Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 1976
Employees : 156

Tokyo System House is an independent IT company with a 45-year history. We are widely recognized in the industry for our comprehensive solutions that also cover business strategy, and enable stable and balanced management.

We also continue to proactively challenge products and services that apply cutting-edge technologies such as RPA, AI, and cloud computing.

If you are a student who wants to seriously test your abilities and grow in the IT industry, we are looking forward to your challenge.

Our vision

To gain the trust and confidence of our users through our services

The most important objective for us is to gain the trust and confidence of our users through our services.

Our basic management philosophy is as follows

  • To be a company that is trusted by and contributes to society
  • To be a company that can create unique products, technologies and services
  • To be a company that can respond promptly to changes in current trends
  • To be a company whose growth leads to the happiness of its employees
  • To become a company that is always ranked higher than other companies in the same industry
  • To become a company with higher profits and higher wages in the industry
  • To become a company whose employees’ improvements lead to the growth of the organization

Our services/products

We mainly develop our business through the following 7 services

  1. MMS: A migration service for running applications built on mainframe COBOL, to migrate them on open platforms.
  2. AJTOOL: An execution platform for combining COBOL, JCL, online, ledger tools, operation monitoring tools, OLTP, and other system components on an open system.
  3. SmartCompare: A tool that uses AI to efficiently compare old and new ledge forms, a time-consuming task during system migration and renewal.
  4. Wagby: A tool to develop web-based applications without programming. It automatically generates everything from design information to business rules, screens, and database schema.
  5. SwingClubAI: A system that comprehensively manages and supports golf course operations, constantly incorporating new technologies such as management analysis using AI functions and customer attraction using applications to solve management issues.
  6. Golferweb: A web media aimed at “making golf more accessible”. The website offers a wide range of content, including golf events and golf history articles, for golfing novices to golf connoisseurs to enjoy.
  7. Swing UP: A web media aimed at “creating new golfers”, by referring customers to golf courses. It enables golf courses to effectively attract customers depending on customers influx and driving ranges can easily arrange events such as golf course lessons.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

There is no company-wide unified engineering department, but rather an engineering department for each division.

What technologies are you using?

Image analysis (swing detection, etc.), golf course reservation data analysis, costs data analysis, BizMake, etc.

Cloud computing
Golf course reservations, standard form collection system for food manufacturers, migration services (Aws, Azure, GCP)

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Each department (service) has its own technical department.

Migration Solution Department:

  • Migration Engineer (analysis and migration of legacy systems)
  • Cloud Engineer (analysis and migration of legacy systems)
  • OSS Development Engineer (OSS development and collaboration with communities)

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

Migration solutions and AI-based migration and testing work, online system infrastructure using the latest web technologies. We are taking other initiatives, which are currently under consideration.

Career step up

Your career path and growth relies on your capabilities and speed to adapt to your environment.

We offer two different paths: management course, and specialist course. Below is the detail of the management course for reference.

Rabbit: quickest path
Turtle: slower path

Team leader

Rabbit: 3rd year
Turtle:10th year

Team manager

Rabbit: 5th year
Turtle: 15th year

When they reach this level, employees can choose between management or specialist course

Division manager

Rabbit: 6th~10th year
Turtle: 15th~23rd year

Gradually going up from section head to division manager

Head of department

Rabbit: 15th year
Turtle: 28rd year

Our corporate culture

In order to realize our company motto and management philosophy, we put a lot of effort into training and supporting our employees!

Employee training

We have a full range of employee training programs for different levels, and all employees can attend fixed-price training programs.

(1) Preemployment training program (for prospective employees)
We provide basic training for freshers, including Excel, Word, Power Point, and business manners. The purpose of this training is to relieve anxiety prior to joining the company and to have a connection with peers.

(2) Training for new employees
Mainly internal regulations, business manners training, and practical Java training (given by outside specialized instructors)

(3) Employee training Fixed-price training
Available for employees to learn business skills, management skills, engineering skills, etc.

1 and 2 are trainings for new graduates, therefore not applicable to mid-career hires.

Systems to improve the workplace

Here are some of the various systems implemented to improve quality of the work environment. By introducing various systems that foster motivation and energy toward work, you can work with increased motivation while maintaining a sense of balance.

Working hours and holidays

  • We introduced staggered working hours and telework system 3 years ago, before the Covid-19 state of emergency. We have introduced interval work and no-overtime work days to make work more flexible.
  • The introduction of a scheduled paid system allows us to secure holidays in a planned manner.

Promotion of sports and activities
The company is promoting sports for employees to refresh their mind and body. It also enhances communication among employees.

  • Events such as field day (TSH Thanksgiving Day)
  • Circle activities
    The company subsidizes the operating expenses for circle activities. Ekiden (relay race), golf, tennis, baseball, futsal, skiing and snowboarding clubs are currently active.
    The president of the company is also a member of three clubs: the relay race club, baseball club, and golf club.

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