Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Osaka (Workplace: Shiga prefecture)
Established : 1958
Employees : 481

We are the manufacturer of corrosion-resistant steel pipes that have been in business for 70 years.
You may not have a good idea about corrosion-resistant steel pipes. For example, if you turn on a tap, water will come out. TAK plumbing products support such a natural phenomenon, and in fact, TAK plumbing is all around you. It’s not just water that goes through the pipes. Most products are custom-made because the functions and shapes required for corrosion-resistant steel pipes vary depending on the environment used and the fluid flowing, such as chemical, exhaust, and gas. We sometimes work on pipes whose diameter exceeds our height. We are a company that supports infrastructure with piping.

What we are currently focusing on is the proposal of a “prefab method” in which necessary piping is manufactured in advance at the factory and then piped at the construction site. We intend to further promote this method as a method that can be constructed quickly, safely, and at a lower cost than the conventional method of cutting and welding piping on site, and that can also conserve resources and energy. In this way, we not only manufacture and sell products, but also propose construction methods and work to solve customer problems.

Our vision

The raison d’etre of each of us is simply to feel “the joy and pleasure of living”. In life, even if we have pain and sadness, we will be able to overcome it if we have joy and pleasure. We hope to achieve “a high quality of life” through our efforts, feeling rewarding and worthwhile living.

Our services/products

~ Solving client issues through water and environmental solutions ~
Specifically, our company’s business is
■Manufacture and sales of corrosion-resistant steel pipes, copper pipe fittings, etc.
We manufacture and sell corrosion-resistant steel pipes that have been processed in accordance with customer requirements.
In addition, our company’s unique prefab construction method, in which work at construction sites is carried out at its own factory, not only improves quality, shortens construction period, and reduces costs, but also sufficiently responds to environmental and safety needs by saving energy, space, and resources.

■Design, manufacture, and on-site installation of water pipe bridges
Water and sewer pipes that support our lives usually flow under the ground in pulses.
With the expansion of services, these pipes were eventually piped across rivers, and water pipe bridges used steel pipes as channels for the bridge components.
Depending on the situation at the site, the length, size, and turning angle of the pipes used are all different, thus no single pipe is the same. This is a custom-made job, and we consistently carry out the design and construction of the water pipe bridge, as well as the installation work.

Job Description

Details of the job

According to the circumstances after joining the company, you will be assigned to either of the following departments.

♦ Technical Development
One of the main tasks is the development of production facilities to solve the demands of the factory, such as the inability to make manual work into jigs and tools, the inability to automate jigs and tools the desire to make work easier; the other is the development and proposal of new machining methods and automation. Most of our company’s production facilities are developed in-house! We are a group of engineers who improve the production efficiency of factories. If you like designing, manufacturing, or control, you can learn technical skills. It is the most rewarding thing to be able to manufacture something which is different from the past.
Specifically, there are processes such as cutting, welding, pressing, and assembling of steel pipes to meet specifications, and we leave it up to each factory line to develop methods, design processes, study, and evaluate them. In the future, we expect that the company will consider and evaluate the construction methods and equipment of robots and automation facilities to promote the reduction of human resources, and will also take part in the investigation.

♦ Product Development
The main job is to create new products (value) from “What are customers’ problems?” The strength required for this job is the “spirit of challenge” that embodies “I wish I had a product like this” from idea conception, and repeats design, examination, prototyping, confirmation test, and improvement over and over until costs are met. It will be a dynamic job to create products that have never been created before with a view to obtaining new proposals and patents.

Specifically, we will research and develop products related to piping. We will create new pipe fittings, pipe materials, and pipe units with added value, conduct DR (design review) and quality verification from conceptual design to commercialization, and support mass production planning and sales. We are also working on anticorrosion technology and seismic resistance research to achieve a long life of the product.


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

*Experience with any of the 2D CAD and 3D CAD.

Required skills details

< Required >
・Those who are interested in design and experimentation
・Basic knowledge of mechanical drafting
・Experience designing with CAD
・Basic PC skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
・Knowledge of fundamental 4 pillars of dynamics (Material mechanics, Fluid dynamics, Thermodynamics, Mechanical dynamics)

< Recommended >
・Basic knowledge of metal materials
・Basic knowledge of resin materials
・Basic knowledge of CAE
・Those who are interested in chemistry


  • Ability to communicate in pursuit of the essence of needs
  • Ability to respond flexibly
  • Patience to take on challenges without giving up
  • Those interested in Japan
  • Those who are willing to work in Japan for a long time
  • Those who like to work in a teamwork
  • Those who are curious about trying new things

Career path

1st year

You will receive training and be full-fledged. New employees first receive CAD training, internal and external factory tours, welding training, training by internal instructors, and factory training. After about 3 months of training, your mentor will support you until the end of the first year.

2nd year

Work with supervisors to advance development themes. Work in a sub-position of the development theme. If you have any questions, talk to your boss and absorb various knowledge. You will improve your skills by creating reports.

3rd year

Work with a personal theme. You will carry out a series of development tasks from planning to practice to evaluation, with themes that you can do individually. Basically, you carry out various investigations by yourself and proceed with the work.

