Who we are

HQ : Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established : 2013
Employees : 726 (as of the end of January 2022)

GA technologies is a fast-growing company in the X-tech, the next-generation industrial revolution.
In the first five years after founding our company, we have listed our shares on the Mothers market (one of Tokyo Stock Exchange’s markets for the startup companies), and in about eight years, we have reached 85 billion JPY in sales. We are about to become a company that represents the future of Japan.

We are evolving in the real estate market, a huge legacy industry that has existed for 70-80 years.
Nowadays, more and more legacy industries are being reformed by AI and technology.
Finance, insurance, healthcare, agriculture, education, and construction. Of course, real estate is one of them.

However, the real estate industry has yet to see a clear market leader who revolutionize the industry with technology.
With our founding aspiration of “creating a world-leading company that inspires people through technology × innovation,” we are determined to change this huge market through the power of technology.

If you want to work for a company that will create a new industry, rather than a company that has succeeded in its current industry, why not join us and work together to create us the world’s top company?

Our Philosophy

To create a world-leading company that inspires people through technology x innovation.

Our Values

(HEART)Sincerity. Honesty. Let’s be good people.
(WIN-X)Develop friendly competition with friends and partners. Win together.
(GRIT)Passion. Tensile strength. The ability to get through.
(BOLD CHALLENGE)Aim high. Challenge boldly. Tackle the inexperienced.
(CUSTOMER FOCUS)Always from the customer’s perspective. All for the customer’s success.
(INNOVATION)Unconventional. What has never been done before. Small innovations every day.
(LEADERSHIP)Take the initiative. Leads others.

Our services/products


  • RENOSY: Real estate services
  • OWNR by RENOSY: An application that smartly manages property of property owners, from information on properties purchased for condominium investment to data storage of cash flow and important documents.
  • OHEYAGO: New type of real estate rental site that let you see the property without going to the real estate agent, and be able to apply for tenancy on the Web.
  • 神居秒算 JinkyoByousann: The largest Japanese real estate platform in Greater China that introduces Japanese real estate investment properties to real estate investors in Greater China.


  • BLUEPRINT by RENOSY (β version): Revolutionary service that automatically generates CAD data from floor plans using deep learning (AI)
  • MORTGAGE GATEWAY by RENOSY: Mortgage application platform service that connects customers, real estate companies, and financial institutions.
  • Bukkaku in two seconds: “Bukkaku in two seconds!” is a SaaS-type system that allows real estate brokers to complete online interactions between real estate agents for property confirmations, viewing arrangements, purchase applications, etc.
  • Bucken SCAN!: AI-OCR reads real estate sales drawings and converts them into data.
  • ITANDI BB: An inter-industry swebsite with over 1 million views per month that enables real-time searches of available properties by instantly synchronizing applications for rental properties.
  • ITANDI BB+: The DX service lineup of real estate rental services, which supports the entire process from search of properties to inward viewing, application for tenancy, contract renewal and exit procedures, and also has a customer management function.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

We plan, develop, operate, and improve a wide variety of products to improve the UI/UX and the efficiency of all real estate-related operations, including leasing, trading, and investment.

What technologies are you using?

Front End: JavaScript (React/Vue) and Type Script Back End: Ruby (Ruby on Rails) Infrastructure: Docker/AWS Mobile: Swift/Kotlin

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

Consider updating the technology stack if a problem that cannot be solved by existing technology arises.

Career step up

1st year : Programmer

2nd year : Team leader

3rd year : Team secretary

A corporate culture of assigning important positions and duties from an early stage, regardless of year, based on achievements such as contributions to teams and businesses.

Our corporate culture

In addition to their skills and abilities, many employees are active in realizing the GA GROUP SPITT philosophy at a high level.

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