Company Information

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 1910
Employees : 578

Powering Passion ~Empowering Your Passion~

Why not support the social infrastructure, contribute to the realization of a prosperous life, and take on a magnificent work in an environment of outstanding stability?

We are a 113-year-old wind-powered and hydraulic machines manufacturer.
We contribute to a comfortable life where people can use the water, electricity, and oil and gas lifelines that are essential to their daily lives.

Our company is involved in the production and installation of products such as pumps, blowers, energy recovery equipment for seawater desalination, valves, and environment-related equipment.
We have contributed to businesses that enable people to live comfortably, such as water, electricity, and gas lifelines that are essential to people’s lives.

Our company’s mechanical designers create custom designs to bring out the performance customers demand.
As a mechanical design engineer and a project manager, why don’t you use your passion to contribute to society?

*This job offer is based on the assumption that employees will work until the retirement age of 60 in Japan.
In the future, if you transfer to DMW India for your own convenience, your salary may decrease in line with Indian prices and average salary.

Our vision

Core Concept: Technology Creation
DMW CORPORATION aim to develop our business activities in the future by conducting “business activities centered on manufacturing technology.”

Contributing to society: DMW CORPORATION use its unique technologies to create better products and contribute to the advancement of society.

People-centered: DMW CORPORATION work on behalf of not only shareholders and employees but also people in the community, society and the world.

Contributing to the Environment: DMW CORPORATION strive for technologies that coexist with nature and contribute to the improvement of the global environment.

Human Resources Development: DMW CORPORATION support employees’ personal development and strive to develop human resources who can create their own roles and values.

Our services/products

We are “a specialist manufacturer of energy recovery equipment for pumps, air blowers and seawater desalination”.
We handle products used in social infrastructure projects and industrial plant projects that are essential to human life.

< Main Products >
・Large Custom Pump (Vertical shaft pump, horizontal shaft pump, double suction spiral pump, horizontal shaft multi-stage pump, plunger pump, screw pump, etc.)
・Large Custom Fan (Centrifugal fans, axial fans, jet fans, blowers, multi-stage blowers)
・Valve and energy recovery device for seawater desalination facility

Job Description

Details of the job

Design of pump blower

You will design and implement the products and machine stations for which DMW Corporation has received orders. You will custom design based on the “performance model,” which is our know-how, and draw structural drawings, installation drawings, production drawings, and operation manuals. As a technical contact for customers, you will hold technical meetings and negotiations with customers to confirm specifications, explain products, adjust progress, explain installation methods, and perform maintenance.

In the company, in addition to designing the equipment, you will confirm and coordinate manufacturing methods, assembly methods, operation methods, testing methods, etc., and serve as the brains behind the smooth manufacture of the products.


Mandatory skills

Required skills details

< Essential Skills >
・Those who have taken the four major dynamics
・Those who have used 2DCAD

< Recommended Skills >
・Those who have knowledge of fluid mechanics and material mechanics of metals
・Those who have used CATIA and SolidWorks


  • Those who want to manage the team in the future
  • Those who are active in global expansion (there is a possibility that you will be transferred overseas in the future)
  • Those who can take advantage of opportunities to know and learn know-how
  • Those who are positive, motivated, and full of challenge spirit
  • Those who can make an effort to communicate in Japanese
  • Those who can communicate with internal members and clients
  • Those who like Japanese culture and Japanese language

Career path

1st year : Design Assistance

3rd year : Designer

(in charge of existing products)

5th year : Designer

(in charge of new and existing products)

Chief after 10 years of employment

Workplace Environment

Our team/corporate culture

As design department is divided into tasks for each person in charge, the atmosphere is basically concentrated and quiet during working hours.

There are many employees in their twenties and thirties, so there are many people to consult when you are in trouble, allowing you to work in peace.

Typical daily work schedule

< Example >
7:45 Coming to work
7:55 Radio calisthenics
8:00 Start, check mail
8:30 Drawing, document preparation, response to inquiries, production line follow
11:00 Internal Meeting
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Meeting with vendors
14:00 Drawing, Document Creation, Inquiry Response
18:00 Leave

Post-employment and on-the-job training

October – March: Japanese language education, standards study, PC tools study, model study
April: 5 days of training camp for new employees, 2 weeks of basic training for new employees
May: New employee factory training
OJT available, parts design of products in charge of senior employees, etc.

Career education is also provided at such milestones as six months after joining the company, the second year, the fifth year, and at the time of the promotion to group leader, chief officer, and manager.

The following are guidelines for other employees.
We will support language acquisition, so it’s going to be no problem at all!
Year 1: JLPT N3 Class
Year 3: JLPT N2 Class
Year 5: JLPT N1 Class

Are there any senior non-Japanese nationals, or English-speaking employees?

We have many employees who can speak English, 2 Vietnamese employees and about 40 employees at DMW India.

Why you should work at our company

Benefits highlights

Until now, DMW CORPORATION has custom-made machines that support society.
From the Meiji period to the early Showa period, the company concentrated on the electric power business to brighten the city and enrich people’s lives.
Since the early Showa period, the company has concentrated on water supply, providing people with a stable life.
Since the middle of the Showa period, we have been focusing on safety measures to protect people from river flooding and participating in energy development projects to contribute to the stable supply of oil.

In order to meet the required performance functions, we design and manufacture custom-made products.
You may be involved in a product that is unique in the world or the first in the world.

In addition, DMW CORPORATION continues to provide high-quality products in line with the needs of its diversified clients. In recent years, our company has been focusing on overseas expansion, and manufacturing in accordance with international standards is an area in which excels. In this way, we have established a human resource development program to train engineers capable of handling all fields, both in Japan and abroad, and are training engineers who will lead the future of DMW CORPORATION.

< Other Benefits >
■Complete social insurance (employment, industrial accident, health, employee pension)
■Corporate housing / single dormitory available (rent by rental company, burden 70% of rent)
■Employee stock ownership
■Retirement plan
■Property savings
■Defined contribution pension
■Qualification support system
■Training program (English conversation, OJT, training by class and job)
■Hobbies and exercise club activities

Housing support

Rental single dormitory, uniforms available, Japanese language education available, company house fee: 394,800 yen + 81,123 yen (bicycle, clothesline, bedding, OP set before moving in, new life safety set, rice cooker) + 60,000 yen for WIFI 1st year only

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