Who we are

HQ : Komaki-shi, Aichi
Established : 1979
Employees : 273

As an R&D-oriented venture company, we have been involved in optical technology since our establishment in 1979, and have developed and introduced advanced products under the motto of “challenging R&D that has never been done by others nor can be found anywhere else in the world”.

We have divided our business into three main fields: “Optical Components Business,” “Optical Instruments Business,” and “Optical Imaging and Sensing Business (including medical equipment).

As we enter our 43rd year of operation, we are looking for new talent to help us achieve further growth as we aim to continue contributing to society with products that use “optical technology”.

Our vision

Creating Optopia
Santec is guided by a commitment to the Optical Technology that is revolutionizing the way we perceive the world and share information. Santec envisions an evolved society with photonics driving advancements in communications, life sciences, sensing and industry. Photonics has the potential to unleash unprecedented growth and it brings transformation to the way we work, connect, and relax. We call this new, enlightened and human centric information society: OPTOPIA.

The Photonics Pioneer
Advance the creation of Optopia using our unique photonics solutions.
Lead the market as a respected pioneer and influence the world to build a bright future.
Deliver on the dreams and prosperity of customers, suppliers, stockholders, employees and our community.

ICC Venture Spirit
Venture spirit is a compass for each employee. With the following three words in mind, we commit to make full use of our potential to overcome any adversity and explore new paths.
Independency Entrepreneurial mind-set. Exceptional sense of responsibility. Courage to take risks.
Creativity Challenge convention and pursue extraordinary approaches.
Consciousness Awareness of goal and duty. Unshakable determination.

Keys to Success
Customer First
We listen to customers and strive to exceed their expectations.
Target and Lead the Market
We select and focus on markets we can lead.
Outstanding Performance
We search for excellence in performance and quality.
Imagination and Innovation
We differentiate ourselves with audacious vision and invention.
Flexible and Flat Organization
We manage an efficient organization where decisions are made quickly.
Diversity and Team Bonding
We respect individuality and promote unity toward a common goal.
Open Communication
We encourage honest and open discussion with integrity.
Global Perspective
We value our connections to the international community.
Acumen and Diligence
We pursue accuracy and keenness of insight, always staying curious.
Agility and Perseverance
We move quickly and work persistently to capture profit opportunity.

Our services/products

Optical measuring instrument
Optical components
Optical imaging/sensing
Business solutions
Medical devices


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

We are involved from the design stage of the product being developed by the product development department. Through repeated meetings, we design, develop, and assemble the equipment so that the production department can mass produce the product without any problems.
Our optical communication components are chosen by the world’s first-class customers. Technology in the field of optical communications changes rapidly, and many of the requirements are difficult, so we work hard every day to provide high-performance production equipment in cooperation with the product development and production departments.
We are also considering projects to use these technologies to sell equipment and elemental technologies to external parties.

What technologies are you using?

The main technologies required for equipment design are general programs such as C#, image processing, electrical design, and mechanical design. Since we are an optical company, we also use optical technology.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Main job categories: Mechanical/electrical design engineers, software engineers, circuit design engineers, optical component engineers

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

If a large number of devices are introduced in the future, there is a possibility that networks will be constructed to acquire information on devices and DX, as well as to incorporate AI in device operation and image processing.

Career step up

1st year : Programmer

2nd year : Programmer

3rd year : Based on your code skills, communication skills and understanding of the project’s content, you will be entrusted to lead the project’s software.

In addition to equipment development, we also carry out elemental technology development, taking in various needs within the company. Therefore, to step up your career, you also need to understand mechanical and electrical design.

Our corporate culture

We welcome individuals with the ICC spirit, which stands for Indepency, Creativity, and Consciousness. We are looking for those who are open-minded, goal-oriented, self-directed, and hard-working.

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