Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Kasugai-city, Aichi
Established : 1963
Employees : 513 (as of June 30, 2023)

[Corporate Philosophy]
To realize a global company with the solid trust of customers through constant technological innovation and the fast delivery of products that anticipate their needs.

Since its founding in 1963, Mitsuchi has supported the advancement of the automotive industry by providing high-quality industrial fasteners utilizing cold forging technology.
Even in the coming era, when the automotive industry will undergo a major revolution once every 100 years, we will continue to challenge ourselves with the wisdom and technology we have cultivated and create the future of automobiles as a member of the industry.

[Main Product Groups]
Our company deals in industrial fasteners, which are essential for achieving superior quality of the final product in various industrial productions.
With a focus on fully custom-made products, we have approximately 10,000 items. Automotive parts account for 90% of all products, and we provide high-value-added custom fasteners such as seat parts, airbag parts, and drive and undercarriage parts.

[Our Strengths]
Three strengths that have been refined since the company was founded, utilizing expertise and foresight

By combining each of our strengths and exerting a synergistic effect, we have created a value that can only be found in Mitsuchi.
< Cold Forging Technology Realizes Two ”High” >
Our company’s core technology, “cold forging,” supports two “High”: “High Cost Performance,” which enables low-cost, mass production in a short period of time, and “High Quality,” which achieves high wear resistance and durability by processing without disrupting the fiber flow of metal.

< Differentiate from others with sales engineering functions >
Focusing on Sales Engineering, we propose the best way to meet customer needs. We provide high-quality products at a low cost and at a high speed by constantly proposing improvements not only in the development and design stages of automobiles but also in products in production.

We have been promoting overseas production and sales in Thailand in 1987, the United States in 2001, and China in 2010 to build a production system that enables high-quality local procurement. As a result, we have achieved a management foundation that is compatible with the future automotive industry, in which overseas markets are experiencing significant growth.

Our vision

To realize a global company with the solid trust of customers through constant technological innovation and the fast delivery of products that anticipate their needs.

Since its founding in 1963, the Mitsuchi Group has provided a variety of industrial fasteners that anticipate customers’ needs for the automotive industry that Japan is proud of worldwide, and has been steadily growing along with the advancement of the automotive industry.

In addition, we have taken full advantage of our advanced cold forging technology and our growing global production and sales structure, and we have earned the solid trust of our clients through our diverse technological and high-quality needs and cost reductions.

Currently, due to rapid changes in the business environment surrounding us, such as the development of next-generation vehicles, including electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, and the development of autonomous driving using AI, various companies in different industries, both domestic and overseas, are entering the industry, and the need for dramatic structural changes in the industry is pressing.

This will require a major shift from the traditional way of “thinking”, “systems”, and “working.”

All employees of the Mitsuchi Group will work together to improve our structure in order to make the most of the management resources we have accumulated to date. Through sustainable growth, we aim to become the “100 years old enterprise” selected for the next era.

Our services/products

Cold forged products
Mainly automotive parts (Seat related, airbag related, brake related, engine related, etc.)

Job Description

Details of the job

Technical Department

After about a month and a half of in-house training, you will be expected to be in charge of design and production technology, which are the core of parts manufacturing.
After that, depending on the suitability of the candidates, they will experience major departments such as production control, sales, quality control, etc., before assuming a position as a sales engineer at an overseas base.
In the future, depending on the individuals, there is a possibility to be promoted to an executive position at one of our overseas bases.
We expect you to become a multi-player (manager) utilizing your technical skills.

[Design field]
Our main work is designing forging processes, designing molds for forging, and designing processes from forging to finished products. First, based on the customer’s product drawings and information from sales regarding the product’s required functions, requests, start-up time, and set quantities, we examine which equipment can be used to process the shape and accuracy of the product based on cold forging. In some cases, we will meet directly with the customer and make changes or proposals to the shape suitable for forging and forming.

[Production Engineering Field]
We examine ways to efficiently mass-produce high-quality products, including from a cost standpoint. Specifically, we develop technologies and introduce equipment to produce the products ordered by customers, manufacture the molds that are indispensable for the mass production of cold forging products, which is one of the features of our company, and maintain and manage the equipment to keep the products produced after mass production starts on the customer’s deadline.


Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Required >
・Those who have already studied 4 dynamics.
(Material mechanics, Fluid dynamics, Thermodynamics, Mechanical dynamics)
・Those who are interested in metal, metal working and machinery

< Recommended >
・Those who have knowledge of metal materials and have worked on projects.
・Those who have experience using CATIA


  • Developing logical thinking skills through repeated hypothesis testing
  • Affinity for manufacturing and technology
  • Those who have their own dreams and goals for the future 5 or 10 years ahead
    (We are also considering expanding into India, and we welcome anyone who would like to play an active role in India in the future.)
  • Those who look forward and seek joy and meaning in thinking, acting, and realizing
  • Those who are inquisitive and like to create
  • Those who want to make something by themselves, regardless of conventional wisdom.
  • Those who can work hard to communicate in Japanese

Career path

1st year

Acquire basic knowledge of cold forging, the company, and the business

2nd year

Acquire expertise in cold forging and in sales, production and quality control

3rd~5th year

On-site assignment as a candidate for executive positions at overseas offices

Workplace Environment

Post-employment and on-the-job training

One to three months after joining the company, basic knowledge training will be given on a rotating basis in each department and then assigned to the Technical Department for on-the-job training.

Why you should work at our company

Housing support

The company will cover 30,000 yen until the 10th year.

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