Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 1995
Employees : 88

AZIA is a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, that supports communication between companies and their customers through marketing communication systems and services, such as email delivery systems.

Our vision

Bringing the hearts of company and people closer together through technology and services

We are aiming for a world in which the hearts of companies and people are closer than today, and where both can find happiness. We are using our technological power to make this vision come to life.

Our services/products

We are a software company, developing in-house and marketing our own product WEBCAS.

The first product we developed was “WEBCAS email”, a mail delivery system that was released in October 2001. Back then, email based on SMTP protocol was the only way to communicate with customers directly, so we developed and marketed a mail delivery system for companies that wanted to build a better relationship with their customers.

We designed it as a system that enabled customer-oriented content personalization, to allow companies to actually deliver messages that make sense to customers. As a result, our system is currently being used by 6,300 companies in a wide variety of industries.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

WEBCAS series
We are developing a series of in-house packaged products, called WEBCAS.

  1. WEBCAS e-mail
    A secure email delivery system used by major corporations and government agencies.
    We offer the industry’s highest level of delivery speed and environment, high security, and integration with external systems to increase marketing results.
  2. WEBCAS formulator
    Web questionnaires and forms creation system with design customization features.
    It allows anyone to easily create web questionnaires and various web forms freely.
    The data gathered from the forms are stored in a secure database for real-time analysis and aggregation.
  3. WEBCAS mailcenter
    A system that centralizes the management of e-mails and forms delivered on a server to prevent duplicate responses and omissions, allowing multiple people to answer to the relevant emails.
    Short Message Service (SMS) delivery system for mobile devices such as smartphones and feature phones.
    Speedy and reliable delivery to mobile phones for domestic carriers (docomo, au, Softbank, Y!mobile).
  5. WEBCAS taLk
    By linking the IDs of existing customers and LINE IDs (LINE is the most popular messaging app in Japan), this system manually or automatically targets specific customers and sends them messages.

Research and Development
Product development for the WEBCAS series or other new products.

What technologies are you using?

Cloud / On-Premise Services
We offer cloud services are a reasonable price and easy to start, and package versions that can be installed to our customers’ environment.

We have obtained ISO/IEC 27017 certification, the international standard for cloud security.
Certification by a third party organization that it is provided in line with the ISO/IEC 27017 certification, a code of practice for information security management measures for cloud services under an established information security management system.

We offer the industry’s highest level of high-speed email delivery technology. We have reached a total of 2.4 million messages sent through the on-premise and cloud versions.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Job Type
Programmer, system engineer, test engineer, project leader, project manager

Job Description

  • Upgrade and customization to meet customer needs
  • Enhancements such as new features development
  • New product development

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

As a software company, we continue to adopt new technologies for the future and utilize them in our product development.
Although we are still in the test marketing stage, we are considering the use of big data and AI, to improve the accuracy of marketing strategies. It is our policy that the most important thing is to provide more value to our products, and we believe that technology is a way to increase that value.

We will continue to proactively incorporate new technologies while striking a balance between value and technology.

Our corporate culture

Our office is organized as an open space, where all employees including managers are gathered. This allows members to communicate easily with each other.

We introduced a flex-time system for each employee to adapt its working hours to their lifestyle (core time between 10-16).

We also organize activities outside of work, such as a yoga class and a futsal club.

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