Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Nagoya city, Aichi
Established : 2000
Employees : Non-consolidated: 1,088;
Group total: approx. 1,800 (As of March 31, 2021)

TOYOTA Connected was born with the idea of Akio Toyoda, the founder of the company, “I want to know more about the customers. I want to know their real needs. I want direct contact with customers. “. We foresee an era when the Internet (IT) and the automobile business will merge, and we will use IT to connect people, cars, and society to deliver just-in-time services to customers. By doing so, we aim to create a enrich and exciting mobility society.

We leverage both “real ” and“ digital ” touch points with our customers to provide the best customer experience by offering total support across all value chains, from vehicle purchase consideration to vehicle ownership, and throughout the ownership period.
In addition, we are creating services that maximize the enjoyment of using cars in the new business area of MaaS *.
TOYOTA Connected’s strengths are “cutting-edge IT technology” and “TOYOTA’s improvement process.” This enables us to accurately understand the needs of our customers and to create the most advanced services of the times.
We will continue to work for maximizing the joy of owning and using car.
*MaaS: Mobility as a Service

Our vision

Pursuing the Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

Everyone is a leader and a founder.
With that in mind, each of us should explore and build deeper contacts with our customers.

And hold up a dynamic rainbow that no one has yet seen and keep the passion to make it happen at all costs.
Beyond that, new creation and transformation will occur.
We will continue to challenge ourselves to become a customer in.

Established to “create contacts with customers” for TOYOTA MOTOR, we provide connected services tailored to the needs of each customer through telematics services such as TOYOTA T-Connect and Lexus G-Link, customer management systems for TOYOTA dealerships, and the construction and operation of websites.

Our services/products

Solving Social Issues through Mobility
We have four businesses with the mission of expanding customer contact.

  1. Connected Platform
  2. MaaS Business
  3. Dealer Integration Business
  4. Digital Marketing

Connected Platform
We develop and provide connected services using vehicle data.
■Connected Center (Call Center)
■moviLink (car navigation app)

MaaS Business
We are building a platform to utilize big data and developing and providing solutions to create new mobility services.
*MaaS stands for Mobility as a Service and is a way to meet mobility needs in a way that is different from the traditional usage of “own and use a car.”
■Mobility Services Platform
■Smart Key Box (Digital Key for Car Share)
■G-Fleet/TransLog (Operation management service for fleet leased vehicles)
■Location Based Service
■G-Station II (Development and Sales of Charging Stands for PHV/EV)
■All-Japan EV/PHV Charging map
■Ha: mo (EV Sharing Service)
■EV/PHV charging support

Digital Marketing
We offer a wide range of marketing solutions, from website creation to data analysis, integration with real events and e-commerce.
■Digital Marketing Business
■Event promotion

Dealer Integration Business
Cooporate with Connected busuiness, we develop and deploy IT solutions that consistently support sales and after-sales services.
■Hospitality system
■System Truck (ICS)
■SLIM (Integrated Sales Distribution Management)

Job Description

Details of the job

With the mission of creating a futuristic mobility platform and contributing to society, we are promoting the following businesses:

  • Development and operation of the entrusted system and service operation as a service provider
  • Development of systems used for services planned and provided by the company and operation of system services
  • System development and system operation to keep services running 24/365.
  • Promoting initiatives to maintain high system (software) quality

System Development and Operation
■Determine specifications with customers for the assigned systems
・Design and development work based on specifications
・General operations related to system operation

Data Analysis Services
■Marketing Analysis (Current status)
・Sales and customer data
・Web access logs (marketing sites and e-commerce sites), smartphone application logs, SNS
・Questionnaire data
■Service Development (may occur in the future)
・Electrification analysis
・Manual analysis and retrieval
・Prediction model from vehicle data (Location information, driving data)
・Charge prediction model


