Starland Co., Ltd.

Who we are

HQ : Shizuoka
Established : 1988
Employees : 18

This year is the 32nd year for Starland, since our founding in 1988.
As a manufacturer of POS system, we conduct all the planning, development and marketing of our own product line “Superstar”. Our policy is to do everything in-house, from the planning to distribution.

We are one of the main players of POS system for the leisure and amusement industry in Japan, and have achieved No.1 share in the karaoke industry. Around 5,000 facilities throughout Japan have been using our system, from the northest island Hokkaido, to the southern island Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture.

Concentrating on a specific industry, grasping customers needs, planning our own products and making them “No.1.” is how we drive our business.
See that even the “L” in our corporate logo “starland” is designed as “1”(one).

Our vision

“THINKING”, “PRIDE”, “GREAT”, “Enjoy Company”

THINKING“: to think hard
PRIDE“: to have pride in what you do
GREAT“: to make great achievement
Enjoy Company“: to have fun doing your work

Our strategy is to become No.1 in a niche market, which is system integrator in the leisure services and amusement industry. We have been creating convenient, useful, all-in-one systems, pursuing efficiency and labor-saving performances for our customers’ facilities.

Our systems also enable users to analyze data to improve their marketing strategies and attract more customers.
We are proud to create products that are beneficial and useful to our users, the market, and society.

Our services/products

Software used in offices such as sales management tools, production management tools, payroll management tools etc., are usually not considered as “interesting” by the people using them.
Among these tools, POS system is the one that caught our attention. The main users are part-time workers of all genders and ages. POS systems are easy to use and fun, with a “wow” factor.

POS systems used to not include the concept of customer data, and so did not process any. That is why we decided to create a marketing-oriented POS system that collects customer data.
Trying to be the first to bring new functions to the industry and to Japan, we are constantly pursuing better, easier-to-use, innovative products. To ensure that more people will be surprised, be enthusiastic, and enjoy our products, Starland has chosen to become a product manufacturer, and develop its own packaged softwares.

We always offer new ideas to our customers, by combining systems including bio metrics, cashless payments, self entrance and exit, self-ordering, and automatic-gates for a variety of facilities (from unmanned places to ones that emphasize hospitality).
When we launched our self-checkout machine system at karaoke stores, karaoke room booking terminal, and self-ordering terminal system for family restaurants, they attracted attention as the first systems of their kind in Japan.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

  • POS system development (karaoke, leisure facility such as hot spring) (leader: Mr. Suzuki)
  • Tablet app development (leader: Mr. Mori)
  • Self-checkout machine and ticket vending machine development (leader: Mr. Sugihara)

What technologies are you using?

POS device control (receipt printer, automatic change machine etc.) based on OPOS platform specifics

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

System engineers
Support engineers

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

Development of smartphone applications,
to enable reservation, personal identification, entry control, order, payment, and exit control of karaoke shops using smartphones.

Career step up

1st year : Staff in charge

2nd year : Senior Staff

3rd year : manager

We have a growth/skill up support program.
Our employees job positions raises, starting from staff in charge, to mid-class position, and on to management position as they clear certain growth score.

Growth scores are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5:
1 point for not doing one’s job
2 points for doing one’s job, in a mediocre way
3 points for doing one’s job as normally expected
4 points for doing one’s job perfectly
5 points for teaching other employees, on top of doing one’s job perfectly

This system encourages employees to pursue excellence in their job, and teach other members.
An employee can become a senior staff after two or three years, and continue on to become a manager at the age of 30.

Our corporate culture

We are united under the spirit of “Ha-ge-a-ta-ma” (which means “bald” in Japanese, as our CEO is!)
Ha” as in “Haki-haki” (crisp)
Ge” as in “Genki” (energetic)
A” as in “Akaruku” (cheerful)
Ta” as in “Tanoshiku” (happy)
Ma” as in “Majimeni” (serious)

Be it at work or in their private life, our members keep these 5 points in mind. Whatever comes our way, we do our work diligently and never give up.

The 3 commitments of the Starland Development Department are

  1. To leave the office early, without working overtime
  2. To develop package softwares fully in-house
  3. To carry their work as professionals, and to keep a crasftmen spirit to create good products

Since we are not taking orders from our customers, but developing our own package software, we can be creative without being tied by time constraints.

We hold 8 company events per year for our members to know each other better and share good memories:

  • April: reception for new recruits at a hotel with hot spring
  • May: kick-off party of the first half of the year
  • July: Barbecue
  • August: party to forget about the summer heat
  • October: company trip commemorating the founding of the company
  • November: kick-off party of second half of the year
  • December: End of year party
  • January: New Year’s event

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