Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Nagoya
Established : 1960
Employees : 236

◎The attraction of our company is that it engages in a variety of fields, including infrastructure projects such as electricity, gas, communications, railways and roads, and cultural property projects.
With a history of more than 60 years, the technologies developed are involved in a number of infrastructures that are directly connected to your life.

◎While designing about 50% of the gas pipes and developing systems to support transportation in the three prefectures of the Chubu region, we are also developing new infrastructure maintenance services using GNSS and AI image recognition, and taking on new challenges such as disseminating information on cultural heritage.

◎You can actively take on new challenges, not to mention the fields you are currently involved in.

Our vision

Consistently grow through creativity, improvement and human power, and contribute to the maintenance of lifelines and the cultivation of culture.

“Creativity” = to be “CREATIVE”. The basic spirit of our company inherited from its founding.

“Improvement” is the basic attitude of our company, which is based on NPS philosophy and always pursues the ideal.

“Human power” is the vision of our company, in which the growth of employees is the growth of the company.

Our services/products

Product site:

NAKASHA CREATIVE CORPORATION is promoting facilities management support for electricity, gas, and communications, transportation facilities management for railways, roads, and waterways, and information management support for private companies, government agencies, and local governments. In addition, as a means of “cultivating culture,” we are promoting the cultural property business by investigating and arranging buried cultural properties, and investigating, arranging and preserving documents and other various materials.

Job Description

Details of the job

【Software and system development】

Development of mission-critical systems for facility management and efficient operation of lifeline and transportation infrastructure.
It is the job where you think of the customer and develop the web system for the sake of our customer.

We develop a system to solve customers’ problems.
Basically, we use a programming language to develop a system of lifeline related equipment.
(Software, programs, business system development, etc.)

【Development area】
Business systems for railway companies, and for automobiles.
Most commonly we deal with facility management (Inspection, repair and maintenance of roads and bridges used by trains).
Along with it, we will develop web business systems.

We are planning to develop services for English-speaking customers with the aim of expanding our business to English-speaking countries.
In the future, we hope you will join our English service development team and work globally.
Furthermore, we will create a new Indian team for our current offshore business, and would like you to lead the team as a team leader so that we can work together as a bridge between India and Japan.
In that case, we will ask you to do business while dealing with foreign countries and English.


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
【Development language】
・Development experience using C#, Java, Python, C, PHP and Javascript
*Priority will be given to those with development experience and use of two of the following languages in particular: C#, Java, and Javascript.
・Those who have a basic knowledge of development

< Recommended >
・Those who are interested in software development and cloud technologies such as AWS


It doesn’t matter what your major is in college/university. If you are willing to learn something you don’t understand, there is no problem.
We also welcome those who are willing to use the knowledge they have or have learned in their work.

Rather than systems development skills, we place more emphasis on “achievement motivation” and “ability to bring a team together”.
We are looking for people who have clear reasons and goals to work in Japan, and who are willing to put in the effort to achieve them.

  • Those who have the ability to lead a team together, or those who have been a leader of a team.
  • Those who would like to lead a team as a project leader or project manager
  • Those who would like to be a bridge between India and Japan and be active globally.
  • Those who are able to have business conversations in English
  • Those who are highly motivated to achieve goals.
  • Those who like teamwork
  • Those who have a business mindset (those who are willing to deal with their partner alone without problems)
  • Those who are cooperative enough to compete with new members.
  • Those who have a strong desire to contribute to society
  • Those who can jump into new challenges without fear
  • Those who intend to work in Japan for a long time

Career path

1st year :

You will join the project, mainly learning programming languages such as C# and JavaScript, as well as OJT by senior employees.

2nd year :

You will join the project, mainly learning programming languages such as C# and JavaScript, as well as OJT by senior employees.

3rd year :

You will be given subleader education to learn project management techniques.

From the first year to the third year, you will experience projects in on-the-job training with senior employees. If we can see the growth and decide to leave it to you alone, we will entrust you with tasks that are easy on the difficulty level.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

Department to be assigned: Information Solutions Department, System Solutions Division
Atmosphere: There are many young employees in their 20’s who can enjoy talking about their work and hobbies without hesitation.
We have several engineers from Myanmar, and we aim for a global work environment. (We are doing offshore development in Myanmar and can work with 10 engineers.)

Typical daily work schedule

Please refer to the following introductory website for information such as daily schedules for young people. (with photo)

You will be assigned to the System Development Division: Information Solutions Division, System Solutions Division.

Post-employment and on-the-job training

After joining the company:
From April to June, you will receive employee training with other new employees.
Manners training, etc.

After June:
You will gain knowledge of program languages and operations through on-the-job training.
OJT is planned for 3 years.
You can learn with online materials on the web.

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

There are employees in other departments who are Japanese and speak English, although they are not in our department.
Also, there is an employee from Maymmar, who will be joining the company around December and can speak English. (system developer)

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

Our department recommends working from home (telework).

Housing support

Company dormitory is available. The cost is as follows.
Year 1: 7,000 yen, Year 2: 9,500 yen, Year 3: 12,000 yen, Year 4: 14,500 yen + actual utility expenses
Note: Up to 4 years after joining the company (You will leave the dormitory in February of the 4th year)

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

Club activities (get-togethers) are popular, and you can get to know people who share your interests.
Marine sports, futsal, light music (band), e-sports, etc.

The department holds a barbecue and cherry blossom viewing in April.

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