Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2012
Employees : 100

CEO : Takeshi Nitta
Capital : 510,024,500 JPY (total amount of funds procured: 5 billion JPY) *As of February 2021
Head Office : 1-2-3 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Services/products : Providing a platform for the creation of next-generation shops (Mobile order platform, OEM solution)

CEO’s Profile
After Graduating from Sophia University, Faculty of Law, he worked as a producer of mobile e-commerce and media business since early 2000s, then joined Mixi Inc. As the head of social business division, he created a number of hit apps and pioneered omni-channel campaigns in Japan in conjunction with convenience stores.

Our office lounge

In 2011, he established a Joint venture with Bascule Inc., a leading digital creative agency in Japan, and join the board of directors.
In 2012, he founded Showcase Gig Inc., that develops a platform centered on the mobile order service “O:der”, to provide support for sales promotion and payment for brick-and-mortar businesses such as restaurants and retail stores.

Our vision

Improve our daily life through the technology that fits in our daily consumption behavior

Improve our daily life through the technology that fits in our daily consumption behavior.

To create a platform for the next generation of consumer behavior.

We create a store of the future, that by using our technology, consumers can feel like all restaurants were made for themselves and reply to their own needs. You can order in advance through your smartphone and pick it up at a time of your choice. And you can order in table.

In the future, you can also pre-set your allergies, likes and dislikes, so that you don’t see menus that don’t suit you from the start. We offer the next generation of services that are only possible in widespread use of smartphones and the Internet.

Our services/products

Our mobile ordering service “O:der” is a platform that aims to improve the efficiency of restaurant operations by helping to attract more customers, reduce staff, go cashless, and improve CRM.

It can be flexibly linked to the hardware terminals in the shop, and supports the next generation shop creation through the use of digital technology, which is essential for the future of businesses. This provides customers with the consumer experience of the future.

Since its establishment in 2012, Showcase Gig has been developing mobile order solutions for more than 3,500 shops.
The system has been adopted by major chains and is expected to become the after-corona contactless ordering and payment system for the restaurant industry.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

As a platform for the creation of next-generation shops, we are developing products that capture the consumer behavior of the future.


  1. O:der ToGo (Take-out service)
  2. O:der Table (Table order service)
  3. O:der Kiosk (order payment terminal)

What technologies are you using?


  • Languages: Go, PHP
  • Frameworks: Laravel, FuelPHP, Node.js

Front End

  • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Frameworks: React.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js
  • Error monitoring: Sentry


  • Configuration Management: Terraform
  • Cloud: AWS
  • DB: MySQL, Redis
  • Container orchestration: ECS, Fargate, Kubernetes
  • Log monitoring: Datadog

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Backend Engineer
Develop the backend system of “O:der Platform”, “O:der Table”, “O:der ToGo” and “O:der Kiosk” .

Front-end Engineer
Front-end development of “O:der Table” and “O:der ToGo” and in-store management applications.

Infrastructure Engineer
Build, operate and develop the infrastructure of “O:der Platform”.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We are replacing our PHP system with Go, and we are also working on microservices.

Career step up

Depending on your ability, you will be given the opportunity to take on more challenging tasks from an early stage in your career.

1st year

Able to design/estimate the entire system from a requirements document

3rd year

Able to design the entire system from the requirements definition document

5th year

As a leader, maximize the output of the team

Our corporate culture

We are a company that creates things that have never existed before, therefore we have a very creative team.
Even remotely, we work well and efficiently as a team.

Our cafe space

We organize a lot of study sessions and monthly LT(Lightning Talks), where the team and the company as a whole work together to achieve our mission.

Due to the Covid-19, we are not able to travel abroad at the moment, but we offer a benefit service called “GO! Global System” to help us learn about the world and use it for our own innovation.

We believe that we are one of the most advanced technology company in Japan!

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