Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Kofu city, Yamanashi
Established : 1966
Employees : 177

It takes less than two hours by train from Tokyo, the capital of Japan.
It has been 57 years since we started our business in 1966 in Yamanashi Prefecture, surrounded by beautiful water, abundant nature and world-class fruits including the world heritage Mount Fuji.

Under the coherent philosophy of “Creating value for society through the use of computers,” we have grown and developed year after year, adapting to the environment like an aging large tree.

While focusing on the development and implementation services of medical and administrative systems, which we have specialized in since our founding, in recent years we have started a new in-house package development business. One example of this is the development of the “INCLSS Developmental and Educational Support System,” which enables the government to provide seamless support to children who need support due to developmental disabilities through life stages. The system is being used to provide various local government services.

With the fast-moving practical application of the maglev Shinkansen and the hydrogen and fuel cell industries being promoted by Yamanashi Prefecture, we are honing our talents and putting our best performance to work to create a “Prosperous society where each and every one of us hones their talents and puts out their best performances, giving them a reason for living and working.”

Our vision

Creating value for society through the use of computers

Based on our philosophy of “Creating value for society through the use of computers,” which has remained unchanged since our founding, we have adopted the following management policies and are engaged in the work of all employees as one.
< Management Policy >
・High customer satisfaction
・Profit creation
・Achieving high employee satisfaction

Our services/products

・ The product of our company is “human resources”.
We provide our own services to our customers, and our services become products.

・Developing systems that leverage our strengths
INCLSS (Inclusive Continuous Life Stage Support)
The Developmental and Educational Support System is a system that provides integrated management of growth records, mainly in the form of “Individual Support Plans,” for children who need support due to developmental disabilities and shares them with relevant organizations. We fully assist the “seamless support” system, required by government agencies, for individual children. We received more inquiries from across the country, and we have finally started the implementation on a full scale.
(Product introduction)

Job Description

Details of the job

Work related to design, development, operation and maintenance(Mainly on INCLSS)
INCLSS® Developmental and educational support system is a system to centrally manage and share information such as growth records, with a focus on “individual support plans” for children who need support due to developmental disabilities.

You will work on a project centering on INCLSS.
For one to two years after joining the company, you will work steadily with senior employees on development work as scheduled. At the same time, you will gain a better understanding of how the system works and its specifications while operating the actual system. After that, we plan to let you gradually expand the scope to include design writing, development and verification. In the future, we expect you to understand the needs and issues of our customers (government agencies), and to be a driving force for the company, working with customers, dealing with customers, training younger employees, and working as a project manager.


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

・Those who have experience in team development or manufacturing (those who are comfortable with teamwork)
・Those who have listened carefully to those in need and provided solutions using technology to those who are having trouble with something.

・Those who have knowledge of languages (JavaScript, PostgreSQL, etc.) and coding skills
・Those who can be creative and make efforts to research, using books, the Internet, etc. by themselves.


  • Those who are highly motivated to learn Japanese (you should eventually aim for N2 on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
  • Those who understand the company’s philosophy and policies and are highly motivated to take on challenges.
  • Those with good communication skills and the ability to involve others
  • Those who speak and act voluntarily and willingly instead of passively, and feel joy in teamwork together.
  • Those who can communicate with others, ask for help, and help others
  • Those who like to improve their own skills and push their skills to the limit
  • Those who have the ability to plan and propose without being influenced by their surrounding

Career path

1st~2nd year : Programmer

First, try to code closely to the design document and aim to be able to work with schedule in mind.

3rd~4th year : System Engineer

Design systems with a focus on resolving requests and issues from the customer’s perspective

After 5th year : Project Manager

While managing the schedule and quality to ensure that the project goes smoothly, you will broaden your scope of work to develop younger employees and take care of the customers.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

It’s an integrated team of engineers and sales.
With experienced and dependable senior and junior employees, we have an open-minded team that is easy to consult with. In this environment, you don’t have to deal with problems alone, you can solve them as a team, and everyone can help each other to improve and take on challenges. A workplace that balances work and personal life while keeping health care in mind.

Typical daily work schedule

08:15 Arrive at work (preparing for the start of work)
08:40 -09:30 Email confirmation, INCLSS Client Inspection Work
09:30 -10:00 Check each other’s progress
10:00 -12:00 INCLSS development work
12:00 -13:00 Lunch
13:00 -14:00 Subcommittee
14:00 -15:00 Handling business meetings (review and countermeasure meetings, etc.), Surveys and responses to inquiries from customers
15:00 -17:30 INCLSS development work

Post-employment and on-the-job training

After joining the company, you will receive training on internal rules, security, etc. We provide Japanese language education if necessary. (There is a Japanese language school next to our company.)
After that, they are assigned to the job site and work training under the guidance of a trainer. Basically, you will learn how to use the actual system within the company, but during the system development infrastructure training, etc., we may ask you to take lectures and train from the provider of our infrastructure system.

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

We have one Chinese (female) and one Korean (male) employee.
We have a male employee who studied and returned from abroad that can communicate in English, so please don’t worry!

Message from our employees from abroad

My name is Hayakawa, and I am on my sixth year with the company. I came to Japan after graduating from university in the Philippines. At first, I had trouble with Japanese, but thanks to my fellow colleagues who happily taught me Japanese, I became able to read and write Kanji characters without any problems. Now, I write design documents and review junior employees, and it has become routine for me to go to customers by myself. I recommend Japanese animation for studying Japanese culture and language!
After joining the company, you will work with me. Let’s work on it together.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

It’s nice to have you. I’m Muramatsu from the Human Resources and General Affairs Department.
I think it can be hard for you to come to Japan and live and work in a different culture. We at YCC will do our best to support you so that you can reach your full potential. If you have any difficulties in living in Japan, please consult to us about even the smallest things. We are always available for your family’s concerns as well.
I don’t just want you to work for us, but I hope your life will be better and richer than it is now.
I’m looking forward to seeing you and working with you.

Housing support

Half of the rent (up to 40,000 yen) will be provided to those from outside the Yamanashi prefecture up to year 10

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

Every year, a ceremony is held in June to commemorate the founding of the company and a year-end party is held in December. All the employees gather together, eat together, play games, etc., and it’s a very fun party. Also, before the pandemic, we had a company trip once every two years and traveled to various places such as Guam and Hokkaido to deepen our friendship. It’s time to forget about work and enjoy it to the fullest.
There are also several club activities in the company. It’s not essential, but you can join your favorite club and work out with your boss and coworkers after work and on holidays to eliminate the lack of daily exercise.

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