Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Chiba city, Chiba
Established : 1992
Employees : C_net: 87; BAYCUBE C Inc.: 74
C_Net Corporation:

【C_Net Group】
We are a group company consisting of four domestic companies and two overseas companies with a corporate philosophy of “Brightening society through logistics x IT.” Among them, two domestic companies are recruiting new graduates.

■C_Net Corporation
◆Corporate philosophy: Make the workplace comfortable with IT
C_Net aims to contribute to society and continue corporate development through the application of IT technology to improve logistics efficiency, which benefits companies.

・Bringing the most advanced warehouse management system in the U.S. to Japan!
When Onozaki, the current CEO and the founder of C_net, was working as a resident representative for a Japanese company in the U.S., he was impressed by the local logistics system and decided to establish C_net to introduce it to Japanese companies.

・Since its founding in 1992, we have been developing systems specifically for logistics!
C_net is not a subcontractor solely for system development, but is an “Independent IT Company that consistently provides sales, development, implementation and operational support” to customers who actually use the system.

◆Corporate philosophy: Brighten Chiba with on-the-job skills x IT
By synergizing the technical capabilities of the C_net Group with the on-the-job skills developed as a long-established Chiba IT company, we will brighten up Chiba by proposing solutions using human resources and IT in various business fields.

・Engineer Dispatch
Building on the strength of our on-the-job skills that have supported the growth and development of many companies in the Chiba Economic Area, we support our IT strategy on two axes: resident and contract, with professional staff who are well aware of the needs of the field.

・IT solution delivery
From business application development to IT support work, in addition to supporting the introduction of business analytics (BA), we offer IT solutions that the field demands, such as operational efficiency through the new application of IoT.

*You will belong to either < C_Net Corporation > or < BAYCUBE C Inc.>. (Your affiliation will be determined at the time of job offer)

Our vision

Brightening society through “logistics x IT”

C_Net Group
Brightening society through “logistics x IT”.
The mission of C_Net Group, Inc. is simple.
To pursue this mission, which is profound because it is so simple, we, the C_Net Group Corporation, as the top of the C_Net Group’s holding structure, aim for further development as a group by growth of existing businesses, entry into new businesses, and promotion of creation of new businesses at our operating companies, which consist of four domestic and two overseas companies.
In addition, by separating strategic planning and business promotion, the group as a whole will efficiently manage the diverse businesses of each company.

Our services/products

ci.Himalayas/R2: a cloud-based warehouse management system
・Warehouse Management System (WMS) for logistics companies seeking to “reduce logistics costs” and “improve logistics quality,” with cloud-based system to reduce installation and operation costs, and a wide range of standard functions to flexibly meet the unique needs of each customer.

ci.Himalayas/GLOBAL: a cloud-based multilingual warehouse management system (WMS)
・Currently, the system is available in five languages: Chinese, English, Thai, Indonesian, and Myanmar. This is a system optimized for overseas use based on a WMS with a proven track record in Japan, enabling appropriate management and improvement of logistics quality at overseas locations as well.

Business Analytics
・We support our customers’ business analytics by utilizing BI tools such as “Qlik Sense”.
We provide a platform that enables early detection of problems based on data and speeds up decision making from multiple perspectives.

Business Application Development
・We offer the best systems and applications by utilizing the knowledge and know-how we have gained from our past development achievements, including the development and customization of various systems, regardless of their size.
・We support our clients’ businesses by accurately identifying their issues and needs, and by providing a consistent system from systemization proposal to development and operation.

IT Human Resource Outsourcing
・IT engineer dispatch services that outsource professionals with the necessary skills to the sites where they are needed.
・We support our clients’ businesses by dispatching highly skilled IT personnel with a wide range of skills, from technical support on a project basis to development support services on a permanent basis.

Job Description

Details of the job

・Proposal, design, development, test, deployment, and maintenance support for WMS’s in-house packaging system.
・A range of operations, from requirements definition to maintenance

・Providing IT solutions that the on-site sector requires
・Outsourcing IT human resources


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Those who want to lead the team as Project Manager in the near future
・Those with hands-on experience using Java, Oracle and Spring Framework


  • Those with a good personality (gentle, considerate, not self-centered)
  • Those who want to actively propose and manage customers
  • Those who can make efforts to communicate flexibly in Japanese with internal and external parties.
  • Those who are highly motivated and ambitious and are hungry for personal growth.
  • Those who like to lead a team as a team leader
  • Those who identify with the corporate culture and want to work at the C_Net Group for a long time, whether in Japan or abroad
  • Those interested in finding challenges and solving problems according to customer needs.
  • Those who want to develop business in India in the future based on their experience in Japan

Career path

Engineers who are familiar with all the world’s infrastructure systems.
Connecting the end-user’s voice to the technology directly

1st~2nd year : Programmer

→ Starts with practical programming while learning logistics knowledge.

3rd year : System Engineer

→ Started designing. Also starts interviewing end-users.

After that : Project manager

→ Doing management work while doing development as well.

Engineers who continue to learn IT at the fastest pace.
Supporting business with people and IT.

1st year : Programmer (Basic)

→ Learn basic programming knowledge.

2nd to 4th year : Programmer (Practical use)

→ Learn specialized knowledge in programming

Fifth year : Experience a variety of tasks according to your interests and abilities

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

・A responsible and honest atmosphere
・Actively support each other and those around them
・Attaches great importance to teamwork.

・Many people have a high motivation to learn
・Lots of young people, easy to share hobbies
・Atmosphere of communication with a variety of people.

Post-employment and on-the-job training

・Until the end of September (before joining the company)
→ Participate in In-house training online.
 Basic etiquette and in-house package training is scheduled.

∙ After joining the company.
→OJT will be provided.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

Maternity and paternity leave acquisition rate
→100% for women. Men have also taken maternity and paternity leave.

・9 days of paid leave are granted right after joining the company.
→Available during the trial period.

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