Who we are

HQ : Shizuoka
Established : 1996
Employees : 71

We are a fast-growing start-up company with 71 employees (as of January 2021), our employees number quadrupled compared to 2018. We have been challenging the world with a market value of more than 27 billion JPY, although we are not listed yet.

Toyokoh started 25 years ago as a family business in Yui, a small town in Shizuoka Prefecture famous for its sakura shrimp. Until April 2018, it was a small company with 15 employees.

In 2006, such a small company developed the “SOSEI method,” a unique method to extend and reinforce the life of aging factory roofs with resin. In 2008, over a period of 10 years, we became the first company in the world to commercialize CoolLaser®, a patented technology that enables the removal of rust, which is the main cause of aging in buildings around the world. This is the first time in the world that CoolLaser® has been put to practical use.

Our Thai branch

The problem of aging infrastructure is a global issue, with a market size of over 200 trillion yen. In May 2018, we made our first capital investment in order to increase the speed of our business and to invest in people and equipment to solve this major social issue. In May 2018, we concluded our first capital and business alliance and raised 200 million yen, and in October 2019, we concluded our second capital and business alliance and raised 800 million yen.

In other words, hiring talented people is the lifeline for Toyokoh.

Our vision

Beautifully, for the future

Our mission:

Beautifully, for the future

In the era of high economic growth, our predecessors have invested more and more to grow the Japanese economy significantly. Factories, roads, bridges, large plants etc… Supported by these investments, Japan has grown into one of the world’s leading economic powers. However, as we enter a mature society, we are facing various social problems such as declining birthrate, aging population, and aging infrastructure and facilities.

Toyoko will challenge to solve “aging infrastructure, etc.” and “declining working-age population” out of these social problems from the perspective of new technologies and construction sites.

Toward a sustainable society that can be used more beautifully for a long time, instead of destroying and recreating important assets that have supported Japan for many years.
Achieve the attractive working environment of construction site with new technologies.
This leads of solving that lack of construction worker caused by a declining working-age population and the hard working environment.

To connect for the beautiful future using new technology as a leader in the construction site.
That is our mission at Toyokoh.

Our Vision:

In 2025, Toyoko is challenging of beautifully buildings (factories, bridges, ships, etc.) around the world and leaving them for the future using technological capabilities of construction and manufacturing.

Our Sosei Base

Our services/products

We contribute to maintain buildings/ infrastructures clean and safe, using our own ground-breaking technology. We have two rapidly growing businesses, SOSEI (‘resurrection’ in Japanese) and CoolLaser.

We increase the life duration of ageing roofs by combining two different chemical fields (paint and resin techniques) into our own ‘resurrection’ technology, spraying 3 layers to reinforce the existing structure.
TOYOKOH is the leader in this field, and has the best track records within Japan. In the future we are planning on expanding all over the world, starting with Asia through our Thailand branch.

Our research center in Hamamatsu

Rust is the leading cause of deterioration of infrastructures. We implemented the world’s first rust-removing method using laser technology. This is the first technology that has made laser technology practical for outdoor construction.
In this market worth two-hundred trillion JPY, we already hold several patents.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

In preparation for the launch of a laser system equipped with IoT in 2025, our team is developing a cloud service using sensing data collected by our laser.

They are in charge of all the stages of the development of a device remote control system using database, from planning stage to testing:

  • System architecture planning
  • Requirement definition
  • Design, development and testing

What technologies are you using?

We are using laser technologies as well as Cloud tech, IoT and AI.

Our members working with the Mount Fuji in the background

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Engineers working in our team are IT Engineers specialized in AI and IoT technologies.

R&D Engineer (CoolLaser)
The CoolLaser R&D team research and develop our laser technology.

IT engineers (AI-IoT specialists)
They develop a cloud service using sensing information and other data sent from the laser system, aiming for a laser system equipped with an IoT model.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We are planning on spreading our business to the world, first by creating a laser system rental business in 2021, then by equipping it with IoT by 2025, so we will definitely be using IoT as well as AI technologies more and more.

Our corporate culture

We are offering a working environment with a flat organization where skilled people who can relate to our mission, regardless of their gender, nationality or age, can take their chance. The CEO of our Thailand branch was actually a student from Thailand, who joined TOYOKOH as a fresher last year.

The people we want to work with are those who are serious about taking on the challenge of changing the world with their lives.

  • What do you want to accomplish in your life?
  • What do you want to achieve in your life and why do you want to belong to an organization, while you could work individually?

Ask yourself these two questions.

At Toyokoh, we want to be a group of strong people who can face up to their own lives and combine the mission they want to accomplish in their own lives with the challenges of the company.

Recruiting experience in India

Last year we went to India to hold a recruitment event and now we have team members from India and Nepal working together with us. We are currently working remotely, but through daily online meetings we are able to share details of each other’s situations.

One of the most memorable parts of recruiting in India was the face-to-face conversations we had with students.
Although we speak different languages, we tried our best to understand each other and communicate, which led to interesting and fun conversations.

During the recruitment event in Bangalore

In the same way, when communicating with other people, we encourage you to enjoy the conversation and listen to the other person, rather than focusing only on what you want to convey and appeal.

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