value creation, such as product development utilizing environmental technologies that contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society, and the evolution of safe and secure mobility using diverse power sources, including hydrogen, as a powertrain system supplier.

Based on the basic premise of advanced quality control, highly efficient production methods, and the development of a workplace environment that is comfortable and safe to work in, all of which we have long cherished, we will work hard to create new values, such as the spread of CASE and MaaS, the diversification of mobility power sources, and other new technology and software developments with an eye on the future of mobility.
New ideas and a change in the way we work that is not bound by conventional wisdom are essential to this. Through the use of digital technology and diversity and inclusion initiatives, we are also working to create an organization in which individuals, regardless of race, gender, disability status or age, can recognize and take advantage of each other’s differences, and to change our corporate culture.

Our vision

1. Create products with a customer-first mind

2. Achieve high quality through wisdom and technology

3. Build a bright workplace that values people

Contribute to Society by Creating a Prosperous Corporate Environment.

Our services/products

Taking advantage of the quality technology of fuel-based products such as fuel pump modules, throttle bodies, EGR valves, canisters and engine valves, we are working on new products (motor inverters, DCDC converters, chargers and battery packs) that support electrification.

Job Description

Details of the job

Electronic circuit design for automotive parts

  • Development and design of electronic circuits for automotive electric parts
  • Evaluation of Electronic Circuits in Automotive Electric Parts

< Specific job details >
・System development: Software/hardware requirements definition and optimal configuration design, system testing
・Selection of electronic equipment and parts
・Simulation of electronic circuits
・Hardware (Inverter, Converter) development and design
・Hardware evaluation

Software development for automotive parts

  • Embedded systems engineer for automotive electric parts
  • Embedded software engineer for automotive electric parts
  • Software engineer for CASE deal

< Specific job details >
・System development: Software/hardware requirements definition and optimal configuration design, system testing
・Control Development: Design and Validation of Control Algorithms Using Model-Based Development
・Software Development: Requirements Definition – Architectural Design – Detailed Design – Implementation – Unit Test – Combined Test
(Software platforms, middleware and applications)
・Software development infrastructure construction: Software development process construction and maintenance, software development environment (tools) construction and maintenance
・Software Project Management
・Software Element Technology Development for Future CASE Projects


Electronic circuit design for automotive parts

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Can read electrical and electronic circuits and has basic knowledge
・Experience in electronic kit
・Experience with microcontrollers
・Can use oscilloscopes, power analyzers, etc.

< Recommended >
・Can read electronic component data sheets (often in English)
・Experience with electronic circuit simulators
・Can handle high-voltage batteries (400 V, 800 V)
・Has studied or is interested in power electronics
・Has the following knowledge (we actually use them in business)
– Circuit simulator: Scideam, SCALE, PSIM, LTspice
– Electromagnetic Analysis: JMAG
– Electronics Design: CR -8000 DesignForce

Software development for automotive parts

Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Experience in software development with programming languages (e.g. C, C++, Python, etc.)

< Recommended >
・Experience in embedded software development (e.g. microcontroller, real-time OS)
・Those who are studying software engineering (e.g., object orientation, development process, quality assurance) and control engineering (e.g., Laplace transformation, PID control).
・Knowledge of SysML (System Modeling Language) and UML (Unified Modeling Language)
・Those who have the skills to understand the specifications and incorporate the program, or those who are interested in it.
・Those who have experience in developing using modeling/simulation (E.g. MATLAB, Simulink)
・Those who have experience using project management tools (e.g. Jira) or version control tools (e.g. Git)
・Those who have basic knowledge of electric and electronic circuits


  • Those who are interested in cars and motorcycles and like them
  • Those who can take action voluntarily
  • Those who are honest enough to say that they don’t understand what they are unsure of.
  • Those who can listen to others’ opinions and express their own.
  • Those who work for one company for a long time (You can move to another department in the future according to your preference and aptitude.)
  • Those who are motivated to continue learning
  • Those who have a sense of responsibility to stick it out to the end.
  • Those who can accept failure honestly
  • Those who can make an effort to communicate in Japanese actively
  • Those who are highly motivated about Japanese culture/Japanese language
  • Those who want to work in Japan for a long time

Career path


1st year : Board test and evaluation

3rd year : Individual circuit design of functions

(including simulation and schematic tools)

5th year : Circuit design of system and overall function


1st year : Unit design, implementation, unit evaluation

3rd year : Requirements definition, architecture design, integrated evaluation

5th year : System engineer, senior software engineer, MBD engineer

Others: Development environment construction, process improvement

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

We always work as a team because there is no work that can be done by one person, both soft and hard. We communicate a lot so that the team can work out what is not clear.
The office is a free address (Determined by automatic lottery, areas are determined by each team), so you can have the same team but different people next to you every day and work with a fresh mind.

Typical daily work schedule

8:00 Meeting
8:30 Business progress meeting
9:00 Work on tasks in charge
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Work on tasks in charge
16:30 Business progress meeting
17:00 End of work or do extra work during overtime

Post-employment and on-the-job training

We have 2.5 to 3 months of professional education.
After that, you’ll have a team of four or five for on-the-job training.

We conduct practical on-the-job training for evaluation and measurement of circuit boards (at least two people per pair), reading and writing circuit drawings, and component selection (often in English).

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

We have one Indian and two Indonesian nationals in Software First Room.

Our employees from abroad

Message from an Indian employee

Japan has been a driving force for innovation and technology around the world. Five years ago, I decided to start my career in Japan due to the ample number of opportunities here.
The opportunity to innovate, to pursue research, and to learn manufacturing from the world’s leading manufacturing hub I have been working in Aisan Industy for the past 3 years in automotive software development.
Aisan has given me the opportunity to work in the core domains of electronics and embedded systems.
And has presented me with various opportunities to learn and enhance my skills in a very fun and cooperative working environment.
I also had the opportunity to file for an individual patent last year, thus giving an upward trajectory to my career.
I hope that many of you will make the most of this opportunity, and maybe we can work together in the near future.
All the best.

Why you should work at our company

Housing support

There is company housing rented until the age of 28. (30,000 yen of copayment / including monthly utilities)

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work


Our gymnasium is across the street from our headquarters site, where we play basketball, tennis, badminton, futsal, and other activities after regular hours.
Before the new Corona, we were also sweating it out during lunch breaks.
Club activities include softball, basketball, soccer, tennis, and powerlifting, with practices and matches held on weekends and holidays.
At work, we have been communicating outside the workplace, such as at welcome and farewell parties since the new Corona became class 5.
The company provides monetary subsidies (500 yen/person/time) for four times a year.

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