Mastermind Co., Ltd.

Who we are

HQ : Nagano
Established : 1993
Employees : 25

Mastermind is a company that designs, manufactures, sells and provides maintenance for inkjet printers. Our main product is a food printer that can print letters and pictures directly on food products.
When we first started this company, we were focusing on in-house development related to data duplication, then in 1997 we went on to develop and sell special inkjet printers to print on materials other than paper.

Our vision


Building a brilliant future together with our customers

We have been improving inkjet printers and made them available to print on a variety of materials. We would like to keep on building sturdy products to meet the even more specific needs of customers.

Our services/products

By converting ink jet printers to Flatbed digital printers, and using different kinds of inks, we are developing printers for every support from fabrics, wood, metals and other materials, as well as food products.
Our segment is not mass production, but small-lot, high-mix low-volume production. We have been carefully crafting and assembling products one by one, to meet the needs of niche industries.
We have developed over 70 different models of printers and have sold more than 5,000 units all over the world.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Until now, we have been creating our printer models by purchasing printers from EPSON and remodeling them. From now on, we are planning to develop main boards and firmware to build our own original printers.

What technologies are you using?

CAD and embedded systems.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

  • Microcomputer development
  • Controller (embedded software)
  • Software development for printers
  • Hardware design
  • Circuit board design

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

  • Direct printing from smartphones and tablets
  • Linkage with applications

Usually, a printer is connected to a PC via USB or WIFI, but we would like to make it easier, and enable to print directly from a smartphone.

Career step up

We have no career program in particular, but since we are giving great importance to the development department, there is a lot of work to be carried out. There will be many chances to appeal your capability.

Our corporate culture

Our working style is quite free, we don’t have a strict way of doing things.

Most of our employees have never worked with people from outside of Japan, but our members are a bunch of good-hearted people, so we think you would feel at ease working with us.

As a small company developing and manufacturing its own products, each one of our employees has a wide range of responsibilities and tasks.
Therefore, we need engineers who are also generalists, and do not only focus on one area of expertise.
You could say each member wears two hats, which is great if you wish to try on many different things and challenge yourself!

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