Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Tsukuba, Ibaraki
Established : 2015
Employees : 168 (Japan + India total as of June 2023)

Indian system engineers provide total solutions to clients’ business challenges using advanced IT and digital technologies.
Starting up in 2015, we are continuing to grow rapidly with the aim of expanding globally.
What we value most is “empathy.”
And our mission is; “We Build innovation for better society.”

Our Mission

We Build Innovation for Better Society.

Even advanced technology makes no sense in itself. We will do all we can to resolve social issues and customers’ objectives based on an accurate understanding of them. Together with our customers, we will innovate to create a better society.

Our Values


“Empathizing” with the client company’s worries and dreams is the beginning of every project. We value going to the field and having face-to-face conversations to understand our customers not only formally but physically.

Shared Values

The realization of a project is not achievable with a patchwork of individuals. To become a true team, scrum teams engage in a series of serious dialogues and identify “Shared Values”.

Lean & Agile

LEAN: We will engage in serious discussions with all involved to anticipate project risks and take preventive action.
AGILE: Problems are bound to happen. Even if problems arise, we will continue to take flexible action to correct the path and make sure the project is realized.

Growth Mindset

We will continue to grow our organization and human resources and improve our operations. We believe that as we continue to grow and improve, we will be closer to the ideal and will be able to do work that will make a greater impact on society next time.

Our services/products

In contract development, we offer tailor-made system development, maintenance and operation services in response to client companies’ requests. Key achievements include:

◆Basic system development and basic systems support many internal operations and have many system linkages, so if a company grows in size or if its operations/business are highly unique, packaged products will not be able to handle it. – Rebuilding by scratch development allows us to flexibly add, expand and change systems as internal operations grow and change, and we can expect significant cost savings if large packages were used

◆ IT Product Development: We support the development of IT products planned and sold by client companies. – In our company, we not only do regular system development/app development, but also have dedicated teams in BI, AI, UI/UX design and infrastructure/security, which can be supported one-stop, and we have the experience to progress development through collaboration with other vendors. We have received a wide range of requests for business system development and other system development, both large and small, and we are working to meet them.

◆Business system development -In addition, we are responding to a wide range of requests for system development, both large and small.

◆SmartFlow (our own product) SmartFlow is a workflow and expense settlement product under the SaaS model. Although this product was launched in 2018 as a relative latecomer to the competition, we are taking advantage of our company’s development capabilities to aggressively develop functions with the aim of becoming the No. 1 company in Japan and expanding globally.

Job Description

Details of the job

Developing SmartFlow, cloud infrastructure services (AWS, AZURE), iPaaS, smartphone apps, BI, AI, etc. that we provide using back-end technologies such as ReactJs, Ruby On Rails, Node.js, and


Preferred skills

Required skills details

・Those who like IT technology
・Those who want to use IT technology for growth of client companies and social contribution
・Those who want to develop in a fast paced environment
・Those who are able to respond flexibly without being bound by programming languages or skills they excel in

Those aiming for the back end, front end, and full stack
Back End: Those who can develop APIs (Ruby on rails, .net)
Front End: Those capable of developing front end(anglular, react.js)


  • Those who sympathize with the company’s vision and mission
  • Those who have a broad perspective and can strive for growth
  • Those who do not give up and have a positive mindset at a difficult time
  • Those who have the experience of being a leader or want to try to be a leader
  • Those who value communication
  • Those with a challenging spirit
  • Those who are willing to continue learning new technologies
  • Those who are able to develop products for someone else
  • Those who can value teamwork
  • Those who want to work in VeBuIn for a long time
  • Those who are able to self-motivate and self initiate
  • Those with an entrepreneurial spirit (those who are curious and are interested in such opportunities as being attracted to business development in areas that will grow in the future)
  • Those with good communication skills (those who can communicate well with clients and provide appropriate solutions
  • Those who are interested in the role of driving the growth of the company by balancing Japanese and technology

Career path

1st year : Team Member

Training for understanding work and participating in client meetings (in Japanese) as a team member.

2nd year : Team Leader

Become a team leader as early as possible and lead the members in a scrum structure for the success of the project

3rd year : Project Manager

Become a project manager as early as possible and develop a relationship of trust with clients and take a key position in the growth of the company

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

Our company’s development is based on a scrum system in which everyone understands the work and solves problems together. Every team has a structure that allows them to discuss and confirm issues on a voluntary basis all the time as they work to resolve issues. We also have a system where we can present proposals to executive members, so it is easy to realize what we want to do.

Typical daily work schedule

Basic work system: Work an average of about 8 hours a day
Flextime system: Core time 11: 00 ~ 16: 00
Japanese classes are set at times other than core time

Post-employment and on-the-job training

Overall, for about one week after joining the company, we will conduct OJT for the entire company, including Japanese rules, company rules, business manners, etc. We will also conduct OJT FB training after six months, etc.

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

It is an environment where many staff members can speak English, Japanese and Hindi. Even if you have a problem, you can consult in your native language, so you don’t have to worry.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

Our work is professional and our office environment is homelike.
We have a full range of benefits, and we hold a monthly BD PARTY once a month to get everyone to celebrate.
In addition, the company is also holding a season event in India and Japan, which is a great success. (New Year’s Day, Calligraphy for the New Year’s Day, Setsubun, Tanabata, Diwali, Christmas)
On our days off, we play cricket, climb mountains, do an obstacle race called SPARTANRACE, and do many other activities.

Housing support

In addition to the Housing allowance (35,000 yen/month), the company will cover the initial security deposit and key money (needed when moving in an apartment).
The minimum daily necessities will be prepared by the company so that you can come to Japan with peace of mind (you will cover the costs for these necessities)

Leisure facilities at work & activities outside of work

We hold various events every month in the free space on the 2nd floor of our office.

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