Who we are

HQ : Kanagawa
Established : 1972
Employees : 3167

Macnica provides high-value products and services such as semiconductors, electronic devices, network-related equipment and software to customers, including major domestic and overseas electronic equipment manufacturers that lead the electronics and information and communications industries. We are also leveraging our accumulated technology and experience to develop new markets centered on AI/IoT and automated driving.

We also focus on expanding our global network by expanding into the United States, Europe, and Asia. Looking ahead to the global market, we are currently expanding our business globally based on more than 80 branches in 24 countries. After being the “only one” company in Japan in our field, our aim is to become the “only one” on the global market.

Our businesses:

  1. Import/export, marketing, development, and processing of electronic components such as semiconductors and integrated circuits
  2. Development, import/export, sales of electronic equipment, peripheral equipment and accessories
  3. Business networks, computer and information and communication systems
  4. Provision of IT solutions covering import/export, development, sales consulting and maintenance of hardware and software.

Our vision


As an independent trading company specializing in electronics, our mission has been to provide the world’s most advanced products and technologies from the earliest days of the electronics market to the present day, when Internet penetration has reached every corner of everyday life and become an indispensable part of society.

In the rapidly changing electronics and information and communications industry, our group is not merely a trading company in charge of product logistics, but rather a technical support company. We have been working to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and clarify our position as a technical support company.

In the future, we will further deepen our technological capabilities, which are our group’s strengths, and aim to enhance our value-added management as a “demand-creation” company that creates value beyond the framework of a “technology trading company.” At the same time, as our customers and suppliers accelerate their global expansion, we will strengthen our strategies from a global perspective, further expand our business results, and increase our corporate value.

Our services/products

Our organization values research and good customer relations when delivering diverse AI solutions in the fields of manufacturing, infrastructure, automated driving, and healthcare. To promote our business, we recently released an AI platform to cater to different customer needs.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Abnormality detection, demand forecasting, optimization, visual inspection, and other trending AI technologies like brain technology and explainable AI.

What technologies are you using?

AI, Brain Tech, and cloud services.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

AI engineers and data scientists.
They analyze data, develop appropriate AI models, and implement them in clouds and/or edge devices. They also examine the latest AI papers to ensure proper modeling.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We actively keep ourselves updated to new technologies like Brain Technologies in the world.

Our corporate culture

At Macnica, we have the culture of challenging oneself without fear of failure!

The idea of delegating responsibilities to employees is firmly rooted in the company, and we assign work to members while taking into account their desire to take on challenges, rather than their age or their career within the company. The challenge of moving into an unknown world can be hard, but what you accomplished leads to your personal growth.

By providing cutting-edge technologies developed for example in Silicon Valley to leading companies and government agencies in their respective industries, we are contributing to a comfortable and affluent lifestyle for people.

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