Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Kochi City, Kochi (Work location: Osaka City, Osaka)
Established : 1986
Employees : 65

Our goal is the happiness of our employees and society.
If you have the ability to be flexible and change, you will grow.

We are a general consulting firm that creates unique services in a variety of fields.
Since we are a backstage company, we may not be well known in the general public.
However, in each field, we are enthusiastically supported by many of our clients.

Our main work is in the area of health and welfare planning for local governments (Health Information Division) and,
the introduction of payment systems and support for internal systems, mainly in the beauty industry (Beauty Settlement Division).
What these two divisions have in common is “problem solving.” We make all proposals custom-made to meet the concerns and requests of our clients.

Therefore, each individual has a great deal of discretion, which makes the job more rewarding than others.

Our vision


We will passionately challenge ourselves to create what the world truly needs, with a sense of motivation and meaning to our existence.

Happiness that is worthwhile. Happiness to be healthy. Happiness of being appreciated.
We contribute to the happiness of all people. We will not compromise on our own happiness.

Our first priority is to contribute to society without sparing any effort to foster a healthy and wholesome society.

【MVV: Mission, Vision, and Values】
MISSION (Significance of Existence): Making tomorrow better
What these two business divisions, the Beauty Settlement Division and the Health Information Division, have in common is that they are specialized positions that are active in the backstage of stores, companies, local governments, national health insurance federations, and other organizations.

We aim to improve our services such as JMC’s consulting capabilities, proprietary systems, and know-how, that set us apart from other companies. We will turn our thoughts to the future and improve tomorrow through self-improvement.

VISION (The future we aim for): Be a platformer in the industry
JMC will continue to innovate by proposing business models that have never existed in the world before.

This has been JMC’s corporate spirit since its founding. Following the beauty settlement, in 1990, JMC began introducing health management systems to local governments in anticipation of the “age of self-protection of health”. We have always been a platformer in our respective fields and industries. We will continue to aim to be the one and only company that can create high value-added services that only we can provide and work according to the times.

VALUE (Values we cherish): “Making the ordinary” out of problems
We work as partners with companies and local governments to solve various “problems” in the world and “normalize” them. We are in the business of providing energy and happiness to communities and society by developing new social products, services and mechanisms to solve problems.

Our services/products

■Aesthetic Settlement Division (Consulting Services for enterprises)
This division provides integrated services such as “provision of payment systems, operation services, and management consulting,” and leads business owners to solutions for their various problems and issues.
 - Proposal and provision of payment systems
 - Development of new products
 - Support for companies and outsourced operations

■Health Information Division (Consulting services for local governments)
In an aging society with a declining birthrate, various system reforms are being promoted as measures against declining birthrates, health promotion measures, and measures for the elderly.
 - Consulting services for health and welfare
 - Surveys and planning
 - System development

Job Description

Details of the job

System Development

  • Development of our original system (beauty payment and health data analysis system)
  • Fine-tuning, maintenance and operation of systems from outsourcing.


Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

Experience in development with PYTHON

Interest and knowledge in AI development
Knowledge and interest in the beauty and insurance industry.


・Those who can maintain the quality of work by taking care of their own physical and mental fitness.
・Those who are interested in and can make an effort in anything.
・Those who can enjoy change
・Those who can try to understand flexibly and be honest
・Those who are flexible and adaptable to change
・Those who can enjoy taking on new challenges
・Those who can agree to our philosophy and corporate culture and are willing to grow with us.
・Those who can think and act on their own to solve problems.
・Those who can take responsibility and work through to the end.
・Those who can work and act with a long-term perspective
・Those who are interested in Japan and willing to work for a long time.

Career path

1st year

After one to two months of training, you will get accustomed to the atmosphere in the company as on-the-job training, and from there you will participate in several projects.

2nd year

Work with other departments and teams to organize issues and develop your skills as a development chief

3rd year

As a development manager, you will lead projects and contribute to the company’s profit.

We expect you to play a role in a position that can influence the entire company.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

IT Solutions Division

  • The atmosphere is very friendly with many talkative members
  • Some members like to travel and eat out, and the company is with full of various topics

Typical daily work schedule

Arrive at the office before 9:00 a.m.
9:00~: Morning assembly
9:10~9:30: Meeting
9:30~: Development, hearings, reporting
12:00~1:30 p.m.: Lunch break
1:30~: Development, hearings, reporting
6:30 p.m.: End of Work

Post-employment and on-the-job training

About 2 months of training

  • Internal and external members of the company will carefully teach you about company rules, approval procedures, how to build a relationship with your boss and seniors, checking your reporting and communication, and how to facilitate communication, etc.
  • Detailed explanation of the business (classroom lecture)
  • Checking development ability and training accordingly

OJT (on-the-job training)

  • Familiarize the staff with the work atmosphere onsite
  • Building human relations
  • Explain and deepen understanding of existing systems

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

Currently no foreign employees, but several employees speak English a little

Message from our employees from abroad

We all have fun and work hard. Everyone is really looking forward to working with you. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to talk and let us know.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

【Working Environment】
Our company has a corporate culture in which more than 60% of our employees are women, and we fairly judge their abilities as individuals regardless of gender. We have an environment that allows employees to continue working even when their life stage changes.

【Benefits and systems (birthday allowance, vacations, drinking subsidies, etc.)】
We offer a full range of benefits to improve the working environment, including position allowances, long-term service allowances, and qualification allowances.

【Education system/training】
We have many training programs to support our employees such as new employee training, follow-up training, self-development support, and a career consulting system, providing an environment where employees can quickly grow and become active.
The company has a friendly team of members who are always willing to help you in any way they can.

Housing support

Housing allowance (22,000-38,000 yen)

  • If you live within our company’s specified area (approximate walking time to the office is within 30 minutes): 38,000 yen
  • If you live outside of the company’s specified area: 30,000 yen
  • If the person living with you earns income: 22,000 yen

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