Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
Established : 2022
Employees : 6

PICTGRAM Inc. is a company that provides “CONNECTCAMERA” that supports on-site operations by installing cameras in the “field” of construction, logistics, and other areas and using the millions of video data stored on clouds. As of the end of March 2023, the number of contracted companies exceeded 50, and it has been adopted by more than 500 sites.

Our vision

“Create a New Culture”

In the future of Japanese society, with fewer people and an aging population, all industries are required to change.
Our mission is to break the conventional wisdom and work together to create new industry standards through the power of technology.

Our services/products

The feature of “CONNECTCAMERA” is that it saves pictures automatically taken at one-minute intervals to the cloud server, which greatly reduces data traffic and cloud costs compared to video, and makes it easy to share with construction workers.
On the cloud server side, by performing image compression, correction processing of fisheye images and so on, we are able to meet the needs of camera utilization at construction sites that conventional security cameras could not meet.
In addition, we announced a collaboration with ANDPAD, the construction management app with the No.1 share in Japan.
Leveraging the strengths of both companies, we will work to rapidly acquire camera share at construction sites.

In the future, we will evolve into a service that can provide further automation and labor saving by actively utilizing AI such as ChatGPT and expanding camera variations.

Job Description

Details of the job

As an engineer, you will be responsible for developing and customizing our product “CONNECTCAMERA”.
The technical scope covers a wide range of areas, including web application development, mobile application development, and GCP infrastructure construction, but we would like you to start your work with a focus on web application development and develop your career into a more specialized field according to your desires and characteristics.


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

・Interest in solving social issues in addition to technology
・Interest in customer challenges and the building industry
・Willingness to grow and interest in new technologies
・Awareness of working in a team
・Flexibility to move widely, not just with one technology

・Those who are interested in or have used GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
・Those interested in image analysis and language processing involving AI

※The numbers below are the priority numbers in the recommended skills. Those who have it are welcomed.

  1. Javascript
  2. HTML
  3. MySQL
  4. GCP
  5. Python, NodeJS


・Those who can actively communicate
・Those who want to do a job that helps customers and contributes to the world
・Those who are interested in social problems and want to solve them
・Those who can absorb a wide variety of knowledge
・Those who can work closely with each company to solve customer problems.
・Those who understand the corporate philosophy and want to grow our business as a team
・Those who want to be active as team leaders in the future

・Those who can make efforts on their own as foreigners who work for Japanese companies
・Those who are interested in Japanese culture and language
・Those who work hard to learn Japanese and can actively communicate within the company with a smile

Career path

1st year : As a software engineer, strengthen programming basics with a focus on server side

2nd year : In parallel with server-side, challenge peripheral areas such as front-end and mobile applications

3rd year : Planning and designing new functions and infrastructure design for stable operation

The above career is just an example, and it is possible to respond flexibly according to the wishes and characteristics of the person.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

Due to the small number of employees, everyone works together on one floor. Regardless of the nature of the work, we value teamwork in which we communicate frequently and tackle issues together.
On birthdays of members, we hold a dinner party and celebrate with everyone.

Typical daily work schedule

9:00 Morning meeting, confirmation of the schedule for the day
9:00-12:00 Development work
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Development work
15:00-16:00 Internal meetings, assisting in business negotiations
16:00-17:30 Development work
17:30-18:00 Sharing daily reports and reporting items

Post-employment and on-the-job training

We are preparing for you to participate in technical trainings such as programming using Udemy. In addition, we encourage the employees to acquire qualifications such as “IT passport”, and subsidize teaching materials and examination fees.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

We subscribe to business magazines on a regular basis, and hold online study sessions once a month with people from other industries (restaurants, nursing care, tax accountants, etc.) who subscribe to the same magazines.
As a non-technically related education, we provide opportunities to come into contact with the diversity of values and work styles.

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