Multisoup Co., Ltd.

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2000
Employees : 55

Based on the mission of “Maximizing the value of “places” with location and spatial information technologies”, we utilize location/dynamic/spatial information technologies to provide mainly BtoB solutions to various clients. Our business partners include companies from primary to tertiary industries such as agriculture/ major general contractors/ various manufacturers/ government agencies. We are also a Google Maps official sales partner.

We combine software with hardware such as smart devices, GPS, and sensing technologies to “Visualize, Digitalize, Infrastructurize (Making Them A Part of Life)” the of people and things. Using these technologies, we are committed to resolving the shortage of labor, improving work efficiency, enhancing safety/risk detection, and other ways to improve the value of “places”.

Our business/products include
  - Web solutions based on dynamic/location/spatial information
  - Indoor and outdoor location / dynamic information web solution “iField” / “iField indoor”

Our vision

Delight of “Creation” , Delight of “Use”

Corporate Philosophy
 Delight of “Creation” , Delight of “Use”

 Become a company that creates new value through location and spatial information technologies

 Maximizing the value of “places” with location and spatial information technologies. Specifically
 - Improving work efficiency (for example make it possible for one person to achieve tasks that were done by 2 or 3 people)
 - Reducing accidents, mistakes, disaster damage, etc. to 1/n
 - Maximizing the value of various places, through n times more “joy”, “surprise”, and “fun” on the spot

 Aim for “Genuine”
 Take pride in being “Unique”
 Always “Challenge” new things
 Create “User Experience”

Our services/products


  • Location-sharing solutions for outdoor use
  • Accounts for 60% of our sales
  • Technologies used: GPS, GNSS, Google Map, Michibiki, mobile development (Android, iOS), etc.

iField is mainly used for execution management in construction civil engineering, agriculture, and logistics industries.
We are planning to release an upgraded version of this product in summer 2020, and are aiming to make it a platform and SaaS.

iField indoor

  • Indoor and indoor location information solutions
  • Accounts for 40% of our sales
  • Technologies used: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Quuppa, UWB, Beacon, smartphone, etc.

iField indoor is used for example in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Our competitive advantage

  • Seamless indoor and outdoor solutions: high barriers to entry
    We are developing indoor and outdoor services with different technologies, making it hard for the other companies to enter this market. As a result, we can provide seamless indoor and outdoor solutions, meaning a wide range of proposals for our clients.
  • Flexibility regardless of positioning technology or environment:
    We provide solutions tailored to our client needs, without sticking to the same products or technologies for each and every project.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

You would be in charge of the development of smartphone apps for our in-house products “iField” and “iField indoor”.
Development environment
 AWS, PostgreSQL, Kotlin, Swift, Git, GitLab, etc.

Worth of the Work

  • The feeling that the product you are working on is actually used by people, and is useful to them, since this service is applied in various occasions.
  • Wide range of uses
    This service can be used in various work situations accross industries. It contributes to the advancement of society, tackling challenges such as resolving the shortage of labor, improving work efficiency or enhancing safety/risk detection.
  • Products with future development
    We are planning to upgrade the current version of iField with a release in the summer 2020. After the release, we plan to add various features. Our engineers are in touch with our customers, listening to their feedback, and involved in a wide range of tasks from upstream process to development and maintenance. Within the team, you can feel that you are truly “creating this service” since you can work on the project from a to z, overviewing the whole process.

What technologies are you using?

Our system utilizes relatively new technologies such as AWS environment.
As the service uses grow, we plan on maximizing further the value of “places” by introducing new technologies such as AI and image recognition.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

The Technical Group to which you would belong has many engineers, not only smartphone application developers.
The technical Group is roughly divided into the following organizations:

  1. the Product Team, for which we are hiring
  2. the Client Work Team, who customizes our service to meet clients’ requests

You would most likely be assigned to the Product team. Members in this group are expected to work closely with other teams along the development process.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

To provide innovative services, we are constantly adopting new technologies such as:

  • Leading-edge smart devices, sensors
  • “Michibiki” which realizes stable satellite positioning with high precision
  • IoT services of other companies
  • Data science and AI technology utilizing big data
    and so on.

The products we release are often unprecedented, and our quest for unique research and development requires a constant search for new technologies. We are considering increasing the number of employees to release an upgraded version of iField Indoor.
We offer an environment in which you can be proud to create a service from scratch.

Our corporate culture

In Japan, location-related market is expanding along with the following circumstances

  • Decrease of the labour-population due to low birthrate ang aging population, depopulation
  • Attention to the movement of the people, which started with Covid-19

In this context, we are expanding our organization in order to embody our corporate mission of “maximizing the value of “places” with location and spatial information technologies”.
Since we are going to go through things we’ve never experienced before, it is necessary to always take action to continue to try new things, while protecting our current know-how. As organizations and markets expand, various troubles and challenges arise. We believe that it is the people that can solve those problems. Together as a team, we will continue to take on new challenges.

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