Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto
Established : 1978
Employees : 635 (group 1,500)

Kanken Techno is a manufacturer company that handles air environment preservation equipment that detoxifies harmful gases emitted during the manufacture of semiconductors and other technology field products.
We support our customers not only in manufacturing, but also in sales, research and development, design, manufacturing, and after-sales maintenance through our integrated services.
Our equipment has the “No. 1” share of 47% in Japan and the “No. 2” share overseas.
Our unique technology, which uses electricity instead of fossil fuels as a method of heat generation, is attracting attention for its ability to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality.
As we focus on global expansion as well, with 28 offices in Japan and 25 overseas, you can take on challenges not only in Japan but also around the world.
As a company that will change the atmospheric environment of the future, we aim to become the world’s number one manufacturer of atmospheric environment conservation equipment!

Products we handle

  1. detoxification equipment
  2. deodorization and VOC treatment equipment
  3. dehumidification equipment

Our vision

In order to meet the needs of our customers around the world and the demands of society, we have established a quality and environmental management system and are contributing to the prevention of global warming and the preservation of the atmospheric environment by delivering our main products, various exhaust gas treatment equipment, to as many customers as possible.

Our services/products

【We are a “Global Niche Top Company”, certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.】
We have the world’s top class market share in a niche field.
We are a manufacturer of “Atmospheric Environment Protection Equipment”.

The manufacturing processes of semiconductors, LEDs, solar panels, etc., which support the latest technologies that are indispensable to our lives, emit a variety of harmful gases and substances.

 ◆Exhaust gases that pollute the atmosphere (toxic gases)
 ◆Greenhouse effect gases (global warming gases)
 ◆VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

We are involved in the entire process from research and development to design, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of “Atmospheric Environment Protection Equipment”, which is equipment that removes, detoxifies, and suppresses these emissions.

Job Description

Details of the job

Work with your sales department to determine the best equipment specifications to meet the customer’s needs.
It is also an important task to design with expertise, to go to customers with the sales department to hold technical meetings for some projects, and to check the operation of the designed products on site.

Mechanical design engineer
Mechanical design work for equipment to control emissions of gases emitted from semiconductor manufacturing plants (greenhouse gases, etc.)
・Mechanical design of large scale plant decontamination equipment (deodorization equipment, VOC removal equipment, dehumidification equipment, etc.) using CAD.
・Making specification documents based on customer’s requirements and preparing assembly and part diagrams based on them, focusing on piping and layout design.
*Possibility of business trip: There is a possibility of business trip to Europe, America, East and Southeast Asia in the future.

Electrical circuit design engineer
You will be involved in the electrical design of exhaust emission control equipment.
・Soft Design (PLC)
・Hard Design (Electrical Drawing)
*Possibility of business trip: There is a possibility of business trip to Europe, America, East and Southeast Asia in the future.


Mechanical design engineer

Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Design experience with 2DCAD (autoCAD)
・Basic PC skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

< Recommended >
・ Design experience using 3DCAD (Solid Works)
・Knowledge of fundamentals of 4 dynamics. (“Material mechanics,” “Fluid dynamics,” “Thermodynamics,” “Mechanical dynamics”)
・Those who have knowledge and interest in chemistry
・Those who have knowledge and interest in gas.

Electrical circuit design engineer

Mandatory skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Those with experience in software design using PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
・Basic PC skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

< Recommended >
・Knowledge of fundamentals of 4 dynamics. (“Material mechanics,” “Fluid dynamics,” “Thermodynamics,” “Mechanical dynamics”)
・ Experience in designing circuits for touch panel and machine device operation
・Those who have knowledge and interest in chemistry
・Those who have knowledge and interest in gas.


  • Those who are interested in Japan
  • Those who have a clear reason for wanting to work in Japan
  • Those who are willing to work in Japan for a long time.
  • Those who can travel to Europe, the United States, East Asia and Southeast Asia
  • Those who can actively communicate in Japanese
  • Those who can rely on others without trying to solve problems alone.
  • Those who like to work in a teamwork environment
  • Those who want to gain experience and knowledge in a wide range of fields, not just one.
  • Those who are interested in environmental issues.

Career path

1st year

Learn the basics through onboarding training and on-the-job training from senior employees

2nd year

Expand the scope of work by seeking cooperation from others

3rd year

Be able to work alone

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

Planned assignment: Technical Development Division
Domestic Design Department/Overseas Design Department/Electrical Design Department
Atmosphere: There are people in charge of R & D, design, production, sales, and service in the head office, and they can immediately confirm anything you need to confirm, so you can work harmoniously in cooperation with other departments as well as your own.

Typical daily work schedule

8:30 Coming to the office
9:00 Document Creation/Drawing Creation
11:00 Meeting (cooperation with other departments)
12:10 Lunch break
13:00 Drawing Creation
14:00 Equipment Assembly Confirmation
15:00 Drawing Creation
16:00 Arrangement of parts
17:00 Document preparation
17:20 Leave the office

Post-employment and on-the-job training

  • Training at the time of joining (Company profile, description of the regulations, explanation of the equipment, etc.)
  • OJT training available

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

There are about 17 employees from China and Vietnam.

Message from our employees from abroad

Even though my Japanese was not good, they taught me well from scratch. Let’s do our best together!

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

We have a system in which we meet with our supervisors on a regular basis to evaluate not only the results of our performance, but also how we have worked to get there.
It is also linked to the salary system, and your hard work is reflected in your salary, so you can work with a sense of satisfaction.
You can also express your wishes about the direction you want to take, such as what you want to try next, so you can make your own career choices.

Housing support

Rent assistance is provided to employees who are under 35 years of age at the time of employment and who are single.
After 4 years: 50,000 yen, after 5 years: 30,000 yen, after 8 years or after 30 years: 15,000 yen

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