Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Yokohama city, Kanagawa
Established : 1994
Employees : 77

< Company Profile >
I C Engineering Corporation (ICE) was established in 1994 as a specialized engineering company that carries out projects for the construction of automobile plants, and continues to provide various services to automobile and component manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

< Description of Business >
We provide multifaceted support for various issues related to automobile production and production sites.
Projects have a sequence from planning to execution.
I C Engineering Corporation is able to flexibly respond to customer requests, from limited engineering support in a particular phase to consistent operations from planning to launch, including procurement of facilities and equipment.

< Specific Business >
・Feasibility study including project benchmarking
・Planning of production processes and methods and detailed planning
・Transportation and on-site construction
・Diagnosis and improvement of production lines
・Determination of equipment specifications, preparation of purchase orders, and procurement
・Start-up of the system, including test operation and quality improvement
・Initial facility flow management and production start-up support
・Acting on behalf of a customer project

< Project Results >
I C Engineering Corporation’s project teams have worked together with customers to create better products around the world.
We have a partner company (JIT) in India and sometimes work together on projects.

Our vision

・Achieve High Quality Mobility
We deliver high-quality, reliable mobility solutions through our automotive production technologies to create value that exceeds customer expectations.

・Innovation and Sustainability
We are committed to leading the automotive industry to a sustainable future with minimal environmental impact through innovative approaches.

・Pursuing Customer Satisfaction
We consistently improve customer satisfaction and build trust and loyalty by understanding and responding appropriately to customer needs.

・Cooperation and Teamwork
We will contribute to success by providing the highest standards of technology and services, working together as a team.

・Employee Development:
We support our employees in their skill and career growth and provide them with an environment where they can perform at their best.

By implementing these principles and providing advanced engineering solutions in the automotive industry and contributing to the development of the industry and society, we will pursue the company’s success.

Our services/products

■ FACTO things
In 2021, ICE and JIT launched FACTO things, a packaging service for IIoT practices rooted in manufacturing.
Now, IIoT initiatives are also necessary from the perspective of SDGs. We will devise IIoT solutions and build systems according to each on-site situation using our experience in project execution and manufacturing knowledge.

■Project Results

Job Description

Details of the job

You will be in charge of working as a system engineer in the field of IT and electrical control at the project headquarters.
The main task is to listen to customer requests and design systems to solve customer problems.


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

We focus on IT literacy rather than skills.

< Required >
・Experience developing with JAVA, JSON, SQLServer, or AutoCAD
・Knowledge of computer architecture
・Basic knowledge of general engineering

< Recommended >
・Development experience with Android, AWS, Azure, HTML, PHP, Javascript, AngularJS, .NET, and PostgreSQL
・Interests and knowledge in C + +, Laravel, Play Framework, MySQL


The people that ICE is looking for are project engineers (system engineers) who will be responsible for building automobile plants in Japan and overseas.

  • Those with excellent communication skills
  • Those with strong problem solving skills
  • Those who are confident in their IT literacy
  • Those who can solve a problem by consulting others without trying to solve it alone
  • Those who have a strong desire to study Japanese
  • Those who are usually interested in Japanese culture and like it
  • Those who want to work in Japan for a long time
  • Those who want to work globally and overseas
  • Those who want to contribute to the promotion of industries around the world
  • Those who want to work on large projects involving many people
  • Those who are interested in automobiles.

Career path

1st year : Programmer

Participate in projects with supervisors. While learning the basics of automobile production facilities, understand customer requests and perform assigned tasks.

2nd year : System Engineer

Carry out the project for small projects, as the main person in charge.

3rd year : Project Leader

Carry out the project while teaching your junior colleagues.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

Planned assignment to Project Headquarters
A new organization or team will be established within the project headquarters.

Typical daily work schedule

Depending on the progress of your project, how you spend your day will be completely different.

・Design phase ⇒ mainly desk work (design work, specification writing, meeting with customers, etc.)
・Installation phase ⇒ mainly on-site work (visiting production facilities in Japan and overseas to supervise installation, check operation, etc.)

Post-employment and on-the-job training

▼ Training period for about one month after joining the company
・Business etiquette
・Description of the business of each department (Vehicle Engineering Dept., Mechatro Art Dept., Component Engineering Dept., Plant Engineering Dept., Planning & Development Dept.)
・ Visits to ISUZU Museum, workshop, etc.

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

One American national and two Saudi nationals.

Message from our employees from abroad

I am from Saudi Arabia and have been working as an engineer at ICE for three years after graduating from university.
Here, I can acquire cutting-edge technology and knowledge and improve my skills.
The Japanese seniors are kind and helpful, and we have three foreign colleagues, so we can experience diverse cultures and perspectives. There are also many opportunities for overseas business trips, so you can take on global business challenges.
I feel that our company is an attractive place for engineers.
Let’s work together!

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

You can see the production facilities of various overseas automobile manufacturers, mainly in Asia and North America, so you can play an active role worldwide.

Housing support

Subsidize 60% of rent (up to 30,000 yen) for 10 years after joining the company

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

  • Welcome party for new employees
  • The last meeting of the year
  • Use of recreation facilities under the ISUZU Health Insurance Association contract

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