bravesoft inc

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2005
Employees : 150

We are a Japanese venture company developing smartphone apps.
Currently we work on many contract development projects for clients, but we are strengthening our in-house development capabilities as our main focus for the future.

For 15 years, we have been aiming to be the “most vigorous” manufacturing group.

Our journey started from focusing on outsourced Web development, but in 2008, seeing the spread of smartphone usage in Japan, we anticipated the coming boom of the app industry and we entered the business early on. Since then, we have focused on both outsourced and in-house apps, and we have developed 700 apps so far!

In today’s world where everyone owns and spends a significant amount on time on their smartphone every day, our vision is to develop apps that create “enjoyable and enhanced experiences” even greater than real life experiences!

Our vision

Thriving to create an enjoyable environment for engineers to work

Thriving to create an enjoyable environment for engineers to work, we are developing our business with the following corporate philosophy.

  1. Endless new challenges
  2. Social Contribution through new challenges
  3. Having fun

Our services/products

In-house application (BtoB) “eventos”
This is an application creation service for exhibitions/events targeted to Japanese companies.

In-house applications (BtoC)

  • Live! questionnaire -> Real-time questionnaire service that allows you to vote and comment immediately on the spot.
  • HONNE -> application that allows you to post anonymously about your true thoughts!
  • COM -> Chat community for gamers!
  • and many more !!!

Contract development (client work)
We develop applications for our clients in collaboration with the engineers in our overseas subsidiaries in Vietnam and in Beijing.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

55% of our employees are engineers.
We are working on three main services:

  • In-house application (BtoB) “eventos”
  • In-house applications (BtoC) “HONNE”, “body”, “COM”, “Live! questionnaire”
  • Contract development (client work)

We already have employees from different countries working together with us:

*App engineers (members from China and South Korea)
*Bridge engineers (members from Vietnam, China, South Korea)
*Server engineers (members from Vietnam and China)

What technologies are you using?

We use a wide arrays of technologies but as a reference, we are currently working with HTML, Java, Javascript, Swift, CSS, jQuery, SQL, Android, Laravel, VueJS, AWS, MySQL, Postgres and iOS.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

As mentioned above, there are three main specialities.

Bridge Engineer(i.e., engineers who “bridge” the communication gap between Japanese and foreign engineers)
The main mission is connecting engineers of our overseas subsidiaries bravesoft Vietnam and bravesoft Beijing with domestic directors. Depending on the Bridge Engineer level, responsibilities go from simple interpretation and basic design to detailed design and direction working together with domestic clients. Some of these members also hold management roles.
Basically, Bridge Engineers work in our contract development department.

App Engineer
App Engineers develop apps for domestic projects. We do not assign positions and tasks depending on one’s nationality, engineers who come from other areas and Japanese engineers have the same job content. Mainly, they develop apps for contract development projects, but some members are also working on in-house development of our apps.

Server-side engineer
Like the app engineers, server-side engineers have the same role whether they are Japanese nationals or from another country.
They mainly work in the contract development team.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We thrive to keep up with new technologies. In order to do that, we hold regular study sessions to introduce these new technologies in our company!

Career step up

We already have global talents who built their career within our company, showcasing the fact that we provide an environment in which you get promoted based on your abilities, not on your nationality. Among our members who are foreign nationals, there is a supervisor, a general manager, a deputy director, and a development team leader.
Why not join them and build your career with us?

Our corporate culture

We have many young employees, with 31% of members in their 20s, and 58% in their 30s.
Our members are very active in their free time as well, organizing many clubs and activities with their colleagues: futsal, golf, muscle training, fishing, darts… and events such as festivals.

Our company has a very “free” atmosphere. If one of our member raises their hand and says “I want to do that!”, then we will encourage them to do it.
However, our environment might not be suitable for people who don’t take initiative and prefer to wait for instructions.
We are looking for members who want to pursue a proactive career!

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