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Recommended >
・Those who have knowledge and experience in DB, SQL, and BI (tableau, PowerBI, and QuickSight)
・Those who have knowledge and experience in data infrastructure development and operation (Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake)
・Excel skills
・Basic knowledge of machine learning, AI, and Web sites (html, JavaScript)
・Data analysis, data mining, modeling, validation and evaluation in programming languages such as Python and R

< Required >
One of the recommended skills


  • Corporate Philosophy: Pursuing the Ultimate Customer Satisfaction
  • Character we are aiming for: Everyone is a leader and founder (think and act on their own)
  • Action Guidelines: “Humility”, “Appreciation”, “Belief”, and “Mentality”


  • Those interested in Japan and Japanese culture
  • Those who can study Japanese hard
  • Those who are sensitive to the latest technology and highly motivated learners
  • Those who understand business objectives, can discover issues through data, and can propose solutions
  • Those who can openly express their opinions to others and respect the other’s opinions
  • Those who do not take one side’s opinion with a grain of salt and makes a conclusion after hearing and examining various opinions
  • Those who can carry out the work assigned to their responsibly to the end
  • Those who are good at thinking logically and have the ability to carry out work systematically
  • Those who have accuracy and caution in making sure there are no mistakes

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

Our company culture is free and flexible, and even newcomers can try whatever they want.
We all work with motivation based on the idea that “all employees are leaders.”
Inside the company, there are various people in terms of nationality, thoughts and personality, and it is an environment where one can feel diversity.

Post-employment and on-the-job training

Employees who join the company as new graduates gain a deeper understanding of the company and its business through a year of training, gain many internal and external points of contact, and prepare for work after assignment.
In addition, we have implemented a mentoring system to accommodate new employees throughout the company.
Senior employees serve as mentors and support to create their own place in the company. You can talk to your mentors anything you want, including life issues.
Example of training contents)Presentation exercises, departmental training, overseas training, technical training

As for overseas training, we will stay at TOYOTA Connected’s business units in the U.S., U.K., China, India, Thailand, and UAE, and will accompany top management to experience local business. By engaging with our business partners and local employees, we can learn about different cultures, customs, and values, and by deepening our insight, we can acquire the essential capabilities of global human resources, such as multifaceted thinking and cross-cultural responsiveness.

At our company, the goal of our human resources strategy is “Each person is a professional and a leader. Be able to commit to the outcome in a rewarding way.” We support proactive career development.
We value opportunities to think about career plans, enhance training, and face our own careers.
As for the first career (place of assignment), we will draw up a career plan together and make decisions while being close to each individual during career education.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

Our office of Nagoya headquarters won the Chubu New Office Incentive Award at the 32 Nikkei New Office Awards.
The office itself conveys the corporate culture, and we aim to enable employees to naturally change their mindset while working.

Our company is also actively working to create an working environment.
In 2017, we introduced a free address system with no fixed seats. Since then, we have continued to respect diverse working styles, such as remote work, flexible work, and Free dress code. We are working to build systems and improve the environment so that individual employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.

Housing support

However, if you joined the company with a change of residence and rent or own a house at your own expense, there is a subsidy. (Company will pay 30000 yen per person up to 3 years) * It will be applied in this recruitment.

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

We create a free atmosphere within the company, including internal events that promote employee connection and a circle activity subsidy system that supports volunteer activities.

Circle activities
There is a subsidy system to support circle activities made by in-house volunteers. This encourages communication among employees beyond the relationship between superiors and subordinates and between departments.
Example:Futsal Circle, Wonder Vogel Club, Ski Snowboarding Circle, Yoga Circle

Internal Events
Starting with a company policy briefing held at the beginning of the fiscal year, various events and programs are held, including Family Day and an in-house bar.
Example:Company Policy Briefing, Unsolicited Nuur Eve, Family Day, Company Bar (commonly known as TC Bar)

Marble Project
This is a company-approved project run by working moms and dads on a voluntary basis.
We aim to create a comfortable working environment for both family and work.

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