SpaceGrab Co., ltd.

Who we are

HQ : Hyogo
Established : 2019
Employees : 5

We are a young company related to both the Yamaguchi Electric Construction Group and the Daisha Sangyo Group.

Yamaguchi Electric Construction, established in 1961, has 60 years of experience in the electric power industry, while Daisha Sangyo has been operating as an engineering trading company for the plant industry for the past 50 years.

Using our experience in the plant industry, SpaceGrab was created in April 2019 in order to respond to the need of the infrastructure industry to convert 2D drawings into 3D drawings, to improve the safety and security standards.

With our technology, the SLAM laser scanner HERON, we are the pioneer in Japan, offering end-users a speedy, low-cost service that makes it possible to create CAD chart in one tenth of the usual time and thus reduces the cost by half.

In the future, we plan to introduce new technologies and working styles to embrace the digital transformation, for example using smart glasses to perform inspection work.

Our vision


As stated in our vision “To implement 3D into infrastructure”, we aim to revolutionize the surveying industry, which was originally developed in 2D.

3D drawings can be completed at an amazing speed without affecting existing buildings such as important cultural sites. Such “visualization” of complex buildings allows a better communication both inside and outside the industry. By doing so, we can reduce the time and effort needed for the people who work on-site, and we believe that this can make people happier. We aim to develop our business so that one day such practices become a commonplace.

~ To implement 3D into infrastructure ~
Until now, Japan has been developed based on two-dimensional survey maps. There, we have introduced a three-dimensional concept that reduces the workload of workers. We hope that the time saved can be converted into hapiness and enjoyement.

~ A company with depth ~
Keeping in mind our original conviction, and without being distracted by tasks at hand, we wish to create a viruous cycle of “excitement → gratitude”. We aim to be a company with extensive knowledge and skills.

~ Exciting teamwork ~
At SpaceGrab, each and every person plays a meaningful role, and we thrive to provide excitement to our business partners and our clients.
Through teamwork, we will meet the world’s highest expectations.

Our services/products

We use industry changing new measuring equipment and we provide the optimal data to respond to our clients needs faster than other any other company.

Conventional fixed 3D scanners take a lot of time, because they need to be arranged at each place and then to be set before every single use. On top of that, they are not suitable for constrained objects.

It is a revolutionary type of 3D laser scanner that allows the surveyor to obtain 3D data simply by setting it on his back and walking around.

Fixed 3D scanner:
Used for indoor and outdoor measurement in fields such as architecture, engineering and construction. Even complex objects and buildings can be scanned accurately.
The 8-megapixel built-in HDR camera can scan detailed images while providing a natural colour overlay for data scanned under light conditions with large differences in brightness. It enables fast, safe and reliable scanning.

Drone scanner:
For clients who need sky view data of a vast site or a mountain slop etc., we can use drones to provide data (removing obstacles such as trees).

During the time it takes to obtain very precise measures with the fixed scanner, it is possible to use HERON by walking around in the areas where millimetres measure are not needed.
By combining these devices together, a wide range of 360-degree 3D data can be acquired continuously. Moreover, the data status can be quickly checked directly on a tablet.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

We visit the client’s site, measure it with our 3D laser scanner, then we synthesizes the data on a PC. We can convert point cloud data to CAD modelling data according to customer needs.
To respond to the challenges caused by frequent earthquakes in Japan, in the future, we want to inspect sites and provide data before and after earthquakes by checking the changes in units of 5 mm.

What technologies are you using?

We use AWS and Azure to build a virtual environment and lend it to clients. We also use both 3D and 2D CAD.
Our technology can be used in various fields such as mechanical design and architectural design.
We plan to focus on BIM data from now on.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

The type of engineers working in our team are CAD operators.
Their main mission is to trace point cloud data to 3D CAD.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We want to make it possible to use point cloud data freely in VR, MR, etc. using Unity.

In the future, on we plan to focus on iOS and Android application development, that is why we are looking for talented and motivated engineers to join us and take on new challenges!

Our corporate culture

Exciting teamwork
The basic client’s work is done on a project-by-project basis, so it is done as a team rather than as an single individual.
This makes it easier to express and respect each other opinions, thus creating an open and positive environment where everyone can enjoy their work.

Fun at work, reduced stress
We believe that people who do not enjoy their work will not come up with good products or ideas.
In order to provide our clients with high satisfaction, we create an enjoyable space for our members where they can work with a smile on their faces.

Also, we know that it is difficult to think alone and it takes a lot of time, so we encourage our members to quickly ask for help when they are in trouble, so the problem can be solved shortly and the work can go on efficiently.
We are a company and a team that supports each and every members so that they can go home each night feeling refreshed.

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