Who we are

HQ : Hiroshima
Established : 1999
Employees : 16

Onza Linx develops technologies related to logistics and supply chain, and supports the business of medium-sized companies with IT. Through research & development, and our engineering approach, we foster the digitalization of logistics.

Our solution helps the growth of medium-sized companies by maximizing profitability, while increasing the efficiency of warehousing, delivery, and inventory.

Our corporate name is an acronym of the following words:

On Novelty Zenith Attempt Link X

It stands for our vision of always challenging new ideas to spread connections with our clients.

Our vision

Through the creation

of customers, we pursue the happiness of all people concerned

Five basics that describe Onza Linx

  1. Pursue better customer experience.
  2. Create value, products useful to society
  3. Do not compete with others, but aim to be the only one through co-creation*
  4. Improve the position of engineers
  5. Foster engineers and designers that create value

*in Japanese, “co-creation” sounds the same as “competition” (both are read “kyousou”). At Onza Linx, we value co-creation over competition.

Client proposal meeting

Our services/products

We develop various package systems for logistics and supply chain related business.

Our lead product is Inter Stock, a warehouse management package system (WMS) for medium-sized companies, which price is set at the time of order, and for which we do not request any additional customizing fees.

Product delivery at the client’s premises

We carefully make our proposals of warehouse and inventory management system, to each one of our customers, taking their business size, format, and on-site operations process into consideration.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

We are developing additional functions for our warehouse management system.

What technologies are you using?

We develop softwares using VB, ASP.NET, SQL, and C.
In the future, we will also be able to support Android terminals.
For cloud environment we use AWS and Azure.

Development meeting

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Our engineers mainly develop the following

  • Basic functions for package systems
  • Customizing for each client

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We plan to transfer our core product, Interstock, to Android terminals.
We are also considering new solutions using AI.

Meeting with clients

Our corporate culture

Our corporate culture is really free and liberal: we work flextime without core hours and we allow remote work.

Our stand during a trade fair

Regardless of which department you belong to, if you have any challenge that you want to take on, you can focus on this new project over other tasks.
We respect the originality and potential of each one of our members.

Holding a seminar during a trade fair

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