Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Nagoya
Established : 1999
Employees : 51

SystemMetrix specializes in package software and system development for compatible CAD and over the years, has accumulated experience and know-how in the area. As a result, the company has grown to the point where it now holds the highest share in Japan and the fourth in the world. We continue to aim high by developing every day.
Our company is still a small company.
Which is why we’re opening our doors to anyone who wants to test their skills in a challenging environment, as well as anyone willing to carve out start up a new career in IT.
The future of SystemMetrix is for you to create

Our mission

Using IT to provide an environment where workers can focus on creative work

Before our founding, the Japanese 2D CAD market was different from the global standard. Domestic vendors dominated the market, and each vendor had a different CAD format. This led to data conversion work that didn’t add value between companies that adopted different CADs. It was a so-called “Galapagosized” situation in which Japanese companies were falling behind in productivity, not only behind Europe and America, where the DWG format was virtually unified, but also in emerging countries.
Providing an environment where people can focus on creative work:
We set this as our mission because we wanted to contribute to engineers, even at a small level, who are losing time and effort to unnecessary work.

Our vision

Aim to become a global niche leader

As globalization progresses, we believe that if we are unable to provide products and services in overseas markets, we will eventually be unable to survive in Japan.
“Growing into a global niche top manufacturer” is the inevitable path for our company to survive.
Development of world-class CAD products.
We want to make it happen no matter what. The attempt is now underway. We are, and will continue to challenge ourselves and thrive.

Our value

Decisions based on “long-term period,” “taking on challenges,” and “win-win”

・Long-term period
We do product development with the whole business in mind, rather than just targeting the traditional engineering market. We prioritise initiatives with a longer-term perspective.

・Taking on challenge
We can’t create the future just by solving the current problems. By keeping a close eye on the IT trends, we predict the problems that may arise in the future and continue to challenge ourselves to overcome them.

We are mindful of win-wins in all three directions, including customer relationships, partner relationships, and in-house. Without this, we believe the only long-term outcome is Lose-Lose.

Our services/products

■IJCAD (AutoCAD-compatible product)
Like AutoCAD, generic CAD that handles .dwg files.
In Japan, it has the No. 1 market share among AutoCAD compatible CADs.

■Products for each industry of the above CAD
・IJCAD Mechanical (Manufacturing, AutoCAD Mechanical compatible)
・IJCAD Civil (for civil engineering and construction)
・IJCAD Arch (for facility design)
・IJCAD Electrical (for electrical design)
・IJCAD Mobile (mobile version)

Job Description

Details of the job

  1. Development of in-house CAD systems
    Software Development as an IJCAD Package Maker
  2. Contract development
    Development of applications based on AutoCAD and IJCAD

*Detailed description of each job

  1. Since the main task is to build our own services, we directly hear the response from our users. The work you do, directly links to the results.
  2. We direclty connect to the customers: You can maintain high motivation because the system is developed in collaboration with the customer and we aim to create the best system for them.


Preferred skills

Required skills details

Other mandatory conditions
・Those who study computer science
・Those who can understand and use basic mathematics such as linear algebra

Other preferred conditions
・Internship or outside project experience using C, C++, or C#
・Software development experience


・Those who have a firm image of coming to Japan to live and work.
・Those who wish to work together as long as possible
・Those who are honest (sincere and earnest)
・Those who can communicate proactively
・Those who have good parent-child relations
・Those who don’t smoke

Career path

1st year : Programmer, Tester

2nd year : Programmer (mentor), systems engineer

3rd year : Project Leader

There is a case which employees will be a product manager / project manager after 3 years with the company. (Depending on skill, performance and motivation.)

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

■CAD Division 3 (9 males, 1 female)
The department in charge of the implementation process of product development within the company as its main business. Surrounded by veteran developers, they take on more challenging developments. After the elementary skill learning period, there is more time to work on your own. When things seem difficult, they voluntarily consult with engineers around them. The current manager is primarily concerned with checking the big policy and not the implementation details. Therefore, it can be said that this is an environment that demands independence among members.

■CAD Division 4 (1 male, 3 females)
The department responsible for customizing the functional aspects of its products. It is also responsible for quality control of customization functions and support work, such as contacting developers who use customization functions. The current manager is also in charge of technical guidance and clearly lays out the policy to carry out the work.

The whole company is concentrating on each individual’s work and proceeding silently, in a quiet atmosphere.

Typical daily work schedule

8:30-8:50 Arrive / Work Preparation
9:00 Work in charge (corresponding to CAD command corrections)
10:00 Development Meeting
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00 Work in charge (corresponding to CAD command corrections)
17:00 Closing Ceremony
18:30 Returning home

*If there’s something you want to get done that day, sometimes we work overtime to deal with it.

Post-employment and on-the-job training

Regarding technical training, each of the employees will work on their own assignments and master the fundamentals of the business. (2 weeks to 2 months)

As for the social aspect, you will take part in outside training. (Three two-day training sessions in six months, accompanied by a supervisor)
You will learn a wide range of topics such as company history, industry, and products through in-house lectures. (2 -3 hours per week for 3 months)

In regard to on-the-job training, we follow up with a final bow during the six-month trial period.

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

We don’t have any foreign employees. We have several members who are fluent in English.

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