Who we are

HQ : Toyohashi, Aichi
Established : 1960
Employees : 230 (as of October 2022) *Including part-time employees

“Sounds run through the world.”
Honda Electronics of Ultrasonic Waves. With the ultrasonic technology we have cultivated over the 66 years since our founding, we manufacture a wide range of products for marine leisure, medical care, and industrial fields.

We were founded 66 years ago with the development of a compact fish finder.
The founder worked hard and succeeded after much trial and error to develop a compact fish finder that incorporated an electrical component called a transistor, which at the time had not yet been successfully used by anyone else in the world.
Based on the ultrasonic technology cultivated from the development of this fish finder, we are now expanding into a variety of genres, in addition to the marine industry.

The company offers compact fish finders under the “HONDEX” brand for marine recreation and has the top share in the domestic market (based on a survey of domestic deliveries of fish finders by the Japan Marine Industry Association).
Ultrasonic-applied products are used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment for cleaning, processing, and measurement, and our proprietary products support the manufacture of smartphones and personal computers.

In the medical field, we have earned a high reputation for our portable medical ultrasound diagnostic equipment.
The equipment’s exceptional image quality and high basic performance have earned strong acclaim.

As an activity to create new markets, we are expanding the application of ultrasonic technology in the fields of environment, energy, food, and advanced medicine.

Our vision

Philosophy of Open Technology

Since 1956, when we launched the world’s first transistorized portable fish finder, we have always been committed to realizing new value through ultrasonic waves. We value originality and introduce cutting-edge ultrasonic technology to the world. At the same time, we pursue joint development projects with various fields, respecting each other and focusing on the exchange of technological cultures. With this philosophy of open technology as a cornerstone, we aim to create a better life for the people of tomorrow.

Aiming to be a Happiness-Creating Company

Company Creed

  1. We pursue the world’s highest quality with our original products.
  2. We respect people, strive to develop our abilities, and make meritocracy a principle
  3. We contribute to society at large, aiming to create a prosperous and bright society

Our services/products

・Marine products: fish finders, plotters, etc.
・Industrial products: cleaners, flowmeters, level meters, flaw detector, welders, etc.
・Medical products: medical ultrasound diagnostic imaging systems, ultrasound diagnostic imaging systems for veterinary
・Ceramics products: Piezoelectric ceramic elements, bolt-clamped langevin type transducer, ultrasonic sensors, lead-free ceramics, etc.
・Atomizers and cutters: ultrasonic atomizers and ultrasonic cutters


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Planning, development, design, and compliance with legal standards for fish locators, ultrasonic image diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic measuring instruments, ultrasonic cleaners, etc.

What technologies are you using?

・D2CAD(Circuit Design)
・C, C++

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Electric circuit design, mechanism design, embedded programming, etc.
・Analog and digital circuit design related to ultrasonic wave transmission and reception
・ FPGA (logic circuit) design for acoustic signal and image processing
・Software development and design, including GUI
・Evaluation testing based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law, safety and performance standards, and compliance with legal standards

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

Instead of pursuing cutting-edge technology to become No. 1, we aim to become Only One by focusing on areas and issues (potential markets) that other companies are not focusing on.
We aim to create products with analytical skills and imagination, and with ideas that other companies do not have.

Career step up

1st year : Learn various regulations (quality manuals) and forms through on-the-job training

2nd year : Understand legal standards and products. Perform evaluation testing and design assistance

3rd year : Partially responsible for circuit design and software design

Become a product manager after 5 years at the earliest (depending on qualities, skills, competence and performance)

Our corporate culture

Our workplace encourages employees to research and think about their work in their own way. We are able to grow through our own awareness, such as by listening to people from other departments at in-house study sessions and thinking about how we can apply what we learn to our current work.

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