Who we are

Our headquarters

HQ : Shizuoka
Established : 1982
Employees : 198

Since its founding, Morson Japan has been providing software services that combine engineering and system development technologies. We have developed and marketed a wide range of embedded softwares, CAD/CAE softwares and tools, and a variety of support systems, including factory management systems.

Our expertise in a wide range of fields allows us to meet our customers’ needs, for example through our knowledge of design softwares, the use of data generated in the manufacturing industry, our analysis technology such as signal processing technology for image and sound, as well as analysis of information gathered from sensors.
In addition to the manufacturing industry, we market our own systems for medical and healthcare fields, as well as broadcaster studios.

In this era where everything is connected through IoT, we provide our own products and services by further integrating the services that our customers have been using separately so far.

Our vision

Progress in your strategy

We will continue to do our utmost to respond to the society’s needs with an open-mind
We aim to be a company that makes our customers’ strategies come true, through continuous challenges and changes

  • Contribution to society through the continuation and development of our business
  • Support system and technical capabilities that are trusted by customers
  • Proactive efforts in new fields through continuous restructuring and changes
  • Revitalization of the company to create an attractive work environment (work content and benefits)
  • Being a company that can offer planning and new ideas

Our corporate name is an acronym of the following words

More Steps Onward

We humbly face the needs of the times and society, and respond to our customers’ needs with added value.
We are not afraid of change, and are moving toward the next generation through the relentless challenge of developing advanced IT solutions.
We will continue to be the best partner to support our clients’ further progress, to contribute to the realization of their business strategy, and to improve their competitiveness.

HQ office

Our services/products

Bearings malfunctions diagnosis system
This system measures the vibration of bearings and uses AI to judge whether the vibration is normal or abnormal.

Automation and support for product development and design (CAD, CAM) for the manufacturing industry
By building PLM systems, which will become mainstream in the future, we aim for linkage with other business systems.

Solutions for radio broadcasters
We handle a wide range of systems, from business applications for broadcast sales personnel to audio playback softwares used by broadcast directors during live broadcasts.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

  • Business Application Development
  • Embedded development of electronic musical instruments and audio equipment, development of sound-related applications, and development for industrial robots and image inspection equipment
  • Program customization for the CAD/CAM system
  • Development of systems used in broadcasting stations

What technologies are you using?

  • Web applications (various frameworks, databases, and cloud services)
  • Development of smartphone applications on multiple platforms using Unity and Flutter, and development of audio applications using vst, asio, MIDI, etc.
  • System development using AWS cloud services and AI-based waveform analysis

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

PM (project manager)
SE (system engineer)
PG (programmer)

Job content: System proposal, requirement definition, system design, program development, testing, implementation and operational support

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

In-house service construction and operation, PLM system construction (ERP, SCM, etc., linked to other systems), IoT related projects, IP-Audio related projects.

Employees’ general meeting

Our corporate culture

The world is changing, with new big players entering established industries and startups quickly becoming the main players. Reorganization is accelerating in the automotive, consumer electronics, medical, financial and other sectors.

Since our founding, we have developed our business by building close relationships with a wide range of customers. We are working hard to make further strides based on our technological power and our relationships with our customers.

Basketball club
Corporate social gathering

At Morson Japan, we are looking for people who can grow with us in this environment and grow our business. We are looking for people who have a desire to improve themselves through their work.

Our company culture is based on mutual support and respect. We aim for steady growth for both the individual and the company, one step at a time.

Tokyo office
AED training

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