Who we are

HQ : Osaka
Established : 2001
Employees : 149

YRGLM Inc is a global IT venture company from Osaka, Japan. We use data and technology to support the marketing activities of companies around the world. In September 2014, our company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
We chose our corporate name “YRGLM” (read irugurumu), a string of letters that does not come from an existing word,
to express our goal to create a new ideal world, through our unique value.

We believe that every single event and every single person we interact with should have an “impact”, each of which may be small, but the accumulation of all of them will eventually become a big wave that will shake the world.

We are a leader in the digital marketing industry and hold the number 1 market share with our marketing performance monitoring platform AD EBiS and our automated operational Ad reporting Tool AdRepo.

Our vision

Impact On The World


We use data and technology to help companies around the world market their products and services to make both buyers and sellers happier.


  • Never stop pursuing
  • Go out of the field
  • Really believe that you can do it

Our services/products

We are developing web services to solve marketing challenges.
AD EBiS, our core business, is a tool for measuring and analysing the effects of Internet advertising.
In the advertising measurement market, we’ve had the top share for four consecutive years, with a market share of approximately 65%.

AD EBiS (Marketing Performance Monitoring Platform)
The No. 1 tool in the ad performance monitoring market, monitoring more than 36 billion user contact log data per year. It does not only measure the performance of web advertising, but also of content marketing and video advertising. Furthermore, through the use of AI, we are able to make highly accurate analogies of similar users from a vast amount of data to dramatically improve marketing performance.

AdRepo (Automated Operational Ad Reporting Tool)
With this tool, the creation of operational advertising reports, which was often done manually, is now fully automated. Reports across all media can be instantly generated.
In addition, integration and centralized management of multiple data is possible through integration with BI tools, and visualization supports decision-making and the discovery of new insights.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

We develop and provide cloud services to support corporate marketing activities including our flagship product AD EBiS.
There are a variety of projects our engineers work on, ranging from the definition of requirements for our products, to operation and maintenance.

What technologies are you using?

・ Machine learning, big data processing
・ Cloud services…AWS (including Amazon Kinesis as well as general ones)

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Application engineer
Programming using PHPs, Java, and Python

Infrastructure engineer
Environment creation using AWS and GCP

IT architect
Design, etc.

Support engineer

Engineers in our company are responsible for the development of new AD EBiS functions, server operation and maintenance, and other engineering tasks. They can choose their own PC and set up their own development environment. In other words, you can choose between Windows and Mac, then what to use for your environment (VM, Docker etc) and for your editor (Vim, Emacs, VS code etc).

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

It all depends on the direction that our service will take, so we’re undecided at this point. But as we have a lot of data in our possession, we plan to explore areas that deal with big data.
We are open to new languages and technologies (Python, GO, etc.).

Career step up

1st year : Engineer apprenticeship

3rd year : PM/section manager

5th year : IT Architect/General Manager

There are two main career choices: you can either become a technology expert, or specialize yourself in people management.

Our corporate culture

34% of our employees are engineers.
43% of our members join us as freshers, we have many young employees and the average age is 33!

Our members are friendly and cheerful, we are a collaborative team who loves to accomplish new things together.
To respect the individuality and diversity of each employee, we introduced systems that support diverse work styles and career advancements. We also have an environment that fosters a flat organisation and open communication.
In 2020, we were ranked by the Great Place to Work® Institute Japan as one of the best companies to work for in Japan, for the 9th consecutive year.

We help our employees grow and develop further their skill set by providing them with learning materials and opportunities to study.
In addition to the training system for freshers, we also have a mentor/apprentice system in which one senior employee serves as a mentor for each new graduate, and teaches and instructs them on business know-how. Sometimes it goes beyond the boundaries of work, and they can consult with them about their worries and anxieties as a new professional. We support newcomers’ growth and provide them with emotional support.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself and improve your skills in the fast-moving digital marketing industry, we’ve got a very interesting environment for you!

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