Who we are

HQ : Osaka
Established : 2015
Employees : 8

Novel Works was established in 2015 with the goal of creating new social trends and systems with IT.
Our company organize seminars and provide business system construction support in the Kansai area, centered around the workplace platform Kintone by Cybozu. As a result of constantly learning new technologies and giving back to society, we have established ourselves as an expert in the cloud field.

We want to be useful to the world and to the people through our work. We believe in commitment to results and our work does not end when we create a system, but rather, we work together with our customers to create a better system, from proposals to development and consulting.
Despite being a small organization, we operate a wide range of businesses and have started to expand outside of Japan.

In the future, we plan on supporting the introduction of more advanced systems, as well as developing our own products through the use of AWS and other cloud technologies, while also expanding our business overseas.

Our vision

Let’s create new mechanisms with IT
Let’s change social trends with IT

We aim to be a team of professionals that solves social issues through the power of new technologies.
By continuing to learn and challenge ourselves, we create new common sense.

Our services/products

  1. Kintone extensions
    We offer a number of non-coding plug-ins and collaborative services to extend the functionality of the platform kintone.
  2. Voice bot system (under development)
    We are developing a phone inquiry bot system using AWS speech recognition technology and natural language processing.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Cloud Solutions Division

  • Main Development Tools
    kintone (cloud DB), AWS, GCP
  • Overview
    kintone: non-coding development in front of the customer, or kintone development using js, css, REST-API
    AWS: we are conducting serverless development making full use of various AWS microservices such as AI services, BI analysis (big data), and IoT.

R&D Department
We research the latest technologies using various cloud services such as AWS and GCP, create prototypes, and develop our own products.

What technologies are you using?

  • AI (especially speech recognition, image recognition)
  • IoT
  • Big Data
  • XR
  • Cloud Systems

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Our engineers can aspire to be full-stack engineers, with both front-end and back-end skills.
They learn the latest technologies both in languages and IDE, while keeping an eye on trends and pursuing better productivity and efficiency.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

Combining XR and AI technology, we are developing a concept of “virtual office” with a structure that cannot be realized in real life. Instead of Unity that is traditionally used in this field, we use AWS Sumerian and start developing our own products that incorporate the latest technologies (XR, AI).

Career step up

We encourage each of our members to step up and improve their skills, while checking their aptitude and ambition.

Our corporate culture

The spirit of rugby “One for All, All for One” is very important to us. We value teamwork and care for our fellow players.
We are open about all company information and salaries are discussed and decided together with our teammates.
We offer benefits for self-improvement, such a gym membership fees, book purchases, community activities etc.

Our team during an industry event

Our motto is Work hard, Play hard.
Be flexible and give your all, both at work and in your private life. We want to remain younthful whatever our age.
Work environment can be seen as a second youth, it is an environment in which one makes many new friends.

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