Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki
Established : 1994
Employees : 288 (As of October 2022)

We provide total IT and outsourcing coverage of processes from the arterial industry (generation of emissions) to the venous industry (recycling or treatment of emissions) to improve the operational efficiency of companies and local governments, support compliance and governance in waste management, and support disaster recovery.
In order to realize a decarbonized society, we, as an environmental information company, will provide IT solutions and information management services to optimize resource circulation and realize a circular economy.

Our vision

< Purpose >

Symbiosis between economic activities and the global environment

< Corporate Slogan >

“IT for environmental challenge”

We will always think about what we can do to address the environmental issues at hand, and contribute to a highly recycling-oriented and decarbonized society through IT

Our services/products

【Business Description】
・Risk visualization and proper management support in waste disposal procedures for waste-discharging enterprises
・Building core systems for resource recycling companies
・Building core systems for local governments
・Building management systems for disaster waste

Job Description

Details of the job

■Department to which you will be assigned:Development Management Division, Planning Dept., Environmental Management Dept.

■Environmental Management Business
A department offering solutions to companies that generate emissions. In order to achieve customers’ environmental management goals, we provide support for risk visualization and proper management in waste disposal procedures, as well as support for the visualization of current conditions for the realization of corporate decarbonization, recycling and cost reduction through a combination of IT and outsourcing.

■Work of the Planning Department
The main business is to analyze customer and market needs related to services for emitters, expand to include groups of such customers, and create new services for the market. In addition, we formulate and promote the development of a concept of system and tool functions to support the services provided.

■Work of the Development Management Division
This department is responsible for the maintenance of existing systems and the development and management of new systems with the aim of adding value to existing businesses. We determine the addition of functions and specification changes necessary for our product strategy, and work with the technical departments responsible for development and maintenance and development contractors to maintain and improve service levels.


Mandatory skills

Any one of the items marked with ※ is required.

Preferred skills


・ Those interested in solving social and environmental problems as well as technology.
・Those who have communication skills to get the whole team involved and carry out the project.
・Those who want to solve environmental problems and contribute to society through IT.
・Those who sympathize with the corporate philosophy and policy and want to change the world with JEMS Inc.
*See “Purpose” and “Corporate Slogan” provided in “About the Company” section.
・Those who can actively work on solving problems.
・Those who can take on challenges without fear of failure.
・Those who can respond flexibly to changing environmental issues, environmental rules, etc.
・Those who want to expand our business globally as a team manager in the future.
・Those who like Japanese culture and language.
・Those who can study Japanese hard.

Career path

1st year : Designing, developing and testing systems development as directed

2nd year : Systems Engineer

3rd year : Project Leader

Note: We entrust you with responsible positions according to your experience and ability.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

The Development Management Division where you will be assigned is made up of a wide variety of people, half Japanese and half non-Japanese (mostly Chinese at present), with a good mix of new graduates to middle-aged and elderly. The team is always communicating with each other while working, and the atmosphere is easy to talk to, so even if you don’t understand it at first, the senior employees will carefully guide you.
■JEMS Inc. Internal View Slideshow (Video)

Typical daily work schedule

9:00-9:10 Start/Morning Meeting
9:10-9:30 Hearing system issues from customer support representative
9:30-12:00 System design, development and maintenance
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-14:00 XXX Item System Development Project MTG
14:00-17:00 System design, development and maintenance
17:00-18:00 Development Management Division Weekly Regular MTG
18:00 Closing and leaving the office

Post-employment and on-the-job training

・Description of the business
・Environmental Industry Knowledge and Laws
・Internal administration related
・Overview of JEMS Inc. System Services
・Training in on-the-job training
・Two to three years after joining the company, training camps will be held (in the previous fiscal year, this training included recreation in Nasukogen).
Also ready for optional video program learning

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

In the Development Management Department, there are Japanese and Chinese employees who can speak English (daily conversation level).
(There are many other Vietnamese nationals in the company, but they are in other divisions.)

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

  • There is a company dormitory where you can live at half the market rent (Misato-chuo, where the company dormitory is located, is about 30 minutes to Tsukuba and about 20 minutes to Akihabara by train.).
  • The office is located in a building in front of Tsukuba Station, making it convenient for transportation.
  • It takes 45 minutes from Tsukuba Station to Akihabara Station (central Tokyo) by rapid train. It’s easy to go to the center of Tokyo even on weekends. The comfortable environment of Tsukuba, a moderate distance from the center of Tokyo, is also attractive.
  • Tsukuba is an academic research city. Unlike other regional cities in Japan, where there is an international conference center right in front of the head office, the town is friendly to foreigners and attracts scholars from all over the world. There are a certain number of Indian customers, so there are quite a few Indian curry restaurants.

Housing support

Company dormitory available (furnished, with appliances, auto-locking, 5 min. walk from Misato Chuo Station)

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

We often have outdoor barbecue parties.
Golf, soccer, basketball, mountain climbing, and other activities are also conducted by volunteers (people who are interested in participating are gathering at will, not required to participate).
In order to raise environmental awareness and contribute to the local community, we also conduct activities such as garbage pick-up activities (after the garbage pick-up, we have a party to thank everyone for their hard work).

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