Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Osaka
Established : 2003
Employees : 187 (as of June, 2023)

Our core business is Digital Marketing Consulting Services.
We are expert in SEO strategy, and we have the largest number of clients in Japan.
The Internet Advertising Business has been expanding rapidly over the past year, enabling us to take advantage of the wave of digital shift.
As a new business ,we are taking on the challenge of providing a subscription service of SaaS product called “SEARCH WRITE”, and an influencer marketing platform business.

Our vision

“!” and “♡” to people all over the world.

We deliver excitement beyond the imagination of our customers by changing the common sense of the present and creating the common sense of the future by doing what needs to be done, but that no one else is doing.
We provide services that always exceed customer expectations by combining the power of technology to make the impossible possible and hospitality to thoroughly pursue customer satisfaction.
We will use the best of our imagination to solve problems in various markets and create surprises and excitement.

Our services/products

Job Description

Details of the job

You will be assined to develop our own SaaS products.
Required skills are Java and Spring Boot for the backend, and HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the frontend.
TypeScript, React, Angular, and Vue.js would be better to have as a skill.

You will be assigned as either a front end engineer or backend engineer, according to your skills after joining the Company.
The front end engineer mainly develops in React and the backend engineer mainly develops in Java.
Both require an understanding of HTML and CSS. You will be involved with our own products: a SaaS product that helps customers with SEO; SEARCH WRITE; a service that matches influencers with companies; and Cast Me! You will be involved in the development, operation and improvement of them.


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details


  • Those who have basic knowledge of networks
  • Those who have the ability to think logically
  • Those interested in SaaS
  • Those interested in digital marketing
  • Those who have developed using Java for back end or React for the front end.


  • Those with internship experience
  • Those who have experience in developing Web services


  • Those who are interested in Japan, Japanese culture
  • Those who have a strong commitment to learn Japanese language
  • Those who are cheerful and can communicate voluntarily
  • Earnest
  • Those who are able to self-drive
  • Proactive
  • Those who can work with a sense of professionalism
  • Those who have a sense of ownership
  • Those who have a high ideal and can take on the challenge of achieving their goals

Career path

1st year : Software Developer

2nd year : Software Developer

3rd year : Lead Engineer

There are career paths for both engineering specialists and generalists who manage the organization.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

We are a cheerful and energetic company with many young members.
We value results as a team rather than individual success. We are determined to take on new challenges and grow as a team without fear of failure.

Typical daily work schedule

9:45 AM: Arrive at the office
10:00 AM: Start work
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM: Review daily schedule
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM: Stand-up meeting
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Check development tickets & work on development
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Development work
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Development meeting
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM: Development work
6:30 PM – 7:00 PM: Progress report

Post-employment and on-the-job training

After joining the company, we will conduct a new employee training program, which includes understanding PLAN-B’s business, business etiquette, and fostering a professional mindset.

Upon assignment, you will enhance your Japanese language skills alongside your job skills and technical expertise within the development department. Following your assignment to the product team, you will work alongside senior team members to actively participate in product development.

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

Within the company, there are three senior colleagues from India who joined in 2023. Additionally, there are individuals from Korea and Kyrgyzstan. While there are several employees who can communicate in English, work is all conducted in Japanese.

Message from our employees from abroad

Hello there! We’ve come to Japan from overseas, just like you, and have been growing as engineers within this company. Initially, you might find yourself puzzled by the differences in language and culture, but remember that your colleagues around you are here to support you. We’ve all been through similar experiences.

Here, professionalism and teamwork are highly valued. Don’t hesitate to share new ideas or ask questions. Even with the language barrier, technical skills and passion are the key. We all work together to achieve results.

Understanding Japanese culture and customs is also part of effective communication. However, it’s equally important to have a fearless attitude towards challenges and keep pushing boundaries. Working alongside colleagues with diverse backgrounds offers new perspectives.

In every challenging situation, there’s an opportunity. We’ve all learned and grown from our failures. The willingness to believe and engage will pave the way to success. We’re here to support you wholeheartedly, making sure this new journey become an enjoyable one. Let’s give it our all, together!”

Why you should work at our company

Housing support

The company contracts for housing immediately after joining the company and provides it as company housing.
You will be asked to rent a house privately by the time we accept new foreign graduates the following year, and leave the company housing by then.
(Monthly fees after moving in and leaving are borne by the resident)

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