Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
Established : 2004
Employees : 11

Our company is an EC (Electronic Commerce) company, opening stores in EC malls such as Amazon and Rakuten. We handle 100,000 products, including computer supplies, home appliances, kitchenware, furniture, bicycle parts, and outdoor goods. Orders are generally shipped on the same day, which is highly appreciated by customers. We promise delivery dates in our product listings and ensure delivery upon receipt of orders.

We conduct our business on a system that we have been developing independently since our establishment.
For example, we operate on our originally developed system consistently from coordination with suppliers, listing, order receipt, and inquiries from customers.

In recent years, we have sold this system to other companies in our industry.
We make sure promises, and surely keep them. This idea is the same when we create systems for other companies.

In order to fulfill our promises, advance preparation, learning, and physical condition are important. There is no overtime work basically, and there is no work on holidays because it is a full five-day workweek and we have holidays according to the calendar. It is an environment where you can work for a long time without worrying.

As we aim to expand globally as a vision for 5 to 10 years from now, we are looking for “Vital Contributor” to connect our company with overseas countries.
We expect you to use your skills to improve our company. Let’s work and grow a company together.

Our vision

We are an e-commerce company established in 2004. At the time, most people didn’t understand that e-commerce was going to be a threat to retail, and it was an outsider. Even so, there were Rakuten and Amazon, and there was also Amazon’s Japanese subsidiary. The pioneering company was also at the beginning of selling a tool for linking multiple malls.
However, our business type was dropshipping, and we operated on the premise that we would not carry inventory, but would have our products shipped directly from our suppliers to end-users. On the other hand, multi-mall collaboration tools were based on the assumption that there would be inventory, so we took the path of independent development.
From this point on, we were convinced that the optimal solution for the company’s operation would follow the strategy, and that each company needed to build a model for the optimal solution.
In 2023, we had only developed our own systems, and found that other companies in the same industry had their own optimal solutions, yet had no choice but to apply their own operations to commercially available tools. That is why we decided to supply systems to other companies.

We would like to extend the idea, “Create an environment that enables employees to focus on meaningful work and eliminate unnecessary work,” which we have been promoting internally, to companies around the world.

Our services/products

At our company, we are developing systems for internal operations and for corporate customers.
These are all created consistently within the company.
Based on MS-SQL and AG Grid, we use our own framework and program in Java.
These products are widely used internally and externally as WEB applications and play a central role in daily operations.
Especially for e-commerce companies, we customize each company with a multi-mall web application.
The current web application has many packages, but the competitive advantage of the company comes from the business application software, so we customize the application by each company.
To be more precise, we are remaking it to the specifications of each company.
At our company, we work as the “Systems Department” of various companies to develop web applications that support important operations.

Job Description

Details of the job

Contract development and internal system development

  • Programming with source code
  • Design from requirement definition


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Experience developing with HTML, CSS, SQL, and Java

< Recommended >
・Knowledge and development experience of the framework
・Infrastructure knowledge and design experience


  • Those who are able to actively communicate with each other and understand their intentions
  • Those who, when assigned to a task, can not only perform the task, but also act with an eye to the goal and beyond
  • Those who can continue to hypothesize and execute (trial and error) tasks and enjoy them.
  • Those who make appropriate decisions based on the situation and switch quickly
  • Those who have the greed and desire to do everything
  • Those who can honestly accept change and enjoy it
  • Those who like to work in a team
  • Those who will help us when we expand globally in the future
  • Those who are interested in Japanese culture
  • Those who are interested in studying Japanese and have strong intentions.

Career path

1st year

Maintenance and development of business management web (back-office) systems for mail-order companies

2nd year

Framework development, security measures/order-to-order system design

3rd year

Development of a public web app/business proposal to a company

There is a course that focuses on technical skills and a course that builds a system for designing and operating the overall structure of a company, although it is not clearly separated.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

We have a work environment such as genuine and open-hearted.
Things to be done are always clear and there are deadlines by date.
Because the logic for the objective always takes precedence, there is always prioritization.
Since we have a culture that is always open to better proposals, any good proposal is quickly adopted.

Typical daily work schedule

The daily schedule is development, development, and development.
Inside the company, slack is used as a communication tool.
The status management used is Asana.
Work within the company is broken down into tasks that can be done in less than a week at a weekly general manager meeting.
There are some cases from customers that are fixed on a monthly basis and others that are not.
Your boss might ask you to deal with problems on short notice through slack, but you can focus on development because there is no direct communication with the customer and the priority is clear.
Calm down and make the best of your ability.

Post-employment and on-the-job training

There is no lecture training.
But there is pair programming.
“I like programming!”
“I like technology!”
“My hobby is computers!”
We are waiting for that kind of tech geeks to the core.

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