Tokyo Technical Consultant Co., Ltd.

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 1966
Employees : 89

Our company was founded in 1966 by innovative engineers who wished to solve the problems of the shipbuilding industry by using brand new computer technology.
Working together with major companies, we are currently developing and maintaining systems in a wide range of industries, including infrastructure, printing, and manufacturing.
In order to solve the problems faced by our clients, we contribute with abundant knowledge and advanced technological capabilities, and we have gained trust and maintained relationships with some of our clients for more than 30 years.

Even though we already have more than 50 years of history and we have been focusing on technical software development such as GIS (Geographical Information System) and CAD until now, we are also a company that actively challenges new technologies (blockchain, deep learning, IoT, etc.).

We are looking for motivated people interested in IT technologies, eager to become a programmer or system engineer!
Why not make use of new IT technology and services to create new businesses with us?

Our vision

Provide services using technology

From the trust and track record that we have gained, we have been asked to develop and maintain core systems for major manufacturers for many years. As a result, our company motto is to “Provide services using technology” of the best possible value.

Our company name is “Tokyo Technical Consultant”
“Technical”: we have a strong commitment to Technology and it is has always been our main focus
“Consultant “: this word was also meant to carry the meaning of “collaborator”

Our services/products

IT Solutions Business

・ Geographic information systems (gas, water, sewage, etc.)
 Development of management systems for underground installations for major gas companies and water stations

・ Tire design, manufacturing and inventory control system
 Development of systems to support manufacturing processes of major tire manufacturers

・ Web-based system for business support (between headquarters and stores)
 Development of systems to support the operations of major convenience stores

BC Promotion Project

・ Internal monetary system using block chain technology
Development and sales of systems to visualize feelings of appreciation
  (Within our company, we use this system as part of our welfare and benefit program)


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

・ Underground installations management system
・ Tire design system
・ In-house virtual currency system

What technologies are you using?

・ Block chain

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

System engineer

We are looking for people willing to take on many new challenges, able work on their own, with good communication skills and logical thinking.
We also welcome people who can speak English!

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We create better and new value by refining our human and technical capabilities to advance together with our clients through in-house education.
For the occasion of our company 50th year anniversary, as a “new beginning” we created the “Challenge 2025” for which we are actively expanding our business fields and reforming our R&D (lab/competition) organization.

One of the new technologies we are developing is a system for employees to appreciate and evaluate each other’s value, not only related to their work but as members of the company. Employees can send each other thank you messages, which then contribute to their actual bonus.
By analyzing these messages of gratitude, we hope to increase the number of organizations around the world that are filled with positivity and gratitude.

Career step up

1st year : Assistant engineer

3rd year : Engineer

5th year : Technical staff (team leader)

Our corporate culture

Above all, we thrive to provide a pleasant work environment where it is easy to work for each and every employee.
For that we are enhancing our in-house systems and welfare benefits, including flexible working hours, reduced working hours after childbirth, casual work dress code, award systems, assistance with qualification examinations, and telework.

Many people choose to join us for our friendly corporate environment. Employees can easily ask each other advice when they are facing problems, and our members like to organize events to spend time together!

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