Depending on the strengths of each new employee, we would like to support them in various ways so that they can follow an appropriate career path.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

A work environment where you can grow as a manufacturing professional while building relationships of trust both inside and outside the company

Human resources are still key to the sustainable growth of a company. No matter how good a product or service is, a company cannot develop without the people to communicate it to customers. Not to mention expertise in architecture, IT systems, and sales skills, but most importantly communication skills. We will work diligently to understand and resolve customer needs and issues with sincerity. That feeling will be transmitted to the other person, and it will be a great force to move around. Also, since manufacturing is done by a team, it is essential to build a trusting relationship within the company. If we meet unreasonable deadlines because of the demands of our customers, we put a heavy burden on the production site and lose trust.

As a manufacturer, the basis of our company is to know manufacturing. In the past, we experienced the hardship of craftsmen by helping construction sites even in sales, but now it is difficult to do the same in terms of safety management. Therefore, at our company, each person should have experience in two departments, and we would like them to transfer sales and design to production departments for a certain period of time to deepen their understanding of the field, and use their experience for better work and new ideas. In order to make use of the opinions of young people, we create an atmosphere in which discussions can be actively held, and I also try to ask questions and hear opinions on the spot.

We also strive to create a comfortable working environment in line with changing times and the needs and values of our employees. In order to respond to such desires as “I want to work in an area where I have always been familiar” and “I want to value work-life balance,” we are considering the introduction of a regionally limited employment system by enhancing our personnel system, holiday leave system, and welfare benefits. Each employee can realize his/her ideal job and life, and build a career while working for a long time with peace of mind. We would like to become such a company.

Typical daily work schedule

8:30~ Morning Meeting
Discuss with your team and share the schedule for the day
Then to their own business
12:00~13:00 Lunch
Lunch in the cafeteria and take a break
13:00~ Work from noon
17:00 Meeting with the supervisor for the day’s work (timely)
17:30 End of work

Post-employment and on-the-job training

Even before joining the company, TAK Manufacturing thoroughly follows up on job offers in various ways, including correspondence courses, a meeting of job offers with young employees, and a job offer ceremony. In addition, we utilize the Brother (mentor) system so that senior employees will fully support you both at work and mentally during the first year of employment.

During the first 2~3 months of employment, various new employee training programs are conducted.
The training period for becoming a member of society and receiving training in a new environment starts from 9: 00 to 18: 00 every day. They sometimes feel “hard” because of all the tasks they are not used to, such as submitting a report or training with lodging, but at the same time, they feel “every day is very fulfilling.” As a recruiter, I am happy to see how they encourage each other and get to know each other as they go through training with their peers.

  1. Pre-employment training
    Communication Education for Offers: Aimed at eliminating concerns and doubts before joining the company, you will learn about the meaning of working, business etiquette and business communication. Feedback from recruiters creates a trusting relationship with job offers.
  2. Induction training at the time of entry
    Manners training:
    You will learn manners as a member of society with new employees of other companies at outside educational institutions.
    Interacting with new employees from other companies seems to inspire them and deepen the friendship of those who are offered jobs.
    Health and safety education:
    As a person who works in the manufacturing industry, you will learn about the importance of safety that you need to know and the dangers that lurk on the manufacturing floor.
  3. New employee training
    CAD Training:
    You will learn the basics of mechanical drafting and AUTO CAD. Each student attends an external educational institution, uses a personal computer, and attends classes according to his or her progress. There is a proficiency check, so your motivation will increase.
    Internal and external plant tours:
    It is a popular training every year because you can see the actual products and receive explanations, such as observation of production facilities and production processes. In addition, it is attractive to be able to visit a factory equipped with bigger facilities than our company.
    Welding training:
    It is a one-week training to learn the basics of welding at an external educational institution. You can deepen your understanding of welding, which is essential in the manufacture of TAK piping, not only through classroom learning but also through actual welding.
    Training by in-house lecturers: Starting with an understanding of internal rules and company rules, there is training to help you acquire basic knowledge necessary for your job. Everyone can receive the same training regardless of their majour, so you can rest assured even after you are assigned.
    ・Company Business Description
    ・Basic operation of internal line-of-business systems
    ・Basic knowledge of our products
    ・About in-house development facilities
    ・Basic knowledge of piping drawings
    ・How to use the instrument (actually use the instrument), etc.
    Factory Lab:
    During the last month of the new employee training, you will learn how the product is made while helping the practical work at the factory. It is popular that by actually seeing, listening, and experiencing the contents learned in classroom learning, it can be acquired as knowledge that can be utilized in practical work.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

  • Club activities can be held when several people gather. There is a subsidy from the company, on the condition that we must report our activities to the company. There are fishing clubs and golf clubs now.
  • There is a cleaning facility in the factory and you can wash your work clothes for free.
  • New employees can enter the company dormitory. You can live there cheaply with subsidies.
  • In addition, barbecue and golf events are held in various locations.

Housing support

You pay 35% of the rent for a rented dormitory (studio apartment)

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

  • You will work in Shiga Prefecture. There are many temples and mountain trails, and you can enjoy trekking. There is also Lake Biwa, which is the largest lake in Japan, and we have events such as fishing, marine sports, and cycling around Lake Biwa (called “Biwa ichi”) by road bike.

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