Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo (Work location: Kikugawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Established : 1951
Employees : 765 (Domestic: 396, Overseas: 369)

■ What we do
Using world-class cam technology, Sankyo Seisakusho provides high-precision, high-productivity, and high-quality products for production systems in a wide variety of industries, including automobiles, food products, medicines, appliances, semiconductors, daily necessities, precision machinery, and machine tools. In recent years, the company has expanded into the aerospace and wind power industries. Technological capabilities enable us to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in various “movements” within factory automation. The Shizuoka plant that manufactures these products is about the size of four Tokyo Domes, making it one of the world’s largest cam-only plants. With more than 3,000 business partners, we provide worldwide advanced technology that supports the foundation of manufacturing.

■Our company’s technological strength
Our products using cam technology are highly unique and have been recognized as having world-class technology in terms of accuracy and efficiency. For example, a material supply device for pressing is used in pressing equipment. It can send materials 5,000 times a minute, and was once featured in the media as “the best technology in the world developed in Japan.” We are also developing a board manufacturing device that embeds 830 chips per minute on a single board with an error margin of less than 0.005 mm. As of January 2017, the company has obtained as many as 580 patents. Our technology is evolving every day to meet the needs of “multi-product, small-lot production,” which is also a recent trend.

■Global Strategy
In the rapidly growing Asian market, our company is expanding its network with offices in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Since market characteristics differ from country to country in the Asian region, the development of design, manufacturing, sales and service functions closer to customers is an essential requirement in order to accurately meet their needs. As we expand our business base, the globalization of human resources plays a major role in both sides of our company’s global strategy. In order to be a driving force for the Group to increase its overall value, we are passing on the numerous know-how we have accumulated in Japan to overseas offices through our human resources. In addition to internationalizing our Japanese workforce, we are also actively working on plans to train foreign employees in Japan for the long term.

Our vision

Contribute to society through valuable products and services, and pave the way for a better corporate value and the happiness of our employees

Our services/products

  • Arbitrary Positioning Device (Roller Drive)
  • Weld Positioner
  • Machine tool related equipment
  • Fixed positioning device
  • Press material feeder
  • Motor core rolling mold
  • Straight line drive
  • Overload protector

Job Description

Details of the job

Mechanical design engineer

  • Development of various automatic machines for industrial use
  • Mechanical design and verification of various products by CAD (Solid Works)
  • Serving customers and providing customer service and explanations at trade shows as sales techniques

→ After mastering basic technology and related skills, you will work to establish facilities at overseas local companies and overseas customers.

Electrical circuit design engineer

  • Electrical and electronic control design
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Work related to software design and production and servo motor control
  • Serving customers and providing customer service and explanations at trade shows as sales techniques

→ After mastering basic technology and related skills, you will work to establish facilities at overseas local companies and overseas customers.


Mechanical design engineer

Mandatory skills

Knowledge of fundamentals (4 dynamics) (“Material mechanics,” “Fluid dynamics,” “Thermodynamics,” “Mechanical dynamics”)

Preferred skills

CAD experience (Solid works experience is even better)
Those who know about cams
Those who have experience designing cams

Electrical circuit design engineer

Mandatory skills

Knowledge and experience of logic circuits (C++ experience is even better)


  • Those who want to work on manufacturing with various ideas
  • Those who are interested in finding a better solution to the problem
  • Those who are interested in working on new things
  • Those who want to be involved in various product development as an engineer
  • Those who want to work with various people
  • Those with leadership
  • Those who can communicate voluntarily
  • Those with a positive attitude

Career path

1st year : Workplace training

(processing, assembly, process progress management and manufacturing technology) after technical training.

2nd year : Workplace training

(processing, assembly, process progress management and manufacturing technology)

3rd year : Mechanical Design Assistance ~ Mechanical Design

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

It’s a department that ranges from younger employees to experienced employees, but while it’s tough when it comes to work, we have a group of friends who can talk to each other about a lot of things in their connections outside of work. Each of them leads a fulfilling life by going out in private, dining together, and having conversations with people who share the same interests. One of their characteristics is that they take good care of each other, and many of them pass on what they have experienced to their junior employees well.

Post-employment and on-the-job training

Periodic employees, from high school graduates to university graduates, meet at the Shizuoka Plant for group training to learn the basics of business person and Sankyo Seisakusho. In the basic training, there is a manufacturing training, in which participants can experience the whole process of designing and manufacturing a mechanism model up to the point where a mechanism model is developed, and they also select parts and materials with an eye to cost, so that a team can develop a single mechanism model. The team production also helps to build friendship between the contemporaries. After that, they will move on to actual workplace training, where they will learn processing, assembly, processes, progress management, and manufacturing techniques to complete Sankyo products on OJT. You will gain knowledge and experience in various departments for about two years, and you will demonstrate your ability in the technical department where you will be officially assigned.

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

China, Vietnam

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

There are a lot of cherry blossoms on the factory site, and we do “cherry-blossom viewing” in spring.
Several times a year, concerts by professional musicians are held in a hall in the factory, inviting artists who represent Japan. Employees, their families, neighbors and related people enjoy live music.
In September, the Shizuoka Factory holds a summer festival called the “Noryo-sai”, where people share the glorious and homey time with food stalls, band performances and fireworks at night.
The company cafeteria is available to those who want to use it and has a reputation for being delicious. In addition, a special menu is offered once every 2 weeks, which has been particularly well appreciated.

Housing support

A company dormitory is available within walking distance of the factory.

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

The sea is nearby, and you can enjoy sea bathing and the lighthouse at Omaezaki.
It takes about three hours to get to Mt. Fuji, where you can enjoy hot springs and swimming pools.
Sightseeing on Lake Hamana and visiting castles (Hamamatsu, Kakegawa and Sunpu) are also fun.
Depending on the time of year, SL trains run on nearby railways. Facilities for various events are also close to the area (Tsumagoi, Ecopa Stadium). There is also a park with a theme of birds and flowers, so you can enjoy it.

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