Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Osaka
Established : 1941
Employees : 4,208 (as of March 2023)

A Centennial Company with a Persistent Venture Spirit
Nakanishi Metal Works (NKC) specializes in the production of vital components such as “retainers” for bearings, “conveyor systems” used in automotive production lines, and “residential parts” for windows and sashes. Beyond these, we are dedicated to the indispensable craft of “steel processing.” Boasting a history of nearly 100 years, we are proactive in developing new business ventures, innovating products like automated logistics equipment for factories and the playful “Catroad+” for cats, utilizing our cultivated expertise and knowledge.

Valuing Our Employees, We Upgrade Our Systems and Facilities with the Times
Our century-long legacy is the result of constant innovation and the birth of new businesses. This mindset permeates our work environment, creating a space filled with inventive and ingenious ideas.

For example, we provide a flexible work schedule without core hours, allowing side jobs, and empowering our employees to manage their time and advance their skills. Our facilities are well-appointed, featuring collaboration areas that enhance communication across departments, cafe terraces, dining halls, and a fitness gym complete with a variety of machines and professional trainers. We also offer internal calligraphy classes led by external instructors and opportunities for health maintenance and self-improvement without leaving the company. Moreover, with childcare facilities at our headquarters and our factories in Osaka and Mie, we support a balanced environment for family and work life.

Seeking Autonomous Individuals Who Think, Act, and Communicate Proactively
A long history does not equate to conservatism at NKC. We are innovators from the start, maintaining progressive efforts that have built our extensive history. With a leadership that actively incorporates ideas from our younger team members, we foster an open and communicative culture where everyone can easily share their opinions. As an owner-managed company, our decision-making processes are swift, ensuring that actions are taken promptly. If you are someone who can proactively express your thoughts, you will find ample opportunities with us. Those who are open to listening to others’ opinions can grow even faster. We invite students who are passionate about manufacturing, regardless of their field of study, to consider a career with us.

Our vision

NKC is committed to fostering a sense of pride in its employees and continuously aims to be a transformative company.

We strive to create an environment where each individual can fully express their unique personality and capabilities, where achievements are fairly evaluated, and where the workplace is free and vibrant.
Our goal is to provide services that satisfy our customers, aspiring to be recognized as the “Number One in Customer Satisfaction.”
In the field of precision parts and total engineering, we aim to expand globally and seek to be a company trusted by society.

Our services/products

Conveyor Systems (Automotive Production Line Systems), Automated Warehouses, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), AGF (Automated Guided Forklifts), Logistics Support Applications, Various Electric Lifts, and more.

Job Description

Details of the job

Conveyor Division
Have you ever seen the manufacturing line of an automobile factory? Conveyors are spread over the factory, and the process proceeds automatically to the pressing, painting and assembly processes, and new cars are completed one after another. NKC is developing its own conveyor system.
Conveyor systems vary depending on the size of the plant, location, production method, production volume, etc., so they are carried out on a project basis. First, mechanical design engineers formulate an overall concept and design, while electrical design engineers draft electrical systems and the conveyor was manufactured in the NKC factory. We install it at the manufacturer’s factory, inspect it, and finish the delivery.
In addition to conveyors, a variety of products with the theme of unmanned and human saving are active in a wide range of industries.


1. Mechanical design engineer

Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Knowledge and experience in mechanical drafting
・Basic PC skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
・Knowledge of fundamentals (4 dynamics) (“Mechanics of Materials”, “Dynamics of Machinery”)

< Recommended >
・Design experience with 2DCAD (AutoCAD)
・Design experience with 3DCAD (Solid Works, Inventor)
・Experience with CAE
・Knowledge of fundamentals (4 dynamics) (“Fluid Dynamics”, “Thermodynamics”)
・Knowledge and interest in metallic materials or control engineering
・Those interested in mechanical design and mechanistic and control engineering.
・Experience in manufacturing

2. Electrical design engineer

Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Knowledge and experience of electrical schematics (sequence control)
・Knowledge and experience of PLC
・Basic PC skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

