Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Nagaokakyo, Kyoto
Established : 1948
Employees : 280

We are an international pump manufacturer celebrating our 70th anniversary. We manufacture pump products that boast an overwhelming share of the market and are used in fields such as agriculture, civil engineering, and industry.

Since its founding in 1948, KOSHIN started out manufacturing general machinery, and as a manufacturer “dedicated to pumps”, we have accumulated trust, experience and achievements by providing a wide range of products and services.
As a specialist in pumps, which are indispensable for transporting liquids and gases, we have been supporting social infrastructure and everyday life of people.
Our history is defined by “innovation and challenge”. We have been contributing to the development of society and the improvement of the daily lives of people through our business, while staying close to the frontlines of people’s lives, with the unchanging desire to deliver products and services that are better for our customers. Now, we have grown into a global company with operations in approximately 160 countries and regions around the world.

Our vision

“It’s all for our customers”

KOSHIN has kept this one principle since its founding.
What does the customer who uses the product want instead of the manufacturer’s selfish assumption that he or she has developed an excellent product?
We have collected the feedback from the people in the workplace and made a thorough effort to create a product not only with the performance and quality of the product but also with the price that the customer demands.
The company’s first president, Jin’ichi Ohara, said, “The first thing I did in manufacturing was go talk to a machine wholesaler.” This philosophy has been handed down since the company was founded, and will continue to be carried on.

And it is each employee who carries out that philosophy.
“How can a company that doesn’t care about its employees care about its customers? “
KOSHIN is a company that has developed from a small factory.
Behind the progress we have made to date is a clear philosophy of nurturing and caring for people.
“We all share our wisdom, get creative to improve efficiency, and improve our own treatment. “
“We don’t believe the company can’t make money at the expense of its employees. “
This sense of caring for each and every employee has evolved over the years into a feeling of caring for each and every customer.
Such a spirit of “inside” to “outside” is expressed in management policies.

Our services/products

1. Agriculture and garden products
・Engine pumps, submersible pumps, and other pumps
・High pressure washer
・Pruning shears
2. Civil engineering products
3. Industrial products
4. Ship products
5. Household products
・Oil pump
・Bath pump
・Vacuum cleaner
・Reciprocating saw
・Snow remover

Job Description

Details of the job

Planning, design and development of industrial and agricultural machinery products.
Meeting with ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

You will work in the Product Development Department, from improving existing products such as pumps and sprayers to developing new products like never before.
You will listen to local voices and research the market about what is needed in the world today all over Japan and even overseas, and can utilize it in development.
You can be involved in all phases, from planning to design to mass production, what products to develop, how to produce and sell.
You can develop products from your own perspective and ideas, such as “this kind of product would make the world happy” or “adding this kind of function would be convenient for users.”

【Flow of new product development】
You will be engaged consistently from the proposal and examination of the mechanism -> part design -> request for the production of the prototype -> assembly -> verification and mass production.
A team of 3 ~ 5 will work on each product developed.


Mandatory skills

Required skills details

For mechanical background
・Those who are learning or have experience in mechanical design
・Those who have used 3D design (3D CAD)

・Those who have studied material mechanics, etc.
・Those who have experience handling or studying engines, batteries, motors, etc.
・Those who have experience using V FLOW

For electrical background
・Those who are studying or have experience in electrical engineering, circuit design, and control design

・If possible, those who have experience in model-based development
・Those who have experience of utilizing MATLAB and control models
・Those who have experience handling or studing engines, batteries, motors, etc.

Commonly needed thoughts on work
・Those who are interested in PM


・Those who are bright, positive and curious.
・Those who can take on challenges with persistence
・Those who are creative and can develop and think with others and users in mind
・Those who can actively communicate with people around them.
(It’s important to have a positive attitude to communicate even when we don’t understand each other’s languages.)
・Those with leadership skills
・Those who want to take on challenges with dreams and hopes

Career path

1st year : Apprentice

2nd year : In charge of modeling

3rd year : Project Manager

Responding to the demands of our customers in Japan and overseas, we ask that you take on a wide range of responsibilities as an engineer, from the planning stage to structural examination, design and prototyping of each part, component assembly, verification and mass production.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

◆Since the workload is adjusted by prioritizing in the team, basically there is no overtime and work-life balance is well maintained.
◆On rare occasions, employees may have to work on holidays due to business trips, etc., but they always get a substitute holiday or holiday work allowance.
◆You can expect to improve your own skills as we hire experienced retired staff as advisors and provide training programs with outside instructors.
●In terms of mass production, there are also launches at overseas plants. When mass production of a new product is confirmed, a business trip may occur to prepare for it.
●Sometimes you also go directly to the end user to hear their real needs. This is a commitment unique to our company, which places the utmost importance on meeting customers’ needs.
●Being able to work on a total from invention to design allows you to gain extensive experience as an engineer.

Post-employment and on-the-job training

・Early introduction education at the time of entry into the company, business etiquette, etc.
・Initial training within the development department, acquisition of knowledge required for operations, etc.
・Production line hands-on training for a certain period at the head office production site (assumed to be in mid-April)

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

・There are Chinese employees in development and product identification departments
*We have a small group of Japanese people in the department who can speak English, including the general manager of the development department.
*Person in charge of the overseas sales department
In addition, one Indian is scheduled to join the company from October this year.

Why you should work at our company

Housing support

Leasing company-owned houses or corporate contracts (housing assistance: 20,000 yen per month), for new graduate employment only

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

  • We have our own pleasure boat at the marina in Lake Biwa.
  • We have a company trip once a year.

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