Rworks, Inc.

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2000
Employees : 52

The “R” in Rworks stands for “Reliable” and “works” refers to manufacturing. Our business philosophy is to be a company trusted by its customers and business partners.

This company was first established under the corporate name ASTEC, and started developing UNIX products such as ASTEC-X (xServer) and ASTEC Eyes (network analyzer).
Our expertise in terms of Know-how, Know-who, Know-why are the reason of our pioneering advantage. In addition to providing conventional software products, we provide IT Managed Services to our customers, building IT systems adapted to the cloud and managing integrated operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A system is a living thing, we must respond quickly to changes in the environment and market needs. While managing our customers’ systems, we work with them to detect changes and propose the most appropriate IT infrastructure. We aim for an “Open Innovation” i.e. contributing to society by sharing our technologies with our customers and partner companies, rather than keeping our technologies only for ourselves.

Our vision

Trust, technology, challenge!

Working with customers to create the future

Rworks values “trust” and “technology” as basic principles. We keep on taking new challenges to pursue innovation, and work together with our customers to create a brilliant future. Our management vision is to constantly improve our mindshare.

We do our utmost for our customers to feel

  • Satisfaction with our products and services
  • Trust in us
  • Understanding of our management philosophy and policies

Our services/products

Our business activities include

  1. Managed cloud services (system monitoring and operation services)
  2. Software business (software development and sales)

Our performance and technological expertise:

  • Currently, we are operating, monitoring, repairing, and proposing improvements for systems with more than 5,000 nodes
  • We have been providing a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year operational services for over 15 years
  • Knowledge of various network devices, operating systems, and cloud infrastructures
  • We are involved in the development of tools necessary for system operation, and able to provide them as SaaS. We are also contributing to the open source community, by taking into account feedback from people actually using the systems on-site to expand tools’ functions.
  • We have a strong expertise in designing and constructing systems for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Our goal for the future is to eliminate simple operations jobs, so humans can focus on higher-value work.
To this end, we are using our expertise to build systems that can be used by anyone, and are working to strengthen our technological capabilities in fields and tasks that only humans can perform. In the future, we want to build a SaaS product based on our operations know-how, and distribute it outside of Japan.

Due to the nature of our industry, we believe that the environment surrounding us will continue to change.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Cloud construction and operation
Major public clouds such as AWS, Azure, GCP, ALTUS, and IDCF Cloud.
We offer our support for installation, cloud design, construction, monitoring, and operation.
Also, we perform transition from other systems to clouds.

Systems Management
On-Premise Environment System.
We provide design, construction, monitoring, maintenance, and security management of server networks.
Proposal for improvement of system operation.
Active Directory operation.

Security services

  1. Vulnerability diagnosis, analysis, and countermeasures
    SECURE-AID (Platform Diagnostis, Analysis and Vulnerability Resolution)
    SECURE-AID EX (Platform Diagnosis for Security Audit)
    SECURE-AID Apps (Web Application Diagnosis)
    SECURE-AID Advanced (manual diagnosis by engineer)
    Compare vulnerability protection services
  2. Falsification detection, WAF, SOC, WordPress security
    SECURE-ARGUS (falsification detection, instantaneous recovery)
    WAF (Attack blocking)
    SOC outsourcing
    Advanced persistent threat targeted e-mail training
    WordPress Security Measures

What technologies are you using?

Linux (RHEL, Apache, MySQL, ShellScript, Perl, PHP, Ruby, etc.), Windows (IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.)
TCP/IP, L2/L3/L7 switch, router, VPN, firewall, load balancer, etc.
Cloud and virtualization:
AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, VM Ware, etc.
Other major protocols:

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

  • Network engineers (for designing, constructing, managing networks and servers)
  • Development engineers (SaaS design and development)

To flexibly respond to customer demands as well as changes in the external environment, in order to deliver better solutions, Rworks is looking for people that fit the following characteristics:

  1. A “computer junkie”
    We like to work with people who see computers as a part of their life, their hobby. As the saying goes “What one likes, one will do well”, turning your hobby into your job has many advantages. If you are enjoying yourself in what you do, the results will follow.
  2. Inquiring spirit
    Be it for work or things in general, there is always a system that governs things. We are looking for people who are interested in the background and principles found behind systems, and who are able to widen their knowledge. All of our members constantly deepen their insights into a wide range of areas, while seeking out their own strong field and skills noone can imitate.
  3. Trustworthy
    To be trusted by others, first of all you need to speak with confidence. It’s also important to be able to talk with passion about things you like. We know we can trust this kind of people, because they actually do what they said they would. It is also essential to gain the trust not only of clients, but also of other members within the company. When we select new employees, whether our current members want to work with that person or not is part of our criteria.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

Detection of Predictive Signs of Failure Using AI.
We collect data on CPU usage, memory usage, network traffic, and other system operating conditions on a daily basis. By analyzing these data with AI, we aim to develop a service that predicts problems before they occur.

Our corporate culture

R Value Action Guidelines
Rworks has established a code of conduct called R Value, which describes how employees should follow the company’s management philosophy and vision when carrying out their work.

Goal achievement evaluation (goal management)
An interview is held twice a year between each employee and their direct supervisor to define the problems they have to work on, and set goals. Each member has five goals to achieve. One of the goals is compliance with R Value, which is common to all employees. Six months later, the supervisor evaluates the degree of achievement of the goals and conducts an evaluation interview. During the evaluation interview, they thoroughly discuss issues together.

Occupational evaluation
Comprehensive evaluation is conducted based on job performance, basic skills, attitudes toward work, and expected future role.

To students who are considering joining us: do not try to fit the mold, follow your dreams without fear.
We are often asked “What should I study before joining the company?”, but to that we say, enjoy your university years as much as you can. You will acquire the technical knowledge required once you joined the company, so until then, take advantage of the experiences you can only have while you are a student.
The experiences and knowledge you have gained while enjoying yourself then will eventually come to life sometime, and that will be beneficial to us as well.

We are looking for people who can see change as something interesting and fun, and can tackle new issues with their own spirit and way of doing thing. This is an important factor for us, as each employee’s well-being and motivation has a deep impact on the team and the company.

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