Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Toyohashi-shi, Aichi
Established : 1992
Employees : 15

MapQuest is a tech company specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

With business offices in Aichi Prefecture and Thailand, we offer a variety of solutions, including GIS engine services, consulting, customer solution development and technical support.

A GIS engine is a sophisticated software component that provides the tools and functionality needed to develop GIS applications. Based on the concept of “Easy, Convenient and Flexible,” we are pursuing the realization of technologies that are easy to implement in diverse business settings.

We are confident that our GIS engine can compete with overseas engines, and many SIers and companies have actually adopted it. We pride ourselves on the high-speed performance of the Zenrin Housing Map (Zmap-TOWNII), which is said to be the most detailed map in the world, and on the high expandability and flexibility of our 100% in-house development.

Through object-oriented and aggressive reuse development, we aim to improve productivity and quality and achieve zero overtime. We do not provide any dispatch of personnel, except for temporary transfers for training purposes.

Our vision

Realizing 3 happiness: customer happiness, employee happiness and company happiness.

The mission of a company is to create added value, create active transactions and enrich the economy. That is why we strive to carry out our daily work under our corporate philosophy of “Realizing 3 happiness: customer happiness, employee happiness and company happiness”.
< Employee Happiness and Social Contribution: The Pursuit of 3 Happiness >
(Customer happiness, employee happiness, company happiness)

  • Providing solutions that satisfy our customers.
  • Pursuing habits that pay off while being healthy and taking care of your family.
  • Creating an environment that allows both parties to be happy at the same time and to continue their business and realize their dreams.

Our services/products

■GIS Engine
・MQD (MapQuestDotNET)
・Technical support for MQD induction training and development
■GIS Applications
・RAKUSHO-CHIZU (Commerce Area Analysis App)
・DOSUGOI-MAP (Instant Map App Maker)

Job Description

Details of the job

  • Product development and contract development in general
  • Planning and technical selection of in-house products
  • Research and development (pursuit of GIS and related technologies)
  • Technical Support (Technical Assistance for our company Product Users)
  • Sales support (proposal development/technical consultation resolution, etc.)

Belonging to the development department, we ask you to undertake research and development and contract development of our main and next products.
Our company’s flagship product is the GIS engine, which easily incorporates mapping functions (GIS) into business systems. You will be in charge of planning, developing, and enhancing the new features of such core products and upcoming products.
At our company, we value being a customer-focused developer and you will be responsible for technical and sales support for our products. This differentiates us as a “purely domestic GIS vendor” that our customers can use with comfort and confidence. In fact, the support speed and the ability to respond to requests of overseas products are sometimes not enough, and their flexibility is highly appreciated. In contract development, we are responsible for everything from consulting to design, development, testing, installation, and maintenance on an equal footing, sharing objectives with the customer. While our customers appreciate our GIS products and technological capabilities, they demand high functionality, performance and quality.

Aiming to become a full-stack engineer, you will be able to expand your range of services from low-difficulty projects.

  1. Completing OJT issues with the same manpower and quality as existing engineers
  2. Being engaged in the development of tools around the GIS engine and apps using the GIS engine
  3. Working in the development of the GIS engine itself (clearing the quality level required for the product)
    *In addition, through work requests to student staff (part-time workers), project management skills will be enhanced.


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

Our company’s flagship GIS engine is a software component commonly called an SDK. High design capability is naturally required for high compatibility and performance.
We provide it for Microsoft’s development infrastructure .NET, and the main components are built in C #.
In recent years, cloud services have become widespread, and GIS must be cloud-ready.
So our company is building a GIS platform on Microsoft Azure.

We provide it for Microsoft’s “.NET” development infrastructure, and the main components are built in C #.
In recent years, cloud services have become widespread, and GIS must be cloud-ready.
So our company is building a GIS platform on Microsoft Azure.

However, depending on user needs, Azure alone is not enough to meet them, so we have experience with development projects that use cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP.
In addition, database technology is essential for business systems using GIS.
PostgreSQL should be handled with great ease, including SQL Server, the poster child for RDB.
In addition, we also employ document-type databases to build GIS platforms on the cloud.

Thus, the technical skills we ask for are closely tied to our business.

  • 【Welcome】Those who have developed practical applications in C #
  • 【Welcome】Those with experience using GIS
  • 【Welcome】Those who have designed and constructed algorithms such as the Dijkstra’s algorithm and the A * algorithm


  • Those who are committed to our mission and can pass on products and technologies.
  • Those who can actively try to communicate in Japanese
  • Those who have acquired necessary knowledge and skills through “day to day life” and are motivated to acquire them.
  • Those who understand that taking initiative is the shortest path to growth and can take action
  • Those who can think logically and act as team players

Career path

1st year : Software Engineer

2nd year : Project Manager

3rd year : Product Manager

You can certainly advance your career if you go from doing your job individually to working as a team to completing your assignments. Of course, specialists are also important.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

You will be assigned to the development department.
Composed mainly of young people in their 20s and 30s, the department has a variety of people involved, including full-time employees, engineers from overseas offices, and home-based part-time workers, but they are active in an environment where they can frankly express their opinions while maintaining a sense of urgency. The all-in-one business tool “Lark” has been introduced as a communication hub, and although it is on the quiet side in appearance, they work together to perform their assigned duties.
・Regular employee: 5
・Home-based part-time jobs: 10
・Overseas offices: 3

Typical daily work schedule

9:00 Morning meeting, support requests, mail checks, etc.
DailyStandup (share in chat)
9:30 Work begins
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Return to work
(e.g. chat/meeting as needed)
17:30 Looking back on the day
18:00 End of work, leave the office
*There are cases of overtime work depending on project progress

Post-employment and on-the-job training

We will conduct onboarding training for about a month.
・Initiation ceremony, orientation
・Technology Test, Product and History
・Basic skills training for members of society (notes, illustrations, reading)
・External manners training
・Product understanding
・Understanding customer relationships
・Business understanding (including customer service)
・GIS Basics

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

1 Chinese woman, a graduate of Toyohashi University of Technology
*In addition, there are opportunities to collaborate with two engineers from Group companies (Thailand)

Message from our employees from abroad

Our company has a lot of experience in hiring foreigners and has a friendly atmosphere. We develop our own GIS engine and have high technical capabilities. The town where the company is located has a good environment with many foreigners and convenient access to the company. Let’s brush up your Japanese language and skills together while enjoying the wonderful scenery and culture of Japan.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

  • There is a book-buying support system and a qualification allowance to help you improve your skills.
  • To promote better health, we also provide bicycle commuting expenses.
  • We support healthy eating with a mini-company meal service that is split evenly with the company.

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

  • There are gym equipment that employees brought with them (Jogging, cycling)
  • There is a club activity support system to promote health (track record: golf club)

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