Multibook Ltd.

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2000
Employees : 90

Multibook aims to be a company that can provide a one-stop solution to companies facing challenges with their overseas business systems, by supporting both Japanese companies expanding their business abroad, and foreign companies entering Japan.
We have branches in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Germany, and USA.

We specialize in the following four business areas – SAP Consulting being our core service.
(1) SAP Consulting
(2) Cloud-based global ERP system “multibook”
(3) BPO services
(4) RPA implementation Support

Our vision

No Borders, One Earth

Corporate Mission:
Contribute to the improvement of our clients’ corporate value by bringing them business success in the world through our globalization support.

Corporate Philosophy:
Pursue the well-being of our employees and their families by contributing to the globalization of the world.

Our services/products

At Multibook Limited, it is our mission to become a one-stop System Consulting, Cloud-based ERP Software, BPO, and RPA solution provider for our cleints’ Global Systems and Overseas Business Requirements.

(1) SAP Consulting
We provide global SAP consulting services, which involves both the creation and deployment of templates for overseas offices of Japanese companies (roll-outs), and the implementation and localization of templates for foreign companies in Japan (roll-ins).
Activities: Implementation consulting, maintenance operations (onsite/offshore remote maintenance), S/4HANA upgrade support, offshore development, etc.
We specialize in SAP roll-ins to Japan, as well as SAP roll-outs to Asia, US and Europe.

(2) Cloud-based global ERP system “multibook”
“multibook” is a cloud-based accounting and ERP system that can be used anywhere as long as a browser and internet connection exists.
Our proprietary system is Easy-to-implement, low-cost ERP, and has the essential functions necessary for small offices.

(3) Philippines/Thailand BPO services
Outsourcing of IT and accounting operations, data entry on behalf of clients

(4) RPA implementation Support
Products handled include Winshuttle (we are the only distributor in Japan), UIPath and BluePrism.

Our Consulting Division

What projects/services is your team working on?

Our consulting division provides SAP implementation and maintenance support to companies in the automotive, transportation, semiconductor, precision equipment, trading, pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer goods industries, just to name a few.

Our system implementation and support services include:
・ Creation and deployment of templates for overseas offices of Japanese companies
・ Implementation and localization of global templates for foreign companies in Japan
・ Hub consulting in offshore development, global help desk based in the Philippines
・ Training for local staff and support for the creation of manuals

Within a project, various members are responsible for project management, consultancy, system engineering and development.

Functional areas: accounting (financial accounting, management accounting, consolidated accounting), SCM (sales, inventory, purchasing, warehousing, and production management), and human resource management.

What technologies are you using?

The main focus of our company is SAP consulting.
Therefore, it is important to understand the functions of SAP and how to reflect the customer’s requirements in the system, in order to provide them with the best solutions.
Add-on programs that are beyond the standard functions are mainly developed in ABAP language.
In our Product Division, we develop our own cloud ERP service (we plan to integrate new technologies such as AI in the near future).

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Project managers, consultants, system engineers and developers collaborate to succesfully complete our SAP projects.

Project managers: Manage the project to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly.
Consultants: Understand customer/user requirements and align and deliver solutions in SAP
System engineers: Design and develop the system settings and add-on programs based on requirements
Developers: Develop programs based on design documents from consultants and system engineers

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

As S/4HANA is the mainstream of SAP, we are strengthening our skills in this area.

Career step up

After 10 years (approximately), you can choose to become a specialist or a manager, and eventually be promoted to be an executive officer/director.

1st year : Analyst (while undergoing training and on-the-job training)

4th~ 6th year : Consultant

7th~9th year year : Senior consultant

Our corporate culture

The Japanese headquarters is a truly international company, with 30% of its consultants being foreign nationals, and all the consultants being bilingual.

Cherry blossom trees near our office

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