Who we are

HQ : Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama
Established : 1955
Employees : 1,037 (854 technical staff/183 administrative staff)

EJEC is a group of professionals that provides technical capabilities through surveys, planning, and design related to public infrastructure and other projects. EJEC has 19 registered divisions as construction consultants (21 at the maximum), and also provides services as compensation consultants, geological surveyors, land surveyors, and architectural firms.

Our philosophy

EJEC’s management philosophy
Fulfilment of corporate social responsibility and contribution to the welfare of humankind while increasing the corporate value through the performance of excellent technologies to meet the challenges associated with the global environment, national land protection and infrastructure development in local areas.

At EJEC, we have a vision of our desired future. It is a future where everyone can live a prosperous and pleasant life. However, the current reality is that people are surrounded by many problems and issues, such as “environmental issues including global warming”, ” the need to find measures to deal with earthquakes, sediment disasters and flooding ” and ” the proper maintenance of deteriorated infrastructure”. EJEC has many advantages, including engineering strength and consulting capability, both of which have been nurtured through the long history of our business activities, as well as strong bonds of solidarity among our staff. We are determined to make the best use of our advantages to solve problems and issues create and sustain an affluent future indefinitely. Our Mission embodies the reason for EJEC’s existence. Keeping this Mission at heart, EJEC will foster excellent engineering strengths to realize our Mission in order to fulfil the requirements of a civil engineering consultant today and in the future.

Our services/products

Comprehensive Construction Consultant
EJEC is a “comprehensive construction consultant” with professionals capable of providing a wide range of technical services from software to hardware, including project surveys and planning, urban planning and disaster prevention planning for entire regions, infrastructure design, maintenance and preservation, and environmental protection measures.

We are committed to understand the nature of the place and the characteristics of the region, and do our best to enrich people’s lives in the future from a broad perspective. This is what we value in all our work. To achieve this, we need producers who can bring together various professionals from both inside and outside the company as a team, sharing their knowledge and wisdom to move the project in the right direction.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Data analysis engineer

・Planning and design for landslide prevention and earthquake disaster prevention
・Investigation and analysis of disaster conditions (caused by earthquakes, heavy rainfall, floods, storm surges and high waves)

ICT engineer

・Research on the development of new technologies
・Development of DX technology to improve productivity

What technologies are you using?

Data analysis engineer

・AI, cloud services, CAD, GIS, programming, and data processing

ICT engineer

・Programming, CAD, numerical analysis, AI

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Data analysis engineer

・Disaster prevention design work for slopes, and disaster investigation work based on analysis of big data such as satellite data
・Preparation of disaster prevention and mitigation plans related to disasters such as earthquakes

ICT engineer

・Research work for technological development
・Implementation of operations applying new technologies

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

Data analysis engineer

We are always thinking about utilizing or developing new technologies and incorporating them into new products (new products include methods of problem solving as a construction consultant in charge of infrastructure development that enable us to do things that were not possible before).
The processing through analysis of big data in order to utilize it for its intended purpose, and to make it useful for disaster prevention and mitigation. Simulate the impact of a disaster on the social environment and use it to develop countermeasures to minimize the impact.

ICT engineer

The project that aims to develop new technologies that did not exist before and to advance the technology.

We would like to use that technology to easily, quickly, accurately, and safely measure and survey the condition of structures and the occurrence of natural phenomena that contribute to infrastructure development, and determine the safety of such structures.

Career step up

1st year :

While getting an overall picture of the work being done in Japan, improve skills that you are good at or are interested in by supporting affairs conducted by senior engineers. Improve your Japanese language level to N3 or equivalent.

2nd year :

Improve skill level of the technology that you are good at through working experience with senior engineers. Improve your Japanese level to N2 or equivalent.

3rd year :

Continue from the second year to further improve the level of your skills. Improve your Japanese language level to N1 or equivalent.

Our corporate culture

An open corporate culture. Many people are sincere and take pride in their work. The company provides extensive support for skill improvement, and its focus on work-life balance provides a pleasant work environment.

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