JSOL Corporation

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2006
Employees : 1200

JSOL Corporation is a group company of NTT DATA and The Japan Research Institute.
Thanks to our expertise in ICT (Information Communication Technology), we offer high-quality services and support our clients throughout the ICT lifecycle by providing consistent services from consulting to system architecture/operation.

We use cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT and cloud technologies and provide various solutions to support clients digitalizing their business.
JSOL is able to provide solutions that further increase mobility and expertise, helping customers to solve essential problems and build value for the future.

Our vision

Creating Innovative Solutions

In this age of uncertainty and drastically changing environment, it can be difficult to have a long-term vision. Each and every employee of JSOL strives to accommodate the changing needs of customers through their expertise and spirit of challenge, establishing JSOL as a flexible and reliable partner.
Amid significant changes in ICT value, our continued mission is to provide unique, best fit solutions that are more speedy, appropriate and original. JSOL is committed to helping customers succeed in business, and creating value by developing solid partnerships with them, in order to build an enriched society.
We believe in « creating answers that don’t exist yet », and we thrive to contribute to build a good society filled with smiles.

Our services/products

We provide an appropriate and effective response to customer needs in a wide range of fields, with solutions ahead of their time.

We develop system integration solutions for the public sector (Government, Education fields), the finance sector (Banking, Insurance, Securities, Finance), the manufacturing sector (Pharmaceuticals, Process CPG, Food, Assembly) as well as the service industry (Wholesale, Retail, Services).

Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Our engineers work on Integration projects for the distribution/service industry, finance industry and the public sector. They manage all the steps including approach, development, maintenance, and operation of system. They attend to our clients’ business system architecture and integrate various external packages and services.

What technologies are you using?

We mainly use Java for development, and Python for data science.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Two main types of engineers are working in our team: ICT Solution Engineers and Data Scientists.

  1. ICT Solution Engineer
    The role of our ICT Solution Engineers is to manage the development, maintenance and operation of our systems that we offer to the distribution/service industry, financial field, and public sector. They manage our clients various business systems’ architecture. They implement the integration by combining various external packages and services and development using mainly Java.
    They can be assigned to work on different projects such as requirement definition, design, development, project management, vendor management, production migration, and maintenance, operation of system.
  2. Data Scientist
    The Data Scientists are using advanced mathematical thinking to research and develop new theories applicable to business models.
    They make hypothesis, do planning and discuss their findings with their supervisors and team members. They handle data and use Python to develop new models and cooperate with the system engineers in charge of system development.

Career step up

Our corporate culture

Our most valuable resource is our people, as they are our competitive edge.
We are looking forward to meeting motivated individuals, eager to challenge themselves to achieve our organization’s goals together.
We put an emphasis on creating an environment as well as a human resources development program for our members to always be able to take on new challenges.

We strongly believe that the future of JSOL is created by each and every of our employees, which led us to set up JSOL Campus as a place for employees to express their ideas, to encourage individual initiatives.
Our members utilize this program to revolutionize the future of the company as well as their own career, regardless of their age or their position within the organization.
Members can share ideas and discuss about themes they care about, organize workshops and events.
These activities contribute to communication among employees of different teams or divisions, leading to innovative ideas and breakthrough within the company.

A good work-life balance being the key to a fruitful career, we actively promote new ways of working such as remote work.
In 2020, we were ranked by the Great Place to Work® Institute Japan as the 9th best company to work for in Japan (in the ranking of companies of more than 1000 employees).

Finally, we believe that diversity in skills, characteristics, background within a team is what leads to high results, which is why we are welcoming people from diverse backgrounds to work with us.
We conducted recruiting events in Bangalore last year, where we got to meet talented students. We wish to continue recruiting talented engineers from India, to join us in Japan and grow our business together!

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