Axross Co., Ltd.

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2010
Employees : 82

Axross Road was established in 2010 by a group of IT professionals wishing to create a company that is perfect for engineers. We have now more than 80 members, and keep growing every year.

“Society 5.0”, an advanced human society combining cyberspace and real space, is becoming a reality. People and devices are connected through IoT technologies, and knowledge is shared. Many societal problems such as aging, declining population, gap between rich and poor are on their way to be solved thanks to AI technologies.
Axross Road is driving research and development of cutting-edge technologies to contribute to the realization of this future society.

Our vision

Lifetime engineer conception

To achieve our “lifetime engineer conception”, we are proposing the “AXROSS Way” a career building system that enables employees to work as IT professionals throughout their lives. This passion for technology comes from the fact that our company’s founding members, including our CEO, are all former IT engineers.

It is very important for us that our engineers grow and improve their skills while working with us. To do so, we choose assignments in order to every employee to keep growing and gaining new skills.

Our services/products

We have been building many products from core business systems to large-scale e-commerce sites, portal sites, social applications, projects including IoT/cloud/AI etc.
In the next years, we plan on focusing on VR technologies.

  1. System development (outsourcing services)
    We offer a flexible response to customers’ needs, from technical assistance to system development
    Technical assistance: on-site technical support work
    Development contract: from proposal to development, operation and maintenance, we offer our service for the whole system development process
  2. Services development
    We build a wide range of services, using our expertise in system architecture and development, website management, mobile services and communication technologies.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Virtual Urban Platform Development/Sato

What technologies are you using?

  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • AWS

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

System engineers, programmers, and web system developers. Most of our engineers are in charge of both architecture and development on their projects, they build systems from A to Z.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We plan on using AI, VR and AR in the future.

Our corporate culture

We have more than 80 members, working either at our Tokyo HQ or at our clients’ offices. We value communication between the teams as we are working from different places.
Our HQ is organized as a free address workspace, without closed meeting rooms but instead an open environment with spaces for members to collaborate and communicate.

For our new hire to catch up and get used to their new environment, we assign each 2 mentors, to whom they can ask questions freely and from whom they can get help whenever they need.
Starting to work in a new environment can be stressful, that’s why we clearly assign mentors for new members to adapt quickly and with little stress as possible.

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