Zenken Corporation

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 1975
Employees : 914

Zenken was established more than 40 years ago but has kept a start-up way of thinking, constantly taking on new challenges around its two main markets, IT and language education. We develop new businesses by welcoming changes and new trends, learning from our failures and always going forward.
We are looking for positive individuals wishing to grow together with us!

Our vision

Create a future not yet imagined.

We strive to “create a future not yet imagined”.
This means not only scaling our existing services, but always anticipating the needs, creating new value by connecting people.
To achieve that goal, we keep taking on new challenges.

The number of foreigners entering Japan is increasing at an accelerating rate and internationalization is progressing.
We call this “global inbound” and see it as a big business opportunity.
Our expertise in education business, human resource, BtoC and BtoB promotion and web marketing drives our growth in this evolving environment.
By leveraging these strengths, we are realizing a value proposition that only Zenken can provide, by revitalizing the Japanese economy and developing human bridges to connect Japan and overseas.

Our services/products

Using IT and language education to create a future not yet imagined.

IT business
・ Content marketing
In order to expand the products and services of our clients, we are developing content marketing for a large range of purposes, from product awareness to online purchase.

・ Media
Our media division develops and runs various media, review websites and web magazines to promote our clients’ products and services. The quality of our media contents is backed up by a team of SEO experts, assuring a strong presence on the search engines.

・ AI
Rapid technology advancement combined with the shortage of labour makes AI a highly growing market. We are utilizing these technologies to improve efficiency in call center and customer support services, through AI chat bot services.

Language education business
When Zenken was established in 1975, we first started with language education businesses, and expanded our services to language training for corporate and individuals, Japanese language schools, English language schools, studying abroad support, and e-learning for middle and high schoolers.

Our engineering team

Our engineering division, called System Integration, mainly develops and runs systems for our various departments, such as

  • Sales management systems
  • Customer management systems
  • E-learning System
  • Back-end for websites
  • Media management systems

We mainly use the following technologies

  • Back-end: C#, ASP.NET MVC5, PHP, Python
  • Database: Oracle, MySQL
  • Front-end: JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, AngularJS

Our teams are located in Tokyo HQ and in the Vietnam branch in Da Nang.
Our R&D division goal is to build an effective and united team regardless of nationality! We strive to create a team of engineers with diverse backgrounds.

Our corporate culture

As our motto says, we aim to be a company where “You can achieve anything, you can become anything”, an environment in which you can grow and challenge yourself. We are not looking for people who stick to their assigned tasks, but individuals who keep on pushing themselves as well as their team to make changes and to improve the organization.

You can encounter failures as you do so, as long as you continue to challenge yourself and grow.
You can achieve anything and become anything, it is up to you.

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