< Recommended >
・Experience creating screen software (touch panel)
・Design experience with 2DCAD (AutoCAD)
・Basic knowledge of electrical information (such as network and image authentication)
・Basic knowledge of electromagnetism (motors and other power systems)

3. System development engineer

Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Basic PC skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
・Those who have experience in development

< Recommended >
・Experience developing in C # and VB
・WEB language knowledge and experience
・Knowledge and interest in Google Apps Script (GAS)
・Knowledge and interest in Google App Sheet
・Knowledge and interest in AI/ML


  • Those who are motivated to learn new technologies
  • Those who are comfortable with overseas business trips
  • Those who are interested in jobs in Japan and abroad
  • Those who want to be active with a wide range of knowledge
  • Those who are interested in Japan and Japanese culture
  • Those who can study Japanese hard
  • Those who can understand and adapt to Japanese culture
  • Those who like to communicate

Career path

1st year

Take charge of the partial design of each facility and acquire fundamental knowledge as a designer.

2nd year

Lead projects as the responsible person for small-scale facilities or provide support to design leaders as one of the designers for large-scale projects.

3rd year

Accumulate experience in multiple projects and expand design knowledge across various facilities.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

<Technical Department>
We offer a highly flexible working environment with a very casual atmosphere. Many designers with extensive experience in overseas business trips contribute to the global nature of our workplace. We have over 10 assignees and seconded employees from our Philippines branch at all times. The age range is diverse, with a significant presence of individuals in their 20s to 30s, ensuring a well-balanced distribution across different generations.

<Planning Department>
Primarily focused on product development, the Planning Department operates as a small-scale team consisting of 3-5 members. The work environment is characterized by individuals working on tasks silently. As most activities take place within the company premises, this department generally experiences minimal business trips.

Typical daily work schedule

<Technical Department>
Arrive at the office around 8-9 AM

  • Check emails and respond to inquiries and requests from other departments and clients.
  • Commence tasks related to assigned projects.
  • Review drawing plans and provide design instructions and answer queries to internal and external team members.
  • Conduct afternoon assembly within a team after lunch.
  • Deliberate on facility concepts and finalize specifications.
  • Check and draw up plans received from the Philippines or external contractors.
  • Disseminate information to relevant personnel responsible for factories, construction, schedules, etc.

<Planning Department>
Arrive at the office around 8-9 AM

  • Check emails and respond to inquiries and requests from other departments and clients.
  • Commence tasks related to assigned projects.
  • Progress with the design and consideration of products, conducting investigations into any uncertainties.
  • If prototype products are completed, travel to the Shiga factory to spend the entire day verifying them using actual machinery.”

Post-employment and on-the-job training

New employees will undergo approximately one month of classroom training to acquire fundamental knowledge of the company and learn to operate key applications such as AutoCAD.
Afterwards, you will rotate through various departments including design, factory operations, construction, and sales to gain an understanding of interdepartmental functions and the workflow of the company’s operations.
Subsequently, you will be assigned to a department where you will primarily engage in your duties through on-the-job training (OJT).

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

In the technical department, we have Indian and Filipino members. More than half of our Japanese employees can speak conversational English, and although in smaller numbers, there are a few who are fluent. Of course, we have many colleagues who can speak English in our overseas branches.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

Our welfare benefits are exceptionally comprehensive.
The headquarters boasts a shared space that is beautifully designed, which often becomes the envy of visitors and is a point of pride for us.
We also offer a travel program called “RESOL” that allows employees to go on vacations with their families at a reduced cost, which is highly valued within our company.

Housing support

Company housing for singles: The period of occupancy is until the day before your 31st birthday.

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

In addition to retreat facilities located in Shirahama and Yogo, we occasionally provide tickets through a lottery for concerts and sports events.
There are also walking events and calligraphy classes, as well as a company gym and free massage services. Furthermore, we have a futsal and a jogging team for employees to join.

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