Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2004
Employees : 530 (including group companies)

We provide Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting, design, and development services, as well as mobile applications and big data analytics. We are one of only ten AWS Premier Consulting Partners in Japan, and in 2020 we were named “APN Consulting Partner of the Year” for our contributions to the AWS business in Japan. Our strength lies in being the first to focus on emerging technologies that have the potential to transform the world, and in collaborating with user companies to develop case studies, acquire expertise, establish new businesses, and deliver new value.

Our philosophy

contributing to the creativity of all people through open thinking and advanced technology

Based on our corporate philosophy of “contributing to the creativity of all people through open thinking and advanced technology,” we provide consulting, system development, and operation services for cloud, mobile, big data, and voice recognition technologies. We also provide continuous business support as a group of highly acknowledged engineers based on our ability to propose solutions tailored to our customer’s business issues and our accumulated and formalized expertise.

Our services/products

Business contents

  • Cloud computing consulting, development, and management (AWS, etc.)
  • Technical consulting, development and operation of data analysis infrastructure.
  • Application design, development, and management (LINE, iOS, etc.)
  • SaaS and Web service planning, development, support, and operation.
  • Training of IT human resources for companies and support for in-house production.
  • Automated retail technology and cashless payment systems planning, development, and operation.

Services we operate and manage

  • AWS Total Support Service Class Method Members
  • LINE mini-application generation service ‘CX ORDER’
  • Data Integration Platform ‘CS Analytics’
  • Technology Media ‘DevelopersIO Zenn’
  • IT experimental store ‘DevelopersIO CAFE’
  • Profile Viewer ‘Proflly’


Engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

We are involved in a wide range of business activities, such as introducing and validating overseas SaaS products and technologies, promoting them as the best solutions to our customers’ problems, and producing contracted mobile applications and IoT projects.

What technologies are you using?

We use a number of technologies and services, but we are primarily focused on AWS, a public cloud. You will be actively involved in AWS regardless of the department you are assigned to.
Many of our members have been named 2021 APN AWS Top Engineers and 2021 APN ALL AWS Certifications Engineers, and they have been recognized for their outstanding technical abilities.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

We have a wide range of job types. Positions are decided based on the employee’s wishes and aptitudes.

(Examples of positions)

Alliance Engineer

This position is responsible for technical verification of partner alliance products (services), proposal activities to customers, implementation support, customer support, etc. As the scope of work covered is extensive, the area of responsibility can be discussed in consideration of the applicant’s characteristics.

  • Activities related to presales, implementation support (quasi-delegated), customer support, and customer success
  • Technical validation, information sharing through blogs and videos
  • Webinar/event/hands-on planning, document creation, and public speaking
  • Communication with partner companies including overseas
  • Information sharing and planning of product study sessions for internal use
  • Other general technical support required for handling partner alliance products

Server-side engineer

We are actively proposing and introducing serverless architecture that fully utilizes AWS services (API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis, etc.). The server-side engineer will be responsible for product development, development and implementation.
Our server-side engineers demonstrate leadership and knowledge of product development, team development, and cloud computing to build and release applications. They are required to understand the issues of the customer/company, build business models, and solve/improve them. One of their duties is to proactively output the technologies they have acquired at Developers.IO and other technical events.

iOS application development engineer

They are in charge of planning, design, development, and maintenance of applications for smartphones and tablet devices.
Since most of the orders are received directly from client companies without going through Systems integrator or development companies, we can freely choose modern technologies and tools to develop. In terms of language, we mainly use Swift or Kotlin for native application development.
There is a lot of opportunities to collaborate with in-house designers, so you can think about how to maximize a good user experience together and build skills and expertise in all elements from the front to the back end, including server-side and AWS API integration and tuning.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

As needed, new services are being considered and implemented. We also have a department dedicated to introducing new businesses and services.

If you do, please tell us the details!

DevelopersIO CAFÉ, for example, is a new experience café that is totally cashier-less, cashless, walk-through payment, and does not handle cash, but instead allows consumers to purchase and pay on the website. This is a revolutionary experience in a café that does not accept cash and instead lets clients to order and pay on the website without having to wait in line.

Our corporate culture

In a culture of “let’s try it first,” employees are expected to take initiative in leadership and learning.

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