Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 1978
Employees : 265

Our company, SUCCESS Corporation, is situated in Tokyo and was founded in 1978. On June 7th of this year, we celebrated our 44th year in operation. Our capital is 100 million JPY.

Our business includes game software creation, sales, and operation, animation for pachinko and pachislot machines, animation and video production, business solution software development and sales, and digital signage.

Our Motto

Make what you want to make, Make what stands out, Do it now.


Our management is based on the following principles.

(1) Our mission is to create a new culture by software development.
(2) We will expand our corporate value by continuous development and transformation.
(3) We aim to provide innovative systems, as well as exciting items and satisfying services.


01 Work is something we create for ourselves, not something provided to us by others.
02 We do not point out flaws, instead we provide suggestions to solve the problem.
03 When people stop learning, they grow old; some elderly people live like they are 20 years old, while some other young people live like they are 80 years old. You may leave the company quietly if you consider yourself “old”.
04 Plan it out before you start working. Everything is determined by prioritization.
05 Better being “rough and ready” than “slow and elaborate”.
06 Punctuality builds trust; make it a habit to arrive five minutes early.
07 Lack of communication is the root of all problems. Remember the names of the people you meet, and always greet them. Also, make sure your directions/requests are clear and well-understood, and make a habit of sharing information.

Our services/products

Game Software Development

We develop and publish our own video game titles for smartphones, PCs, and home gaming consoles, just like large game publishers. So far, we’ve created and released over 1,500 titles.
We also offer contract development services for smartphones, PCs, home video game consoles, and a wide range of other devices. Our development team has an extensive web application and application development experience. Our ability to manage all procedures in-house, including planning, specification, CG, sound, programming, and debugging, is one of our greatest assets. We have the best development track record in Japan, especially in HTML5 (web) game creation. Some of our popular and recent works: Rakuen-Seikatsu Hitsuji Village(Sheep Village Paradise Life), Eiyu Chronicle (Hero-Chronicle), Mahjong Royal, Djungarian Monogatari (The Tale of Djungarian Hamster) , Umihara-Kawase Series(Wire-Action Game featuring a young girl character Umihara Kawase), Kashiori(Sweets Tetris game),Funghi Hunting Puzzle, and others.

Amusement business (pachinko, pachislot LCD software)

We produce animation for pachislot and pachinko machines. We also manufacture LCD, controllers, lamps/lights, sound, and actuators surrounding the pachinko/pachislot machines.

Business Software Development and Sales

We’re also working on developing tools for better internal communication, project progress management, and other aspects of a company organization. Our products are “Bizline” & “Who’s Who” :
Bizline: A communication, reporting, and consulting tool for employees. It’s a service that allows you to communicate with your smartphone or PC using text or voice.
Who’s Who: Learning each other’s names is the first step in communicating with them. This is a tool that uses quizzes like “guess my face” and “guess where I’m from” to help employees recall names.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

In game programmer team, you would be in charge of creating social games and browser games.
The projects differ by department (there are 7 game-creation departments at the moment), and numerous project lines are always active within the same department.
A few projects example: simple puzzle games, console games, browser RPG games, 3D technology games, and contract development projects with non-game organizations utilizing game technology.

As a server-side engineer, you will be assigned to construction, maintenance, and management of company’ s entire server system / security management and support, etc. In particular, your main task will be operation and maintenance of the internal servers.

What technologies are you using?

Game Programmer

Programming languages include C, C++, Java, ActionScript, PHP, etc.
For game engines, we utilize Unity, Unreal engines, etc.
Other softwares include Office and Adobe: Photoshop, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Server-side Engineer

Programming languages include PHP、Java、JavaScript are required.
You can make good use of your knowledges regarding the on-premise servers (Linux/WindowsServer/NAS, etc.) for the operation and maintenance of the internal servers.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Game programmer

They develop and publish our own video game titles and/or titles for contract development projects on various platforms such as smartphones, PCs, and home gaming consoles.

Server-side Programmer

Operation and maintenance of the internal servers using (Linux/WindowsServer/NAS).

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

Prior to the COVID epidemic, we were considering entering the e-sports industry. We don’t have any clear strategies in place at this moment, as we plan and develop in accordance with current trends.

Our corporate culture

“Make what you want to make,” as our motto says, and once or twice a year we have a Game planning competition in which everyone, regardless of their year or job description, can compete.
If you are motivated and competent, you will have the opportunity to take an active role regardless of your age, gender, nationality, or years of experience.
We have many members who are eager to learn and continue to provide a variety of perspectives, everyday. We believe this is an important quality for creators.
We have an open atmosphere, we are honest with each other. People are friendly, and occasionally gather to play games during breaks, and enjoy club activities. We’re trying to create an environment where employees can work steadily while still maintaining their individuality and well-being.

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