Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established : 1998
Employees : 557 (as of April 1, 2023)

The DNP Information System is supporting the DNP Group’s business development by constantly revamping the vast amount of business knowledge that has been handed down since the computer room era of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., and by combining it with new technologies such as cloud systems, SaaS, and AI, aiming to provide services that can be used anytime, anywhere.

[Description of Business]
・Consignment of planning, design, development, maintenance, and operation management of information systems
・Development, sales and leasing of software related to computers
・Development, sales and leasing of telecommunications networks
・Sales and lease of computers, communications equipment and related equipment
・Introduction and management of computers and communication networks
・Information processing and information provision services
・Surveys, research, education, and consulting relating to each of the foregoing items
・Any and all businesses incidental or relating to the aforesaid businesses

Our vision

Creating future standards

~Working toward creating new value for solving social challenges~

Our services/products

Building, maintaining and operating IT solutions for the DNP Group
・Companywide common ICT system
Companywide Portal sites, email, security management, authentication and authorization infrastructure
Network, etc.

・Companywide common business system
labor management system, accounting and settlement system, common overseas ERP systems, etc.

・ICT support and management for each business unit and group company
Resource management, PC setup, LAN construction, etc.

・Business systems for each business unit and group company
Production control, sales support, accounting systems, etc.

Job Description

Details of the job

Application Engineer

・Planning, design, installation, maintenance and operation of overseas standard ERP systems (business systems)
ERP systems and their surrounding systems (data I / F functions, etc.) are mainly introduced for overseas offices.
Understanding the local operations, developing, maintaining and deploying them to facilitate new business requirements and effective utilization.
Instead of customizing the system according to user requirements, the system is designed, developed, and proposed with global standards in mind, and aims to build and use the system as a function that can be deployed laterally, rather than as an operation specific to the local site, as much as possible, to implement and operate an effective and efficient system.

Infrastructure Engineer

・Planning, deployment, operation and maintenance of overseas standard ICT infrastructure
Operations and maintenance related to the currently introduced overseas IT communication services will be conducted.
In addition, we actively investigate and verify development tools, languages, and applications for the introduction of new services, obtain POCs, and propose plans and designs for the introduction of new services. Through these duties, DNP will improve and increase the efficiency of its global operations.
While pursuing user convenience in designing and deploying services, we maintain service continuity through design, implementation, operation support, and maintenance work, balancing security and operational cost-conscious limitations.


Application Engineer

Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Mandatory >
Those with development experience who have used at least one of the skills listed above

< Preferred > * Listed in order of importance
・Knowledge of/interest in accounting and bookkeeping
・Those who know/are interested in ERP
・Knowledge of test automation, development program source control
・Knowledge of/interest in servers and cloud (SaaS etc.)
・Interested in acquiring the business knowledge needed to deploy Microsoft D 365
・BI tools (e.g. Power BI)

Infrastructure Engineer

Mandatory skills

Preferred skills

Required skills details

< Mandatory >
Development and management experience with at least one of the skills listed above

< Preferred > * Listed in order of importance
・Knowledge of/interest in servers and cloud (SaaS etc.)
・Those with basic knowledge of networks (TCP/IP, etc.)
・Security, Single Sign-On, Infrastructure Knowledge/Interested
・Knowledge of Microsoft Power apps


  • We are looking for those with user communication skills and hospitality.
  • Those who are interested in Japan
  • Those who can study Japanese hard
  • Those who can communicate actively
  • Those who can think and act on their own
  • Those who can learn and move independently
  • Those who like system development
  • Those who can do more than they are asked to do
  • Those who can cope with circumstances flexibly
  • Those who are good at teamwork

Career path

As operations vary from headquarters to another, the following types of operations are most common, although not always applicable.

System Developer

1st-2nd year : Programmer


3rd-5th year : System Engineer

Business and functional Design

After 6th year : Project Leader

Infrastrucutre Engineer

1st-2nd year : Server and equipment management, configuration and monitoring

3rd-5th year : Infrastructure engineer

Operations and functional design

After 6th year : Project Leader

As soon as you become familiar with the business, you also deal with planning and projects for business reform. Career changes and transfers may occur if necessary.

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

Although it is not a confirmed place of assignment, the current expected assignment department;
・Works both remotely and on-site.
・Is a homey atmosphere
・Is easy to communicate due to small number of members
・The ratio of men to women is about even.

Typical daily work schedule

In general, we will work on the following schedule.
・First thing in the morning: meetings with North American bases (as needed)
・Morning: Morning meeting, status confirmation, work in charge
・Afternoon: Work in charge and meetings with Asian offices (as needed)
・Evening: Meetings with European offices (as needed)
・Night: Meetings with North American offices (as needed)
As a general rule, the main duties are taken care of at any time.

Post-employment and on-the-job training

[Blue part above](理念)Philosophy:
“Employees” are the most important asset.
The growth of each employee is the growth of the company.

[Orange part above](体制)Structure:
Training system
・Support from specialized staff
・There is a specialized room for training.

[Pink part above] OJT:
Follow-Up System (Supporter System)
・Follow up with two supporters per newcomer (trainer and mentor)

[Green part above](カリキュラム)Curriculum:
Training content:
・Intermediate and advanced courses tailored to their career
・Skill training for C #/Oracle etc.
・Utilizing e-learning
・Active participation in external training

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

Two Indian members and one Chinese member belong to the company. The number of members who can speak English is quite limited. But it’s gradually increasing.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

[Centre part above] ~Support work-life balance~
(Under the mark) 2019.1 DNP Information System Certification

[Blue part above](休暇)Vacation
Summer and winter vacations – approximately 9 days
Marriage leave
Mourning leave
Planned vacation

[Orange part above](育児・介護)Child care and nursing
Child care and nursing leave
Short working hours

[Green part above](こども参観日)Children’s Visitation Day
Company tour
Parent and Child Lunch

[Red part above](働き方の変革)Change in the way we work
・Time management
・Promotion of paid leave
・Conference time improvement

Housing support

Single dormitory (until February, four years after the final degree)
*The cost of single room and board (about 16,000 yen per month) is deducted from the salary.

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

Dining facilities
Dai Nippon Printing Group’s cafeterias in major buildings, cafeterias in each factory, and cafes in the Ichigaya area and Namba

Resort facilities
Hakone Lake Ashinoko Villa, Shiobara Green Village and other contracted and affiliated facilities

Sports facilities
Gymnasium, heated pool, fitness club, playground, tennis court and other contracted facilities

Medical facilities
Clinics (15 in Japan)

Various consulting rooms
Counseling Office (Housing, Law, Finance, etc.), Life Plan Counseling Office, Career Counseling Office, Health Checkup Office, Health TEL Counseling Office, Mental Health Counseling Office, Nutrition and Exercise Counseling Office, Nursing Care Counseling Office

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